Journal of Successes?

Yes I do, my own personal journal which I keep private :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sure many magicians on here have personal journals, however I don’t think many would be wishing to share.
I certainly could care less about convincing anyone else that magick is real.

There is an interesting chapter in Anthology of Sorcery 2 concerning this.

^ Same here. :slight_smile:

Nobody is going to show you that stuff man. Most people would sooner show genitals to strangers than that. It’s kind of part of the whole thing. To know to dare to will to keep silent. The keep silent part is to avoid anyone else having an observation effect on your work and ruining your spell’s. Also you being worried about results will surely cause failure. Worry is part of fear and doubt. And we all know what fear and doubt does to an operation.

Maybe I’m just weird and the odd man out. I’ve had a few small successes and am happy to share in order to help others who may suffer with doubt like I sometimes did/do.

isnt that the essence of grimores themselves? worked through first hand experience. Koetting’s book of Azazel for example very much feels like a journal.

Some things, spirits will ask or even insist you share, other things are more private.

I’m looking for a journal which says something like, “I asked King Paimon to manipulate a vendor at the Farmer’s Market to offer me a job carving wood handles to custom axes he makes even though last week he said he doesn’t have the need. Today he offered me a job for $22 per hr”. I’d like to read a journal that reads something like that.

In 99.9% of grimoires the ingredients that make the content potent has been taken out or its hidden/encrypted in some way. In most cases these ingredients are the personalized methods or observations of the operator and in extend what makes a journal a journal.

The only thing I can think of that truly “fits” what you’re asking for is Imperial Arts old live journal where he documents his supposed interactions with the spirits of the goetia (and a little with the almadel etc if I recall).

Occasionally you might get a blogger documenting something as well, but not very often.

Just wanted to share a magical success with a mythic ability I was trying to see if I could still do as well as before.

A friend had taught me how to control the weather, and I had decided to exercise my power by doing it, this morning. This morning I was happy, but extremely irritated and bored because of something. That was my overall pre-ritual mood. I went to my window and performe dthe working, and the sky got cloudy fast.

Within a half hour, it was raining, and the rain only got stronger. Now, I have good ties with the element of air, and decided to throw some winds in there too. When I had commanded the winds to be there there was a strong wooshy sound. And then, I hear clanging, as the wind had pushed my iron gates wide open. It blew the gates wide open right when I asked it to. And there is no end in sight, the storm has been raging on for the past 7 hours.

At some point, it had turned into an actual hailstorm, which is extremely rare both in this month and in this geographical location, and there is very thick fog. Now, there’s some wind and light rain, suffice to say, I basically ruined everyone’s Sunday. A friend who lives on the other side of the city confirmed the storm was on her side too.

I don’t feel that drained either. I kind of do, but it didn’t seem to take that much out of me it just flowed out. I guess it’s just energy I was supposed to get out.

Sharing experiences, take it with a grain of salt, or not, believe me or not, like me or not. Don’t really care, just saying that results are a big deal and recording successes is important, one way or another, if you’re doubting your abilities or if others are doubting them.

When something doesn’t work, I think you need to investigate where it went wrong.Done improperly, done too soon, done too late, wrong sphere of influence, wrong spirit, wrong method, too deep a trance, too light a trance, imagined, not imagined enough, there’s a million ways something can go wrong.

As such, more important than a journal of successes would be a Journal of Failures, or if you want a less disencouraging name A Troubleshooting Journal.


Do you think that a possible explanation when performing magick of that magnitude, is that you pretty much tap into the consciousness of many that have the same intention at the same time in changing the weather in that manner? So for that reason it works? You could be the magickal catalyst that manifests the intention of all these people.

[quote=“Zeus, post:12, topic:7754”]^Arcane.

Do you think that a possible explanation when performing magick of that magnitude, is that you pretty much tap into the consciousness of many that have the same intention at the same time in changing the weather in that manner? So for that reason it works? You could be the magickal catalyst that manifests the intention of all these people.[/quote]

Not sure.

I am doubtful that that many people were wanting a storm to ruin their Sunday night. Wouldn’t be the most “grandiose” thing I’ve done, nor would it be terribly outside of my current “level” so to speak, since making storms is something I’ve been doing for months and one is bound to get better at it, but the idea that I didn’t entirely create the storm and was more of a contributor to a web of thought, or someone who took the magical will of many and the energy of the surrounding and gave it both form and momentum is not excluded. Doesn’t really matter much, what matters is the results, the conclusions drawn from it, and how replicable it is.

^^ Fair enough. I’m all pro results as well. Though and as I’m sure you can appreciate, magick is pretty much inexplainable, yet. Better understanding of it if not a basic explanation of how it works, would grant magickians getting greater results, quicker and efficient.
I use the clock to know the time but at the same time I want to know how or why the clock works.

There are lots of records of people’s successes here on the forum. Reading them from a book or handwritten journal does not make the stories any different. Perhaps more believable, although they could still be fabricated.

You still have to do it yourself to see the results anyway, otherwise it’s just stories, and stories are only what they are except for the people who lived them.

Yes, this forum has some good testimonials. The build faith my faith in magick. But yes, my own successes do more for me. But hearing other’s stories help whenever I begin to think mine are just coincidence.but paper copies of books are cool to thumb through when I’m camping and stuff.

I think most magicians would keep a journal i certainly do. And one of the few gifts i do have is automatic writing. So its really cool when a spirit decides to just jump right in and say what they want to say.

Ok, although i can’t be exactly sure who’s responsible for the breakthrough help I’m starting to receive, I’ll explain below, I’m almost convinced that Paimon, who I recently had contact with, is behind it.

So, towards the end of last year my second and newest company got involved into a large investment. Everything started smoothly but somewhere down the road and for inexplainable nonsensical reasons a dispute among shareholders rose. The whole thing went out of hand and snowballed extremely fast to the point of facing insolvency and taking me personally from very comfortable to facing bankruptcy in a matter of few months. Not only it was out of control but all my support channels were dropping like flies. Literally. I won’t go into details for the sake of anonymity, but the situation was so extreme that it felt like an episode of the twilight zone. It is completely ridiculous really.

Now, I sought external help from capable friends, but all the workings for some reason were hitting against a brick wall. Whoever pulled the trigger against us, is on a level that is beyond me and everyone else involved.
I dare anyone interested to do a reading and will understand what I’m saying. Admittedly I found BALG forums and got interested into Abrahamic practices while looking for answers.

Anyways, yesterday and moments before pulling the plug, I received a call from a friend. She said that she was contacted by another friend of hers who’s a lawyer and happens to know our situation. Apparently he overheard a discussion among a legal circle regarding a relevant to our case subject while having a coffee and called my friend giving her the details of another person that was involved into that discussion. She passed the details to me.
I found his number and taking a long shot I cold called him. He happens to be a highly regarded and super expensive enterprise solicitor. He accepted my call and I explained the situation to him. He gave me a few pointers but he said that he cannot help as he’s about to take a few weeks off because his wife is expecting very soon. We ended the call and for a minute I stand there in numbness thinking “yep, it’s official, you’re f@cked”.

Then suddenly the phone rings and its him again. At my amazement he said that he changed his mind and he wants to help. Not only that but he agreed to work for free until the matter is solved. Who does that these days?
Anyways, to make a long story short, this person in under a day he managed to pull the plug on all orders (something that my lawyers failed miserably at doing for months) secured a hearing with the business commissioner and he started putting together a case to file against many people, claiming damages.

Now, the company is not saved yet but we’re given at least 6-8 months of leanway to fix the problems. And I personally avoided to go belly up financially.

Faith in magick, restored! And I have to thank King Paimon if his responsible for this.


Hail Paimon!

jboy- There are indeed many of these success stories on here, as you probably already know. I have posted quite a few of mine, and I worded it as I would in my personal journal.

As far as actual physical books are concerned- yeah not sure about that. Here’s and idea for you though- maybe you could start a thread of ‘recent successes’- where anyone on here can contribute recent success stories if they feel comfortable doing so? I’ve got a few I’d be willing to share fwiw.

Agreed. That’s what brought me here and keeps me coming back is reading people’s journal / blog posts like these. Arcane’s King Paimon thread is an example, as are many threads in the Evocation subforum.

The only thing better would be the spirits themselves coming on here and posting lol. Or maybe some already do…? Spirits in disguise