Pyschopomp:Where To Begin

So earlier this year a friend of mine lost her husband in a tragic motorcycle accident.She was my girlfriend at the times best friend and being they know about my practices they wanted me to contact him.
I had never done anything like this before so I approached it as I would any other entity.
I made an altar containing things he had given his wife,his photo,military (he was a vet) memorabilia,and a jar containing some of his ashes.

I used his photo as a means to contact him using it as a sigil and would ask pre-written questions.

Alot of the answers I received meant nothing to me but when I reported the answers or anything else I received for that matter his wife would break into tears because little did I know they had meaning to her.
Such as things like him telling me to tell her to burn his tobacco.Little did I know he had a pack of cigarettes on his when he wrecked his motorcycle that she had been holding onto.

Little things like that kept adding up until there was no doubt in my mind I had made contact.

Now this friend called me the other day saying she has a friend who lost her husband as well and wanted me to help.

During my first session I communicated with her via text and told her what I was receiving.Almost everything I received ended up having meaning to her.
I was even able to tell her what they were arguing about the night he died.
He communicated mostly through images in my mind.

But the thing is the widow and her children have been experiencing phenomena that they believe is him.Her oldest child who is 4 years old has even said he’s seen his father.
Now when this man died it was because they were arguing and he jumped out of the moving vehicle they were in.
So he died a tragic death indeed and I kept getting impressions that he’s here for a reason.

I really want to be able to help not only this family but others as well.

Any advice on how I could begin helping these wandering spirits? (LadyEva this is where you step in lol)


Hello there,

I love how you’ve been helping families reconnect with dead relatives.That’s touching.Being a channel is an amazing process,IMO,and helping them like this is also in my opinion beautiful.

However,at this point,Lady Eva isn’t overly comfortable sharing the system publicly,because we need to work out some kinks.I am something of a beta tester at this point,and we’re working on refining the methods and skills in order to make it easier and more organized and more of a system.

Despite this,I felt the urge to help you,so I opened the sigil of the lady Bune,who is the authority that taught these things to Eva,who taught them to me,and Bune being also the person I go to whenever there’s anything psychopomp related.

According to Bune,you are not ready to become a psychopomp worker,as you do not have some of the prerequisite skills(I assume you haven’t done shamanic core-journeying,or that haven’t contacted your own ancestors),but that if I can teach you some of those things,that you’d be ready to do it.

So,if you are willing I can personally teach you how to guide souls into the afterlife,as soon as we do some shamanic core-journeying.That is,if you want to?

I’m totally down for this Arcane! I’ll PM you soon.


Well the first thing to remember is that not every deceased person needs a psychopomp, any more than every woman in labour needs an emergency cesarian, MOST people who die pass through naturally: they may or may not have a few unpleasant experiences, and their own grief to handle, which is natural, but they’ll transition just fine.

So please don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because someone’s dead, they urgently need your help - most don’t, and if you get involved at the wrong point you can actually cause them more problems than you save them from by making them stay attached to their life and the person they were, when it’s plainly time for them to move on.

I’m not talking about strong magicians here who want to retain a core personality and memories, skills, etc., into a new incarnation - I’m talking about what’s right for most people.

Get involved too early and you’ll mess them up - this is why this stuff is taught with care and should be used conservatively, only after you have very good reason to think that the person is stuck, and has been for a while.

If you’re able to channel these people, that means that you’re a medium - it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re stuck, and nothing of what you typed there indicates they are. Many epople can channel the dead without that meaning the individual is caught between worlds, which is a relatively uncommon occurence (thankfully!).

Secondly, the system I’ve been prompted to create by Buné is a new thing - but just to clarify some facts, I learned psychopomp work years ago as part of my training in core shamanism, and it’s work you can do without the direct personal intervention of a spirit, so she didn’t actually teach me this - this is important because I had those core skills and years of experience, I doubt one can just go to Buné and expect to walk away a fully-fledged psychopomp in a few days.

The primary ability you need is to be able to speak to and hear the dead - imagine you’re in a car accident, badly hurt, and along comes some dude who can’t speak a word of your language, and he starts cutting the car open using guesswork, and you can’t tell him he’s actually cutting into YOU - it’s kind of like that.

And there are many hazards along the way (such as predatory beings who feed on the trapped dead, and are therefore not fond of people trying to liberate them), the dead themselves are also often hungry, or carry strong energetic traces of illness, addiction, despair, etc…

If I’m making it sound about as much fun as running a soup kitchen on the rougher side of town, that’s a good thing - there are definite benefits to doing this, but it’s not all glamour and glory, and you will be putting yourself in danger. :slight_smile:

I’ll post more on her system when it’s finalised, and tested properly.

ETA - I forgot to mention, the main reason for caution with this is that you can open some portals to stuff that can be harmful, I’ll be working on the system with Buné in the next few days, anuway. :slight_smile:

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