Public Praise for KHRO'SYAS.....(BoA)!

Hail to the Dead!!

I’ve been starting a working with Khro’syas, a demonic priest for the Dead, with the anticipation of learning and growing within the necromantic practice and such. While doing such, a situation had arisen that could have had the potential to interupt my flow of resources and the chance to make some extra money for me and my family.
Seeing that it could have a direct affect on my particular situation, I did a basic candle ritual last night that focused upon Khro’syas and the change that the Dead can bring about.
This afternoon, I received notification from my employers that they will be requiring more people for my current position and more positions (like mine) to open up as well. Looks like more overtime money for me is coming through!!! Praise to Khro’syas and the DEad!!

Update: One thing that I forgot to mention that occurred during the ritual, I projected the desire for my position and my work to continue until the end of the year. Approximately 2 days later I received another announcement that my poositions would be closing on the 31st of december. I will say that I wish I would have had a little more forthought when I focused on the date. Just goes to show that whatever the focal intent is, make sure you know its really what you want.!


What means BoA?

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Brotherhood of Angels,
Belial or Asmodeus,
sorry, nope, i don’t know.^^



Book of Azazel.

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I’ve worked with Khro’syas a few times, one thing I would say is ask him about becoming immune to the negative effects of death essence.

He taught me amazing methods of exposing yourself to death essence over long periods of time. Whilst using other methods to pull yourself back to prime health and then repeating the process.

It’s like being immune to the cold almost, I’ve been using various necromantic methods too.

Being immune to the negative harmful effects of death essence allows the necromancer to become a literal beacon of death.

Using the blood moon and the dark rings of Saturn in alignment with necromancy have the most potent results when becoming a adept in necromancy.