Experienced Magicians Debunk "Selling Your Soul"

There is a common myth that any successful magician must “sell their soul” and become a slave, or be damned to hell for all eternity, and similar superstitious and religiously-motivated garbage.

On the suggestion of a member of this forum, and very much in line with the overall philosophy of many people here (myself included!), I’m opening a thread for people to state their thoughts on this that are AGAINST the concept altogether.

I’ll maybe add my own when time permits, meanwhile, fire away BALG forum! :thumbsup:


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If memory serves me right E.A stated that the entities are not interested in your soul but only in your Ascension. Thank Religion and Hollywood for spreading the lie about so called evil demons in search for your soul or that if you sale your soul you’ll have riches beyond your dreams.


I’ve been doing magick for years, even before joining this forum. Frome healing to more “assertive/aggressive” magick. Not once has the topic of selling my soul come up with any of the entities I have worked with.

As well as during all the time I have been on this forum, I have not seen a single practitioner say that it even had to be done.

Every spell/ritual I have done has come to fruition in time, some unimaginable fast. All with not even considering this thought.


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True points, but there can be auctions found through Clauneck according to one source.


It’s one thing if you ask for help in finding a job or career using the entities. There are hundreds of stories of Baal and King Piamon, (hope I spelled it right) etc helping with money issues. Even I had considered evoking Clauneck to help me win at horse racing. The thought of selling my soul never crossed my mind. I love my freedom to much.


Even with a Christian background I know the mythes and I believe your soul is yours received from source. So no one can sell his soul. If people say that they can buy your soul then I think they are frauds/manipulators.

One thing I saw a ‘black magician’ on you tube saying that he sold his soul to Satan.
And it was something different than pact working. Maybe it’s his view. He has good videos by the way.


I’ve been into magic and the occult for a little under a year and in the time I grew from a lost wanderer to a true Initiate, never once had “sold my soul” to any entity. I get it’s a belief widely held by outsiders and it’s possible but even before my magical exploration took place, the concept made little sense to me. I’ve only ever grew my soul through magic, even when I failed.

I think you do have to invest in the practices in order to get anything out of it, in which case it’s a different kind of selling the soul; time, not value, determines results. How much is a soul worth, anyway? My answer is; a lifetime. And more. And it’s that lifetime that has value. So the phrase could be metaphorical, but it certainly doesn’t feel like anything is lost when you truely enjoy it and gain from it, and keep your literal soul for yourself in the process. :wink:

I’m honestly surprised how many people really do believe those literal “sell your soul” stories to Satan the Christian Devil. I only sell my time to Satan the World. And not all of it, mind you. Just enough to grow meaningfully.


You know. One thing I would love to know is how this whole silly concept got started? Hollywood had to have picked it up from somewhere.


My best guess would just be one of the many influences of popular culture on Christianity. For example the bible doesn’t actually say very much about Hell. People’s perceptions of hell come I think from Dante’s Inferno and art. The film version of Dante’s inferno from the early 1900s had Demons running around hell eating people. Scared the shit out of movie goers at the time.

Because I was a religion major in college and I liked researching this stiff. As far as selling your soul I blame Theophilus.

The devil then said : “How shall I give help to him, a man serving his God? But if he will be my servant and be counter among out hosts, I will aid him so that he may do more than before and rule over all, even the bishop.” And the perverted Jew said to the wretched steward : “Didst thou hear what he hath said to thee?” And he replied : “I have heard and whatsoever he shall say to me, I will do so long as he helps me.” And he began to kill the feet of the prince and to implore him. The devil said to the Jew : “Let him deny the son of Mary and those things which are offensive to me, and let him set down in writing that he denieth absolutely, and whatsoever he may desire he shall obtain from me, so long as he denieth.” Then Satan entered into the steward and he replied : “I deny Christ and His mother.” And making a written statement and putting wax on it, he sealed it with his own ring and the two went away rejoicing greatly at his perdition."


The idea pops up elsewhere, there is a text in Zoroastrianism called Arda Viraf that is a tale of one of the practitioners of this religion basically getting a tour of heaven and hell.

Here is a link to the one on the Avesta site kurtis references in his book. They offer it free to view.



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You are not selling your soul it is really called soul devotion.

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