Thanks Buer

Hello everyone…, I want to talk about my recent evocation for healing to Demon Buer…I had had chest infection and I been suffering from pimples and boils in my body …, it’s exactly a week since I performed the ritual. first was for my chest infection at night and went to sleep woke up in the morning and to my utter amazement shock!! I was completely healed no medication nothing!! Buer healed me!! and then I decided to perform for my pimples and boils as well they have completely dissapered as well in a week my face is completely smooth.honestly speaking My chest have never felt so clear in ages I had suffered from TB before I was treated for 9 months… The ritual I used was from the gallery of magic.( Demons of Magic). I’m still beyond disbelief how fast Demons of magic work!! Thankyou Buer! Hail!!!


I want to thank hin too.
He healed my infection in two days !!!
NEVER in my life I was in perfect health that fast.
So this experience was so amazing.
Thank you for helping me Buer.


But my pimples are back don’t know is because I moved houses.:weary::pray:t3:

I want to give public praise and acknowledgemany as promised to Buer. Hail Buer! Thank you for healing me fast! I’d been due to go on a trip overseas and the day before I came down with some kind of bug where I felt really unwell, as if I was getting the flu - felt very feverish and was sneezing and had a sore throat. By the evening I felt so ill I didn’t think I’d be able to take the flight. I was lying in bed and didn’t even have the energy to do a proper ritual (I usually use Gordon Winterfirlds Demons of Magick book, when working with the Goetic demons). So I just opened the book and found his sigil and explained the situation and asked him to heal me so I could go on the trip. The next day, I felt better enough to go on the trip, but still not 100%. The day after I woke up and felt fine. I still don’t know what it was.

I felt like I had a raging fever but when I took my temperature I didn’t have one. The weirdest thing! But Buer healed whatever it was fast. So, many thanks Buer. He is amazing!

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Hail Forever Beur!! he works so fast but as steady I have done several healing rituals with him and everytime he comes through…never fails.:smiley::smiley:.



Hi MISTY i want to know about your experience with Buer . I have health issues .
Pls help me how to perform ritual correctly . I have made Beur Seal . But next steps tell me wht to do i have read demon of magick book but i didnt get it i fell asleep when read too long . Pls help me

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