WARNING- What 3 fold really is

I just want to take a moment and explain to some people my opinion of what the 3 fold and karmic balance really is. So I had an issue with my boss where I was getting blamed for all kinds of things that were actually malfunctions in our system. So I summoned Ma’at to reveal the truth. I then used the powers of Luna for influence, I took a badge off of his desk and channeled energy for him to think greatly of me, to see my full potential, and to think to himself I cannot lose this guy… Because I do in fact save the millions of dollars.

Wednesday I place the metal badge on his desk right near his mouse so he would have to touch it. Yesterday he said today he needs to speak with me. He sure did see my full potential, and he said I am being used for the wrong thing. Now, he wants me to sell for the company because of my past reputation and is handing over the busy work to his son who knows nothing about the shit I do. And tells me he knows i am great, so to give him a business plan with targets to hit, which basically means if I do not sell, I am fucked. hahaha… this is a perfect example of not using your magick with precision and it backfiring on you. Yes I can do the job, but I just went from a comfortable 9-5 position to a commission position that requires me to work 247… Be careful what you wish for :joy:


Correct me if am wrong in guessing this. Even though you may not have the 9-5 you can now potentially earn alot more. Which you can use to maximize on your potential. And use magick to increase said sales or make a foundation for consistent sales.


You are right, and you are wrong. I did not ask for this. I have done sales and owned my own business for 8 years that did well over 8 million. But I just do not want to do that anymore. I have other projects I am working on that are worth way more then making a commission of 7%. This is going to take away my time, and with pressure on top of it.


But again, the MORAL of what I am trying to say, is that he did see what I asked for, but I did not want a job change, I wanted to keep my position and for him to see the truth, LOL he saw TOO MUCH!!! I felt like this was a good example of what people consider Karma, and I rather put my mistakes out there so others learn, so it does not happen to others.


Seems like the moral would be know Exactly what you want and state that.

As you said. [quote=“serpens_album, post:4, topic:21004”]
is that he did see what I asked for, but I did not want a job change, I wanted to keep my position and for him to see the truth, LOL he saw TOO MUCH!!!

Not so much be careful what you wish for but be EXACT in what you want and go for it directly.

Your stated goal

In his eyes your potential may be more related to sales. Wording in magic can be alot like wording in court. You want to be specific. This is what i try to do.


YES EXACTLY… and I fucked up. LMAO


I should print this out and post it next to the alter.


But I do believe in what the entities invoked are what needs to happen. These things work in very mysterious ways so I have good faith in what happened. It happened for the good and for good reason. Just not sure what that reason is yet.


So fix it lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: YOU HAVE THE POWERRRR!!

Or explore potential


Im gonna make a post about this later when get home in regards to “money magic” vs “prosperity magic” cause experience is showing me they are no where near the same. Cause this is likely a part of why people have issues with “targeting”.


Damn…If you wanna own a mercedes benz…call serpens


Happens to all of us at least once, thanks for sharing this - success stories are motivating for beginners or people in a slump, but it IS important to know even successful magicians sometimes have to navigate a mishap! :thumbsup:


@Lady_Eva Stories of things backfiring or going wrong help me far more than success stories. If all I saw was success stories I would probably just give up but seeing other people go through the same stuff keeps me coming back. I find I keep on finding new ways to try to get this one thing to happen so in a way I might not be doing what others would but on the other hand I do so many things I forget about them eventually so when I do get my mind off it I have multiple spells all working for the same thing in different ways


Targeting is always a challenge. The mind is like a cricket jumping from one thing to another…


The hard part is when your life isn’t going the way you thought and you just want to talk to someone, but you realise the only people you ever talked to were 2 exes that you still have feelings for, you will do anything to try and get them to talk to you and you really REALLY get pissed at the guys who took them away from you. It wasn’t a case of the relationship ending and them being single, one went back to the previous guy because of their son and that guy told lies about me which is why she won’t talk to me and second started with a workmate of the husband she had just divorced when we were going well.


On the one hand I am selfish and am glad to see I’m not the only one who sometimes forgets the Monkey’s Paw Rule. (As I call it.)

On the other hand, when you’re too exact it takes things a long. Long. LONG time to manifest. When I was 4 I wanted a specific horse, right? I even thought up how I could get it considering my family was very poor.

These things happened… over 20 years later…

I’d say fix it, if I were you. LOL! Ain’t nothing like not being in the job you want, if you must work.