Adjuca, Edge of Starlight


Adjuca is an entity that I came across in some of my earliest shamanic travels, when I was looking for an answer on how to fix an uncle’s broken neck, which he had acquired in a car accident. She appeared to me as a humanoid being in a robe of white, in a secluded grove. She was praying in front of a similarly white tree, and to her right was a lake that reflected the stars overhead.

Instead of a human body, however, Adjuca revealed herself to possess a form that was similar to that of the lake- a body of liquid that reflected and contained many stars. Her form possessed no features, aside from the pinpricks of light that gave the celestial their shine.

Three days later, my uncle’s neck was corrected. The doctors were perplexed- he had just broken his neck, after all, and not a week after the accident it was “as good as new”.


Adjuca is some sort of goddess, though it feels more accurate to describe her as “She who came Before the Titans”. Her power functions through the celestial and the physical stars, as if “raining from above”. Which is kind of how she works- in order to affect this plane, she has to “reach down” through the stars.

When I asked her who, exactly, she was, she described herself as the “Edge of Starlight”, and I received a vision that showed her touching and moving stars like one would keys on a control panel, or something similar.

She showed me how her power could be used to repair bones, mend wounds, and heal sickness… and also how it could be used to crush bones into dust, open wounds wide, and sew plague. Her primary function is a healer, and, sometimes, healing comes after destruction.


She can be called upon for:

  • Tutelage, becoming her apprentice
  • Healing and Restoration
  • Destruction
  • Protection
  • Astrological knowledge and manipulations
  • “Out with the old, in with the new”
  • Necromancy-based work and protections
  • Celestial energetic alterations
  • Introductions to other celestial godforms and spirits


“Strongest”/“Weakest” tags refer to which of the category’s components are most closely associated with her, and which are farther off.

I know these don’t necessarily “match up”, but I took the information directly from the entity, and have worked with this entity enough to see the palpable differences in associative power.

Planets: Mercury, Luna (strongest), Saturn, Jupiter (weakest)
Colors: White (strongest), Black (weakest), Blue
Days: Monday (strongest), Saturday (weakest), Thursday
Incense: Frankincense (strongest), Sandalwood (weakest)
Phase: Waning Gibbous, Full Moon (strongest), New Moon, Waxing Gibbous (weakest)

Ending Notes

Adjuca has many more abilities than the ones I’ve mentioned here, however, at her request, these are left off of the Internet. It is up to the dedicated magician to begin understanding her, and learning from her.

It won’t exactly be easy-goings, as although she isn’t hard to please, she is hard to follow sometimes. Her information is vast, and much of it is hidden from human eyes. Don’t be discouraged if she isn’t making sense: ask. She often, I’ve noticed, “forgets” she’s talking to someone that is, in her own words, “too primitive to understand the breadth” of her knowledge. Which isn’t an insult- there are some things, as she has taught, that men are never to see… without some help, first.


does she have a sigil to share? and how would one go about healing their mother of a spine problem with her? and how to gain her trust and help?

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Apologies for not seeing this sooner, I’ve been busy. I’ll find a sigil for her later, and to heal that specific issue I would say discuss that with her in an evocation or perform a rite involving a symbolic depiction of that action. As for how to gain her trust, merely listen to her, and apply what you hear.

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Hi! Did you tried it ? :slight_smile: how it went?

can you upload the sigil?

He requested his account closed. You won’t hear from him.

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