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So I must say that I am beyond happy taking Belial on as a mentor. Although he is aiding in what I ask of him, his delivery is only building my confidence and showing me that I can really change my reality. Besides other things he has manifested for me, today he once again brought me something with speed.

1 month ago while talking to him I told him I need a larger space with an extra room for a temple so I can practice in private away from roommates and have an actual room dedicated to my workings. But where I live a 2 bed is ridiculously expensive. 1 week later a business associate asked me if I would be willing to get an apartment where he could use 1 room as an office. So I basically would live alone! I found 1 apartment with 3 bedrooms for an incredible price, that i will now pay half for and its over looking the hudson river! Wood floors. Massive master bedroom. Walk in closet. My issues is my credit got ruined. I met with the landlord today and she immediatly said no problem its yours without asking as much as a pay stub! Insane. That doesnt happen here.

I have never seen so much come to reality, real tangible things come to life so fast. Belial is truly a force.

So I want to thank him. Does anyone have experience in offerings to the big guy that you know he likes?


Wow, this is awesome! Congrats!!


Good for you, man. I’m sure he will accept whatever offering you can give him as long as you do it sincerely and with gratitude.


You can offer him milk, blood, or water. Of course, there are other things as well, but these came to mind first.


Wow, my congratulations, great success still ahead brother


sperm,blood,a mix of milk/sugar/cinnamon,red lager beer,raw meat,that’s the things that i already gave to him as offer

i gave something sweet that i dont remember, a torrone i think,and in this day i felt my pressure going down because of stress of the day and i almost dismaied.
believe or no he allowed me to eat half of the sweet,i swear that he did it to save me in this day because it was the only sugar that i had in my house.
i finally reached the point where i can communicate anytime so i am happy as fuck




AWESOME result!! :thumbsup:

This taken is from my "Belial Files on the kinds of offerings I’ve given him:


He enjoys being offered things you wanted for yourself, such as half a tub of posh ice-cream I was saving, which makes me think the emotion of sacrifice is more important to him than superficial flashiness - kind of like the story about the widow’s mite.

Artist’s impression of this author, making tough decisions on demonic sacrifices!

I’ve offered him reddish-coloured things and he likes those, and he’s also said he’d very much like me to engrave his sigil in metal, aluminium in this case, so that might be a payment to offer him if he comes through with an important task.

Don’t offer it beforehand, he seems hard-headed and not the type to expect something for nothing. And don’t offer him anything unless you mean for it to become his.


Hi I am curious about Belial I was led here from youtube I was looking to do a spell for winning court cases however I also want to work with him on getting revenge on one who took from me And one who lies on me is there any help I feel he is drawn to me but I don’t want to work with him until I know I can handle it please help me.


Thank you lord king belian for remove my hesitation fear and ignorance instantly
You re trully self governance demon
Without master demon


I put a summary of my stuff on him to date in this post, and other people have added to that as well:

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What do you mean by not offering it beforehand? I was under the impression that you present a gift at summoning, and a sacrifice and offering for after the job gets done.