Rich magickians

Agree, it’s not a mental condition, it’s even worst.
People with mental conditions even can talk about it and ask for help.
It’s really unfair - all they can expect is just a criticism and useless tips…

I know them, too. They are all different and they really need help.


lazy is a choice not some kind of disease. If the choice is made to be lazy to the point life crumbles into poverty. That is still a choice. I have seen people make this choice many times. Usually to distract themselves from something else they fear will be worse. But it is still a choice freely made. As such not my business to interfere with their choice. I have my own goals to focus on.


`Warren Buffet is in the illuminati, that explains most of his opportunities.

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…? So?

So are you saying that Magick is equal to self-work and high work-ethic, synonymous in action and participation? If so, then take the word “Magick” out of it and you get the same result. No?

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Turn the question around, did hard work alone do you good?
Magick can tip a scale but it also can open doors as well as heal what doctors can’t. But we do have a thread about real success with Magick if your interested? :slight_smile:
Like I said I understand what you refer to now. I learned about Magick that way and it doesn’t do it justice.

I’ve had my successes too by adding Magick in as a daily part of my life, always practicing instead of a rusty spell I’ve maybe done once.
It also boosts your confidence in yourself.

Making relationships with Spirits can be a game changer as well.


Osho is a CIA asset. Sai Baba was a sex pervert and a fake. Maharishi Yogi a fake too.


Thanks for letting me know.
I’m not interested in those ppl, it was just a part of general discussion.
On the other hand, it’s hard to say who is real magician and who is fake.
Thanks :wink:

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Yes. King Solomon was very wealthy (net worth: well over $400 billion in today’s money).

I’ve also been told that wealth magick is actually the easiest magick to do. With time and observation, i believe many magicians are missing important information when it comes to wealth creation, which is a major reason you see so few magicians on here who have achieved genuine wealth.


So, ages ago on here I made one post, not about money magick (which I am not any good at, as a general rule) but which some people misread as thinking I can fix their breakups and stuff. I CANNOT DO THIS, by the way.

This one post has led to infinite numbers of people deciding I have to teach them that exact same skill, and one became almost stalkerish. like, trying to set up fake accounts to get my full name and social media profiles etc.

That post wasn’t even slightly about money.

No mage with half a brain in his or her head, who can repliably use magick to net LARGE amounts of money, what you could call life-changing, ass-saving amounts, like for example killer investments or gambling fortunes, would post about it, or even allude to it, publicly, because not only would the lordinary broke-ass fuckers stalk them, but so would some really pretty scary people.

Look at what humans will do to other humans for money. I rest my case. :man_shrugging:


I find the "Ass Saving " money comes when I need it. ( Thank the universe for that ) Without doing any money rituals. Which I am no good at anyway.


100% agree with you :slight_smile:


100% agree with you :smiling_face:.


I created this topic on 2017 and back then my beliefs regarding magick were much different compared to now but now that I have become more experienced I believe magick is not as simple as I was told and the methods you use actually affect the results you get more than you can imagine(if you disagree seek different methods from spirits and you’ll see for yourself🙂). so I’d say the knowledge that magicians lost throughout history was more important than most believe.

At this point I believe everything is possible through magick you only need to become powerful enough and have the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve certain goals


I’ve found the exact opposite to be true.

There are so many wealthy people who’ll tell anyone who’ll listen exactly how they did what they did it’s ridiculous.

Trust me when i say, the wealthy will talk at you and tell you their secrets to the point that you have to turn them off to stop the ringing in your ears.

The problem is that most people don’t listen to the truth.

The truth about moneymaking is not entertaining or exciting to the average mind, so great advice often goes unheeded.

It also contradicts all popular beliefs. What we all think wealth is, is not what it is. It’s something different.

Wealth magick teaches a completely different type of spirituality.


Cool, get them posting on here! :smiley:


Just want to point out that using JD Temple’s Jupiter Ritual (slightly modified it for personal use) has been having a successful cumulative effect on my finances as I keep feeding the sigil. I am not relying only on that, but with patience and willingness to let yourself be successful, I believe becoming “rich” is quite doable. However I think when many people reach a certain threshold of success the idea of becoming obscenely wealthy becomes less appealing in favor of simply being comfortable and happy.


The ones i interact with probably wouldn’t post here, and if they did, they wouldn’t stay here long.

Wealthy people move toward opportunity. With all due respect, opportunity is not in occultism. It just isn’t.

Also, when you pull up some past posts on money, you can read the threads for yourself and see some mindsets in them that are absolute poison to someone who’s determined to make a fortune in life.

The impression i get from the people i’ve interacted with who have made real money in this life is that making money is a worthy challenge, and achieving it is a joy.

The impression i get on BALG is that money is a bother, a chore, a curse, even a hinderance. Magicians in general have a condescending, untrusting, even scornful attitude toward money. I’d be surprised if anyone with a 9 or 10 figure net worth would put up with the snideness for long, and i’m not at all surprised that the spiritual forces behind money hide from magicians the way they do.

The first step to calling ANY spirit is that you must have some type of love and respect for it. I never agreed with this before, but i now realize that money is in fact a spirit - or at the very least a highly intelligent thoughtform, a spiritual property.


Right, so what i was saying above is that someone with like a spell, incantation, demon buddy’s special sigil etc that delivers instantly with with little or no real effort won’t post that on here.

I agree basically that opportunity etc have to be zealously pursued and not taken for granted or neglected. this is why I say, personally I’m bad at short-term “gimme $500 before Friday” work but good at the longer term slow-growth stuff.

Yup. :+1:

Yes again, I have tried to point this out to people and met with scorn, even though I “speak both languages.” :man_shrugging:

Agreed, once more.

And one of the things Napoleon Hill and Clement Stone absolutely nailed is that people want another person’s results and yet throw up their hands in horror if asked to do even a fraction of what the person actually DID to get their results.

That goes for magick, and divination (I took over eight fucking years pf daily use to get good with a pendulum, then up rocks a novice calling it a bad method because they didn’t score the lotto jackpot in their first week trying)…


I can’t believe how perfectly you said that.

I have to post it again:

You just answered the original poster’s question in the clearest way possible. That was profound

You also answered this post, this one, and this one.

You GET it! I’m smiling ear to ear. You GET it, Lady Eva. You truly understand.