Praise for Seere

So after wracking my brains for over a month trying to find one of my favourite sweaters that got lost, it finally showed up after appealing to Seere! I mean, I combed my entire closet, my dirty laundry hamper, my dressers, and behind every nook and cranny. I share a washer and dryer with other tenants and when I went to do a load of reddish coloured laundry (I separate them by colours), this blue sweater suddenly showed up when I went to get my load out of the washer to transfer to the dryer.

It was blue…I would’ve noticed putting it in with the reds if it had of been there in the first place. I think someone accidently got it mixed in with their load at some point or they ‘stole’ it and decided to give it back by seeing me doing my laundry and took the opportunity to give it back in this way. I asked Seere, a couple of days ago, if it was stolen to appeal to the person who took it to give it back, and if it was just misplaced somewhere to bring it back to me…and it’s back!