Bune Success

Yet again another success story. I had made a evocation with Bune and she/it came through.

My brother is a landscaping painter, he has sold paintings for over a thousand $$ at his art gallery. However, with the economy and the tough times we live in art is not really selling anymore. He was really depressed with his dream being crushed.

So I made a ritual with Bune I evoked her using a improvised ritual. I used my intuition and made a pentagram constructed of incense and tea light candles. I put Bunes sigil in the center of the pentagram just like the Triangle of Manifestation. I felt that this “Mirror or Wall” of incense smoke would make an easier manifestation base. It did.

During the ritual a column of smoke lingered hovering above Bunes sigil. It was not natural, it looked liked a Hurricane of Spiderwebs. I saw a translucent figure in the column, it was cloaked like the Alien from the Predator movies. I felt some thing reach out and touch my hand and it was a warm feeling. (I know it sounds like I am explaining this to a child, but alot of people have been asking for help with evocation, etc so I thought I would provide a more detail retailing).

Feeling that Bune had heard my desires I thanked her for coming and then went to sleep. In less than 24 hours, my brother calls me and tells me that he sold one of his paintings, which has not happened for almost a year.

Thank you Bune!

Btw, if you want any commissioned work, here is his gallery he also does a few dark stuff as well not just landscaping.

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I used to have a gallery, that’s not bad work i would have shown it, and I was tough. Has he considered making prints - he could do limited firstly hand signed unframed.

Maybe he needs an agent…? (not me i dont do it anymore)


Today for the first time when i tried to evoke Bune and concentrating on the sigil , I heard clearly a woman,s voice.i couldn,t distinguish the words but i heard the voice clear crystal! 3 o,clock in the night, everybody was sleeping!
Also at the first attempts of evocation i felt drained and exhausted and i could have slept 2 days . Now doesn,t matter how tired I am after evocation i feel full of energy !

SinisterShadow, the link isn’t working for me. I get this message: “An error occurred while processing your request.”

Bune seems nice. I haven’t worked with her yet, but everyone says such nice things about her that perhaps I’ll reach out and say hello to her. I’ve heard that she doesn’t like to be called for money repeatedly. Is this true? To those who already know her, what is she like?

I spoke to her about money ages ago, but then she got more involved in the ancestral work I’ve posted about.

She hasn’t raised the topic of money since, so while it’s impossible to attribute human emotions or motivations to a spirit, doubly so one who gives off a very non-human vibe, I think she’s more interested in the wealth that resides in our DNA, our inheritance of that type.

She offered to get involved in this and provided a kind of resurrection body for my deceased parent, and that parent warned me about a major problem that was heading my way and which I’d been unable to foresee, I was actually quite disbelieving until it happened.

And they’ve given me warnings and tips about other stuff since, as well. Sorry if that’s a little general, but it’s personal stuff and I don’t want to get into detail.

I’ve also met two of Buné’s familiars, who are also serpentine in appearance. I got the impression she’s their mother, or at least, progenitor.

I feel a lot of affection towards her and I think she has a love for helping us with all ancestral work to unlock and develop psychic powers, so I can imagine the constant calls on her time for a few bucks for a parking ticket, they’re maybe not what she’s most into doing.

Finally, I say “she” - I was unable to derive an idea of gender from the way she appears to me normally, but one of her familiars identified her as female, and that she was in fact the goddess Buto in ancient Egypt, so although (as with all personal revelations) I don’t expect anyone else to accept that, I’m personally convinced of it now. :slight_smile:

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she?well oops :slight_smile:

Well, this is interesting. I looked into Buto, Bune’s Egyptian counterpart. I found out that historically, from a symbol of Buto the serpent god developed the Caduceus of ancient Greco-Roman lore, which Mercury was known to carry around. I happen to be working with Mercury right now. Serendipity?

I’m definitely going to say hi to Bune now. Does anyone know a method to call her the ancient Egyptian way? I’d like to try to contact Bune as Buto. If not it’s ok, I’ll talk to her as Bune.

I don’t have a method (yet) from that tradition, I originally approached her as Buné and travelled to her realm, and interacted there most of the time.

It appears like a cavern (not the cubic chamber some go in for) with her at the far end, projecting her heads (sometimes 3, usually 2) outwards on long snake-like necks, on one side she keeps a kind of array with energy from my ancestors in, on the other some kind of thing connected to generating them a resurrection body.

I realise that sounds bizarre and fantastical, but the things my late parent predicted, when contacted in this way, came true despite me thinking them improbable, and also I verified it with the Higher Self of that same parent.

She’s done other things and I also recently made contact with another ancestral spirit, a man (not an immediate ancestor, but related) who I didn’t know very well and who died during my lifetime after a very successful life, and he’s revealed he was an occultist (which checked out when I did some digging), and we’re looking at ways to work together.

There are other correspondences for Buto (as Wadjet) but I’ve filled this thread with too much UPG already, and would be interested to hear what other people find out. :slight_smile:

ETA: I found a nice modern invocation that derives its epithets from ancient sources here: http://www.itenumuti.com/prayers/heka-for-wadjet/

I need to thank to Bune, some extra money got in. Is not what I have asked, actually I have asked some big staff, but it is a beginning!