Most common / unique or most effective curse you've done?

The beef tongue spell.
Simple but effective. You really have to put everything you feel into it.
Nothing has ever come close to how fast that spell worked. And it was against great odds. I remember saying 9 months before that it would take a miracle and right up to the date of the issue in court the person I worked with didnt feel that a miracle was possible.

It was the first time I did it. And I made an alter in a field at night in the middle of nowhere in a country area and I swear the wind stopped blowing when I sewed the tongue up. I went through the whole spell and it felt like 5 seconds but I’d been out there for 40 minutes. I dont even know what really happened that night.
But the person involved was innocent and had no evidence, everything relied on the accuser, their lawyer and false witnesses basically losing all ability to speak. It was like a miracle. The results scared me.

That was the last time I ever worked with someone truly innocent and undeserving who had incredibly bad luck and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After that I believed that real open honest emotion and intention can bend the universe.


I spat coffee all over my computer when I read this… good work!


:joy:dont do that.
But…something else worked through me that night and I’ve never felt it again. That was 6 years ago. I’ve never touched a tongue again, But if I ever did I’m calling on whatever/who ever was there with me that night.


Kind of a shame, I would try to find them again.


That’s why I’m here, working on it slowly :blush:


Last winter I created a skull to house the spirit of Wodanaz and the rest of the spirits of the wild hunt. I wanted to explore the power of that aspect of Norse lore and a way to connect with Odhinn in a more direct sense. Anyway, I had a disagreement with two drug users at work (gas station) and they tried to get me fired. Luckily my manager took my side. They were banned. I was completely fed up with those two. They would steal, threaten, harass my female coworkers, you name it. So one night I went home and took the skull in my hands and joined the hunt. I used my soul travel skills to leave my body and join the Wild Hunt and as the furious horde thundered across the sky, we made it to the side of town those two drug addicts lived. I summoned every ounce of hatred I had and my physical body began to convulse, foaming at the mouth as I attacked them. Claws, spears, and swords tore them completely apart as the riders of the hunt joined in.

Fast forward about a month and a half. I was no longer working at the gas station and was scrolling through Facebook one morning. I came across two obituaries. The two druggies that I used my Wild Hunt ritual on had died in a murder suicide. After that, I no longer throw many curses. Too much power. The Wild Hunt is no joke.


Common - banishing of irritating or toxic people. Usually workouts out win/win unless they push back then the shit storms start for um.

Unique - cursing irritants in human form with boredom and sobriety :skull_and_crossbones: :japanese_ogre: for those trying to distract themselves in some way via entertainment or substances this can create a hell like no other.
Normally i include a timelimit links to moon phases or other astrological events.
Formula hint - saturn and Venus :snake: this can be adapted to alot of systems if ya know what your doing.


This is great! such focus and results


I’ve worked baneful magic very effectively using just my intent and imagination. At times, I did use the Necronomicon and, perhaps, some runic magic that produced excellent results. However, the real power at all times is your consciousness.
I’ve had individuals switch jobs, lose jobs, office locations shift, companies lose money/people, even industries and countries ( :slight_smile: sounds far-fetched? It isn’t, I assure you. :slight_smile:) suffer. That said, it takes its toll on you, i.e. constantly vibrating in that zone will take you down eventually. Everything is consciousness: what you see outside is in perfect correspondence–so perfect that the linear/logical/rational mind can’t fully handle it–to what is within and no ritual is needed. Every state of mind that is attached to emotionally must be experienced as a corresponding circumstance.

I do not recommend baneful magic to anyone because the first person to be affected by the unpleasantness is you. Baneful magic requires accepting, to a lesser degree than total despair, that you are some kind of victim and that is the last thing you are :).


Unique: Probably a version of the five venoms curse using an egg shell, a hornet a baby adder and some poisonous plants.


I’ve only performed one curse; it was on a bank. It closed down two weeks later and a lot of people went to jail. I have never been sure if it was a coincidence or not, but I’ve also never raised that much power before, or since.


Good work. Probably not a coincidence.


I generally don’t sling curses around… But usually I do direct magick/targeted energy work stuff to great effect. Don’t get me wrong, I can do some nasty, but I don’t really like doing full planned out curses.

My most effective Curse was when someone hurt someone I cared for. I hit him with three really nasty things, within about four hours, he went from perfectly fine to violently I’ll.


How did you phrase the curse? What exactly did you ask Lucifer to do to him?

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I didn’t. The spell involves handing over your enemy to Lucifer to do with as he wants in return for what I gave him.
I have a good ‘relationship’ with Lucifer and have done for a few years so i knew he would take care of it. I can’t praise him enough


Oh what book did you find this spell in? I’m looking for a good curse right now. Thanks in advance


I always find the best curses to be the ones that flow into me without me asking because they’re raw and primal and flow from a deep dark chaotic place within my astral and usually aim to murder their target within days


Wow so he got hunch back?? That’s kind of funny but also sad. It’s crazy the stories I hear of the twisted things demons do when you leave curses open ended lol.

Do you tell Lucifer to not harm you in the process?


No, He won’t harm me. The target got curvature of the spine where it caves in and hunches over along with dozens of other things. This guy deserved it, I never hex lightly.


Hi Sasha I trust that my guardian Demon is always on hand to make sure I don’t fall out with you. But I do love the result of that, Justice is best served cold. The British police could learn a lot from that but they can’t they are muggles of the uncle Vernon variety (Harry Potters uncle) and far to thick to comprehend that this is proper justice.