Recommendations for attracting love/lust?

I found some older posts here regarding this topic, but few I saw have been updated or recent. So, I’m seeking possible current tried and true methods members had success with.

I got out of a 5 year relationship about 1.5 months ago and my ex is already dating a new person. I’m detached and fine about it, but my life has been so dull and stagnant and no matter what avenues I try for, none have any movement. I had recently posted about opening communication with someone from quite the distance (I petitioned to Duke Sallos) and it’s recent so nothing changed.

Either way the distance and whatnot would still be redundant so I’m looking to try and attract more women towards me for whatever can happen. Basically everything seems like a dead end or simply just a huge lack of interaction or possible opportunities. I just need to do something to create such opportunities because I’m going crazy. And for the record I know I don’t need to work on my appearance and I go out and such. Even a close friend lately said she doesn’t understand how I haven’t really found a new person yet……as if I’m being blocked from meeting new people and have to sit and think about how my ex found someone new immediately.

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Magickal techniques don’t have a Best Before date :joy:

We have 9 years of posts of techniques and the member success thread, it’s all still valid. Pick one and work it. You put in just a bit of effort, you get so much out… Just get started.


Here,wat I do,buy cologne samples ,they are like 4 each one,go to coffee places,take spiritual baths to open roads,and call deity such, angels goddess,Egyptian seems to work fast in case like tis,if guy ,angels seems a choice,anarl,etc, but Hathor Venus afrodite Zeus etc do it a ritual once a month and forget, u may see some move whiting 2 months

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What I meant was I read them and they kind of didn’t go anywhere….as in results, effects and whatnot. They were stated as being performed and left there in the thread. Some even had replies asking about the results and the original person didn’t respond.

Ah yes, that happens. They’re all going to work depending on the people involved and the energy of the circumstance. It’s not a case of “this one will always work” magick isn’t like that.

The most important part of the working is the operator, you’re what makes it work, the technique is secondary. Pick one that looks like you can see yourself performing it and then you just have to roll up your sleeves and try. Don’t be afraid to try and fail, as long as you learned from doing it it’s never a wasted operation.

In that vein there’s a lot of good info in the posts about what wasn’t working and the troubleshooting discussions around that.

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I appreciate that. The one thing I have noticed is some had reported negative or opposite effects and that sort of feels like a warning but you are right that it’s not a one size fits all situation. I found a couple of interest that seem doable in my circumstance.

Every so often I’ll see a comment saying “try this…” and specify something I have yet to see or hear of (Sargatanas is an example) and i’ll find one small post really deep in the rabbit hole. Those are the ones I need to find again so I’ll keep digging.

If you want to find success stories in this area of magick, go to this thread and scroll down to the love and lust heading

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Thank you! Somehow I must have overlooked that section or glossed over it too quick to remember.

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