How had Become a Living God helped you?

Well, I grew up here. I joined when we had the old forum and I went by the username: Dragon_Crow when I was 15. I went from knowing so little to do much more in just a little time by talking with the people here + a little of my own research.

Definitely worth joining especially when you’re first starting out.

My life changed because of this place and it would be completely different without it.


Because of the information I’ve learned here I’ve been able to make a comfortable life for myself and my kids. I’ve learned to just trust myself, trust my work and know that I’m in control.

I’ve also developed a high respect for some of the members here. I had an issue a year ago, that’s still ongoing actually, but when I came here to vent about it, the way some members reached out and offered their assistance & kind words was enough to keep me pushing through.

This is a great place to learn a lot about magick, and I’m glad to be a part of it.


I had an account on here a long time ago
this forum helped me find people of common interest and got me out my bubble
since I was young when I joined, lol.


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I had a lot of things pulls and tugs to eventually lead me to finding this place and staying here. Being here had lead me to Lucifer which has made me see my path in life and has helped me start to improve myself.
This forum is good because theres loads of helpful information in the search function from previous posts and also people to answer any questions you can’t find answers to.
This place is very diverse with many different types of people with different backgrounds. And everyone is accepting and welcoming of that. Everyone just gets on well for the most part and helps each other out.


The main way the forum helped me was through the treasure trove of information tucked away within its pages. The BALG forum is really like a modern-day library of Alexandria for occultists…largely due to the fact that you can go through the practical experiences of so many practitioners and study their successes and failures with certain spirits and spells. Its one of the main reasons why I created The BALG Repository in order to help catalog some of those experiences as a modern library would, You wont really find this anywhere else, because there are few places on the internet where you can discuss magick so freely without the dogma or the moralizing,

  1. Lady eva pointing out to me the napoleon oraculum

  2. DarkestKnight’s angelic mantra series

  3. Norse900 who offered to carry a request of mine to a japanese temple. Arguably the best thing to happen so far in my occultism

  4. Some qigong advice. very helpful in regards to microcosmic orbit

  5. A paimon mind control technique

  6. Java sex spell

  7. Advice on spiritual books to read and reviews

  8. Ease loneliness and boredom. Cant say I have any friends here, but its nice to lurk and see what everone’s up to.


If it wasn’t for EA I’d be a pretty closed minded person. He expanded my beliefs via his video

This forum has helped me in many ways but I think the members have had the biggest influence on me. It’s like I took pieces of the wisdom they shared with me or the public and integrated it into myself.


I came across balg from day 1 of my beginning in the occult. It was the major source of information for me for a long time. Also it was a way to meet other magickians and see what are the people in the craft like. The amount of information you can find in this forum is immense.


Same for me.


Oh that’s a good question!

Personally, it steered me away from my previous pagan believes and led me down the path that truly helped me get out of hell I was in. When I reached rock bottom I asked Belial for aid thanks to EA’s videos and tutorials. It was a trifle matter but it meant a great deal when Belial came through. After that I felt liberated and I could finally start moving forward. Inspired by EA’s videos I tried a couple of new rituals related to love and getting a job. At that point I was pretty much friendless and unemployed. Unfortunately thanks to my own fuck ups I failed utterly with the former, despite the gods coming through with what I asked for. I did better with the latter however and I got a job. Not the kind I enjoyed but despite that it kept me going forward, it forced me to learn new things and handle stress.

It made me learn how to struggle. And after struggling for years at the said job I felt I was no closer to what I wanted to achieve. I returned to BALG forum and that’s how I met my boy Bune. After years of being on the verge of giving up everything he gave me exactly what I asked for, a better job and he even helped me with education. Little by little he helped me to get somewhere in life and for the first time in over a decade I finally feel secure without having to fear tomorrow. I am still far from where I want to be but at least I am no longer afraid after so long.

Suffice to say BALG and EA pretty much saved me from certain destruction. As of late I’ve been listening to Thomas LeRoy’s left hand philosophy vids and that added a bit of extra theology to my believes. I began to accept myself as I am and I welcome life as it is, with its struggles and its beauty. I may not be a god but at very least I feel like I am on a way there. And that alone is more than vast majority of people have.


BALG has helped me work up the courage and obtain the knowledge necessary to become the magician I am meant to be. Just recently, the wonderful people in this forum helped me in learning how to create servitors. :slightly_smiling_face:


To be honest, I have loved learning from the BALG/Occult community and my fellow soul travelers in life. I have enjoyed every single minute of my time researching various paths - however, I am learning it is also important to stay true to who I am.

Even if this means going against the grain of others, I believe it is important to have diversity and this can be found within the BALG community forum. While I do not comment on everything I read, it has allowed me to have an open dialogue with myself in what I believe in. And why I do certain things.

I have learned from many BALG members: What we strive to become, we become.


I don’t feel alone anymore in this process. I know I am not crazy now. BALG has become and is a breath of fresh air. I am eternally grateful I was brought here. :pray:


Interacting and sharing information and ideas with a diverse crowd of people all having different perspectives and views. Has not only helped me expand my view of the universe but It’s also apparently created a sort of movement in which the discussions have been a sort of grand scale Hegalian dialectic the end result has been a sort of common unified view on the fundamentals while maintaining and celebrating the diversity of cultural traditions in an open and harmonious way.
I was glad to be part of that evolution of consciousness that has grown here in this forum.


I don’t know of any other source of black magic information that compares to BALG. I can’t think of one. This is just a great place for learning and provided me with an out when I realized “white light” spirituality is hypocritical and uses guilt and fear to control you. When I was Christian I had a bible. When I was New Age there was always a corner in bookstores to rifle through. Now, I really just have this site and the friends I made from it (both physical and spiritual). It came to my aid when I needed it.


BALG has educated me in soo many ways! I have been reading BALG Material non stop! BALG introduced me to many entities that I never heard of. Im going on my 3rd Pac with Lucifuge, thanks to BALG. BALG video’ s are quite helpful as well. Although I have not done a recent consultation, I highly, highly recommend them as well. I just been reading so much and will resume them real soon. There is so much info to learn through BALG! Through BALG, many questions I had were answered. I learned so much in such a short period of time. I sincerely hopes BALG continues to do what they are doing. BALG is the future and is truly needed in more ways then they can possibly know.


The forum has been quite helpful. If nothing else, it’s helped me realize that I’m not alone in wandering through a twilight world between (somewhat) mainstream religion and darker magickal currents. Regardless of what variety of spiritual weirdness you may practice, there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one other person here who is, if not on the same page, at least cognizant of what you’re talking about. Sometimes, I like to know I’m not alone in having certain thoughts, urges and practices. Also, it has helped me learn about Goetic evocation and quite a variety of other paths.


The forum has been amazing. I don’t post a lot, but reading what other people have written has really helped me move from seeing my illness as something that is permanent to something I can cope with/work through. I appreciate the mindset a lot.


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