Someone i know has been possesssed

One of my Friend Pissed me Off A Time Ago He Knew About me being an occultic… So I Told Him that I will Destroy his life His future and everyone he Loves and Hold Dear (when I went home I remember ordering demons to go and wreak his life until he have nothing left but after that, I completely forgot about it)
So this is what happened
1-His Pet Died
2-His Father Got Really Sick
3-His mother got sick and now She Is Possessed By So Many Demons (she talks different languages and the demon possessing her say to him the say the same thing I always hear him say when I become possessed and they see someone I dislike)

Anyway I feel Bad for what s Happening to him and i feel Responsable even thought i didn t completely mean it i was pissed off at that moment i didn t want all of this to happen to him (he is completely mentaly destroyed now) If there is some way I can Make the Demons Get out of her Body Pls Tell me (i thought about ordering them to get out of her and leave her alone in the name of lucifer ) Cause they just did that cause they saw me pissed off… they probably just wanted to help with what i wanted


:joy:… If they respect you then order them out.


I thought it would be best to talk to them directly while they repossessing her and talk them out ( but i think that d be problematic…) So I’ll just try to focus My Will To order them out ‘i hope this ll work’ -.- :tired_face:


That’s why you’re supposed to treat baneful magick like a loaded gun, and if you do use it, don’t tell your victim. Let it be a lesson to be more responsible and don’t beat yourself up too much. Most of us went through this stage.


That’s quite the tantrum for something that could have been solved without these kind of repercussions.

I have no idea what he did to piss you off, but the scale is not evened out if looking at it from distance. Well, at least you have your family left, hopefully. He’s not.

I’m not at all against curses, or to send spirits out to someone hurting me. But if things can be sorted out by other means, I would always start there first.


I wish I treated love and sex magick like that. Now I have a straight guy that won’t leave me alone…


if yuo feel bad tell em to go to church and see priest they can cast the demons out with the authority of Jesus and the holy spirit . I can guide them and also they can use anti possession sigils

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Reminds me of why there used to be so many restrictions on magick :thinking:

Can i get an AHMEN!!!?


you get a AHKMED brother lol

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@succupedia That is so true brother!

As for @Seren do you usually get pissed off easily? When working with demons, more often than not you will commit acts of imbalance in moments of rage that will haunt you for the rest of your life.
Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that this guilt is a punishment from god i don’t even like that sh!t little troll, but it is what it is.
You have destroyed too much where there was no actual need for that. What is done is done and it is irreversible. Even if you manage to get those demons out, that poor soul will still be destroyed until next life that is if you did not accidentally made a 1000 incarnations curse where these demons will perpetually give him hell after hell after hell for 1000 lives.
I can pretty much feel that you may have accidentally done this type of curse by being too rage-full.

Actually this is an act that made you fall deeper into darkness and may have strengthen you but you definitely made a soul enemy like Lucifer is to Yahweh.

Mighty Cerberus tells me that He sees the souls of your friends family and your friend deeply entangled into a web of blood and pain that seems to end somewhere in the year 45.008

From the point of view of eternity you only contributed to the work of darkness which is good if your goal was to be a demon like me and most of the black magus.

I can only give you the advice of instead trying to fix this (which not even Jesus can) feed off of this sacrifice and grow in strength. Even if this sounds cruel you already made the first move. Now you can beat yourself up about what you did or grow up, own it and fortify yourself for the karmic consequences of what you did.
Here’s the thing mate, being a demon is a path of power, creation and destruction. There is no place for regret or apology. Sorry if i sound horrible but there is no rewind button to this, and i am a demon… So own it up and evolve. Things will be fine for you as long as you will stop caring for this…

Better try to pay attention to your emotions next time. Also take under consideration that the emotion of regret is given by Yahweh so that he can feed off of your strength.:wink:



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He Pissed me off at that moment so i promised hiim that will happen to him when i went home at night i told the demons to go and destroy his life… (i was in a dark room i got into a trance without noticing it and i just talked to them and wanted it to happen) i didn t do a certain curse or anything i just told them to and after that i completely Forgot about it (i thought it would be fun to destroy him a little but not that much ) After that he come to talk to me many time to ask me to forgive him and undo if i did anything to him and i said that i didn t do anything…’ he completely believes that i didn t do anything even now’ i did without realizing i mean when he talked to me the other day about his mother case and everything tht happened to him thing by thing and told me whata the demon told him when he saw him That s when I knew it was my doing ‘i did it without noticing it’ (the main reason i got upset was because he said bad things about the demons 'i dunno why but i always get upset whenever someone says bad things about them…)

Anyway i think that the demons has left her body he said that his mother idn t do anything weird today she acted like herself… (the other night when i went to sleep i focused my will to go and tell them to live them alone, i also thanked them for what they did i just told that it s enough and thanked them) whenever i sleep i apparently leave my body and forget all about it when i wake up Many things happens to me but i mostly forget (I don t practice magic daily and i dont deal with demons daily like summoning … i just see them and talk it s like a daydream when i talk to them i even forget about it mostly i even forget what i talked to them)

Yeah i don t Feel sorry (i don t feel anything apparently and that s weird) i just thought that he had enough


Anyway thnx for Help Guys Apparently Its Fixed Now

If he dishonored the darkness, as many muggles, do then it might have been a righteous reason for this.

Mighty Cerberus disagrees mate. It might be fixed for now… The demons only know to forgive their own family. That is you, me, and any other black magician that works with them. And the forgiveness happens only if you truly prove that you are sorry. You can’t just say “i’m sorry”, they’ll only destroy you even further until you understand what the cause of your bad attitude.

They might have listened to you for now but they have a personal beef with your friend. They’ll make him see the truth. I’m sorry for being the bearer of this news. Cerberus Himself told me to write this down and make you prepared to understand the full depth of this action.

For what i can see you can keep the demons at bay for this life but they’ll do what you wanted them to do in the next incarnation and the one after that…

Channeling Cerberus:
“It is what it is powerful one. You are one step closer to full demonization.
This is a way for you to be more careful and wiser with your powers;
A way to know what you are truly capable of.
Rage is a powerful weapon of the infernal family.
Learn to wield it with wisdom and you will become a king among kings!

The last phrase i could not translate… It is in pure demonic tongue.
Anyway… Things are looking up and up for you mate!:wink:

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