Share your lust/attraction spells here :)

Please share your lust and attraction spells, results, experiences I’ve been experimenting with this lately and would like hear others experiences :slight_smile:

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Honestly, if you want to read other peoples experiences, you should check out the BALG Repository of Fantastical Success Stories and scroll down to the love and lust section. I keep an updated list of links there to some of the best success stories BALG has to offer. There are many there to read from.


Don’t forget we have the collection thread for the best ones here:

Please do feel free to add to this collection, which is in the Pinned Notables thread if you know of a great topis that should be listed. :slight_smile:

I’m currently testing the Grimorium Verum’s famous lust spell, if it works out I will vouch for it and add it to the collection as well.

BALG is literally a gold mine of 9 years and counting of practical experience and workings, but as it’s a mine, you have to dig a bit for the richest veins. New stuff is good too, but it’s worth doing the digging for the oldies but goodies, especially if you don’t want to wait. These collection megathreads are meant to help with that. :slight_smile:

Update: That worked a treat. My version was on a man, with the intent that he contact me and be real in his communication. So you can adapt no matter who you are this to work on anyone for any purpose, I believe, not just because they’re your crush. Added to the collection.


One advice I will give is to not do what I did; I did basically a bunch of spells to get X attention; which was by the way a very complicated situation where it really begged for almost a miracle to get anything [which is usually the nice kind of stuff to test these things on], and by surprise… it did work; which was amazing but the issue is I can’t locate which of them worked, lol

Next time I just focused on one issue in a very specific grimoire and very specific spirits, rather than just try everything and not being able to locate which worked and which didn’t

It could save a lot of mental thinking