Need to add some spice to your relationship? Beleth is your choice!


I am sure that I have seen some general “public thanks/success” thread there, but cannot for the life of me find it. Tried search and failed miserably.

However, I’ll try my best to make this topic slightly more than just public thanks by adding some details.


Entity: Beleth

Method: 2’nd ritual from Demons of Magick, Kindle version

Problem: Lack of sexual interaction despite having relationship

Time to first result: 3 days

Additional notes: The operation was quite clumsy on my part. Still a great success, and achieved without any violation of free will or character alteration. As a bonus there was a little lesson in a very gentle way.

The story:

Well, so me and my significant other currently are living together in her parent’s house. We are both working remotely, and because of that have plenty of time together, but despite that we had no sexual encounters for months.

I didn’t show much initiative either, was too afraid to cause discomfort or being seen as some sort of pervert, thought that she just don’t want such activities in her mother’s house because our neighbors can hear us or something (everything was great when we didn’t live here, after all).

And it did lead me to severe case of sexual frustration. I know I should talk about that, share my concerns, and still didn’t do it.

Instead, I turned to magick. In matters of lust Sitri seems to be common choice (and, without any doubt, quite effective one), but while looking at his/her powers I skipped one more page, and seen Beleth. Somehow I decided to work with him instead, and was not disappointed.

As for evocation itself - there is nothing interesting to describe - no visuals, no sounds, since I have astral sensitivity of a dead wooden log. I only felt presence, and it was different from other entities I worked with, and I can not describe it in words.

My request was obvious, I guess, but there is an important detail: I didn’t want to manipulate or alter her character. Just help her overcome fears or doubts if there was any, and if not - well then, no is no.

As I said, first result came in 3 days. And we had a little talk afterwards where I confessed about my concerns and she called me a fool for not bringing it up earlier. Turned out that there was no fears, and she just don’t think about it usually, but now a thought just popped into her head that it would be great way to spend some time.

So, not only Beleth did solve this problem for me. He did it in a gentle and natural way to the benefit of everyone involved, and given a good life lesson that inspired me to be more confident and open with my partner. And for that he have my respect and gratitude, a wise and benevolent King indeed.


Thanks for sharing that. I think it is a great example of how demons can be precise and gentle, which is something that is sometimes glossed over.

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Beleth is one of my favorites in matters of sex

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Yes. That’s another interesting detail about ths whole operation - despite some obvious weakness and foolishness on my part ritual worked exactly as I wanted it, AND said weakness was corrected without any harshness. I can not say anything about all 72 of Goetia, since it’s my second working with demons, and can’t promise that everyone else’s experience will be the same, but Beleth was really very good to me.


Definitely, the phrase “precisely what is needed” is applicable here. You achieved a real world result, and understood a lesson without having your shit kicked in. Awesome stuff, dude!

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