Could anyone tell me stories of their experiences in invoking Orobas, and how was the ritual, and how was it orobas in manifestation to you? Did the ritual work? I’m fascinated


I used his enn and sigil meditation! Sent him a letter because my goal is to see and draw him.
I was extremely calm! Like calmer than usual! :sweat_smile: am the type to be anxious meeting new people or entities. Nothing happened! Everything was extremely silent and still like before a storm! But not! He didn’t talk or I didn’t hear? I know he was here but like nothing in the room! Was like I did a banishing and the rooms energy was neutral!
:thinking: he felt like a horse but looked like a human unicorn in my head!
I did both drawings of him!

I contacted him for just a couple of days so that’s all I got.

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Look through here. There are a couple success stories with orobas

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Keep trying, work with him to create an attachment to the entity, it may be good to have his spiritual defense.

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