Danger When Working With Demon Spirits

I read many places that magicians on the LHP or who work with Demons almost exclusively who have gone through a great deal of suffering due to their practices. Many claimed this is what the demons they worked with have done to them, harsh lesson or suffering. There are many YouTube videos about working with Demon spirits & how they are so powerful and helps you. And there are many other videos/post that says Demon are liers & tricksters who deceive people making them think them Demon helps them.

I came across this video on YouTube saying why working with demon’s are dangerous. DANGER WHEN WORKING WITH DEMONS - YouTube

Take everything for grain of salt & you should conclude your own experience and decide what’s really true or not. Perhaps this girl on YouTube had bad experience. Well instead of trusting other people’s experience/opinions, you should decide what’s true and what’s not FROM your own experience.

From my own experience, I have to conclude that Demon spirits is nothing like mention everywhere. I summon/evocation/invocation/etc demon spirts King Paimon, Duke Dantalion, Duke Zeper, King Belah.

Here’s from my experience what I concluded: No, they are not that powerful and for me, yes I do believe they are liers, deceivers and tricksters. They made me think the wishes/desires I requested was being granted, however my life was turn upside down. None of the request was actually granted except for very small minor things that doesnt require much “power”. Small things like praying to King Paimon, next day I did get a dream about the favors being granted. So that lead me to believe this is really true & it will work.

However, again small minor things was granted to keep me into the LHP & keep me dedicated to these Demon Spirits. As time went by, things kept getting worse and worse. I read many post about how people say “oh it was the best that demon spirits didn’t grant my request, instead the opposite”, making excuse saying somehow it was for their “best interest”. Well isnt the main reason why we go to these demon spirits to ask for the help we want? If we wanted what’s best of us, we wouldnt even go to these demon spirts in the first place. So when I read other many post saying I didnt get what I want, got the opposite or it was for the best that I didn’t get my ex that I requested…I’m like ok so it didn’t work, stop making excuse for the demon spirits that didnt work.

Again everyone’s experience is different but from everywhere I read, these demon spirits are so “powerful” but yet they have limits? I even read from Mods saying sometimes these deities just don’t work for whatever reasons. Well as I posted from my other post…what’s the point of going to them in the first place then? I thought they are all powerful being…

Watching that YouTube video was really an eye opener but I did take it grain of salt. I decided to see from my own results and then judge. Now this forum mostly says good things about demon spirits, how they help/work but you shouldn’t just read from this forum, you should read from all other forums on the internet so you don’t get bias info. You should get all the truth info & other people’s honest opinions & experience before you take this path. If I knew everything now before I started this LHP with demon spirits, I wouldn’t have.

Also one thing to consider, my YouTube video says working with Demon spirits, they take away people who doesn’t need to be in your life for bettering yourself. Yeah I can see that’s totally true since I went to these Demon Spirits to ask for ex back but it went completely the opposite, went so bad that it was taken away completely without any hope now getting it back. Um, if I wanted what’s best for me, I would have gone to God or other spirits thats not LHP. We choose this path since we are all selfish, we want - what we want.

So please be careful before you start and you should fully read/learn about everything before you start working with any Demon spirits. I really wanted this LHP with demon spirits to work as I fully dedicated myself to this path but after 2 months…yeah it is worse then from the beginning.


I remember you made a thread like this before, and I gave you this link to show you how effective magick has been and continues to be for many, which is why I’m perplexed that you still claim that magick isn’t effective. It hasn’t been effective for you atm, sure. But for most of us it has been quite powerful. The problem you’re having is that you’re allowing your current failure to create a jaded view of magicks capabilities. It would be like if I tried to learn how to play basketball and I couldn’t shoot a three pointer if my life depended on it… I then decided to blame the basket or the ball…even though everyone around me with more experience is able to make the shot no problem. You have yet to reckon with the fact that many of us have produced amazing results…and it brings your point of view into conflict as it would require you to call us liars for posting great success, which you haven’t brought yourself to do yet. So on this point I disagree with you, because its an opinion whose foundation is built upon the jaded point of view of a single individual (ie. yourself). This is a skill, but its also not a science. Again, i explained this for you before…but this isn’t an objective science like chemistry, where if you add two molecules of hydrogen with one molecule of oxygen, you get water 100% of the time. You need to understand this and accept this, instead of lamenting over the idea that magick doesn’t work in the way you wish it to. With all that being said, I do agree with you on one thing:

This tends to be a defensive/reflexive response that some people give because they feel somewhat attacked when folks like yourself claim that magick doesn’t work. It is my personal belief that a failure is a failure is a failure. If you ask for A, and a spirit gives you B, to me personally that is a failure, and I do not give excuses to the spirits for such failure. But going back to my basketball example, an experienced player may be able to land a three-point shot often, but “often” is not the same as “always”. If an experienced player…say LeBron James, missed a three pointer, would you all of a sudden proclaim that he is an effective player who lies about his skills and ability to play basketball? I think not…and the spirits should be viewed in the same way. They are not all powerful, so you need to mature yourself in a way that allows you to accept this…but at the same time, they are powerful and reliable enough to change the life of those dedicated to craft, as it already has for many on here and outside of here, myself included.


Yes I remember you gave me the link & its basically from people who says how effective magick is. But who really knows at the end if its all true or not. So instead of reading what other people say it happen, I think everyone should trust their judgement & judge from their own experience

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Well no one can really convince you of this, and I certainly wont try any harder to do so. If you end up leaving the path as it hasn’t worked out for you, then I wish you well. Take care.


Thank you. Yeah I really really wanted to work & I thank you for taking the time to give many advice as I took all the info.

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Yes, we do face hardship and many trials. Most of them, in my experience, have been about things that I needed to deal with prior to the trials. Challenges of mind and character.

And it is indeed dangerous, that’s why my number one advice is: don’t rush into things. Take it easy, follow your guides and ask for advice when you need. Hard times come, but the lessons are priceless.

Also, still about the dangers of it all: most people die, go insane or lose everything because of poor decisions and greed. People can’t really handle power all that well, they open one book or qlipha and already call themselves ‘LordofDarkness999’ lmao


I mention King Paimon, Duke Dantalion, Duke Zepar & King Belah in the post. I don’t want to leave out “Satan/Lucifer” as well as I also evocation that one too. You only see all the good things what these demon spirits can provide, their abilities & how the modern culture makes these demon’s something really bad. Nobody ever writes in detail the full failures/hardship so alot of info out there on the internet is so mis-leading. I just wanted to include everything without unbias info so people can fully judge by themselves. I did mention two minor very small things was granted, very very small that didn’t require much “power” so its not like nothing positive happen.

Almost everyone promises to write good things in behalf of these demon spirits but when its complete failure/opposite/hardship/lies, nobody takes the time to write that. I would also have written everywhere positive things if it worked as promised but people should also write the negative things as well…so not just to prop up only the good things.


I agree we should talk more about dangers and trials, but at the end of the day, every experience is unique. But I get you

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No, not nobody. A simple search for “when magic fails” shows that:


And we have some really good discussions on magick fails and how to learn from it:

People don’t like to admit failure, that’s normal. But it does happen, a LOT, and sometimes people do post about it. All of of have spells and rituals that didn’t seem to work. Most often you see this talked about in the context of lust for results, and people looking for advice of how to adjust to get it to work…

Also check out:

Learning and failing is how life works:

There’s tons more if you tweak the search keywords.

Bottom line is, failing doesn’t make you a failure, quitting does. Everybody who succeeded kept learning, course adjusted and forged ahead until they got what they wanted.


Im personaly moving away from titling spirits as demon or even angels. I want to take in the spirit for who they are without the tie-ons of them being a demon or angel.

Also, if you’re calling the darker sides of sprits and calling them evil and tricksters, 9 times out of 10 thats the part of the spirit you will get. Just like if you heard that John Doe is an asshole, meet him and act like he’s an asshole, hes probably gonna seem like an asshole.

Hopefullly that made some sense.


All of the negative nellying aside, what are your plans moving forward? Are you totally done with the LHP? Are you done with magick? Have you considered working with angels? I haven’t read your post history yet, so forgive me if this was discussed before. Angels can be as harmful as demons, just like any other spirits can be harmful.

Have you done work with no spirits at all, just using your own energy? Light a candle, focus on what you want, put your all into the flame while imagining the outcome and once you feel it’s enough, “As I will it, so mote it be” or similar verbiage and let the candle burn out? That’s just an example of what you can do on your own. All you need is the desire and strong intent to will almost anything you want into existence.

Have you considered working with your ancestors? Who better to work with than them?

You have a whole world of magick waiting for you. So what the LHP didn’t work out for you, according to you. If you still desire to do magick but feel like working with spirits won’t help, there are other ways to practice magick to get what you want.

Don’t ever give up, stay in the fight.

Good luck.


Look, life is hard and full of suffering. Accept it and get over yourself.

(I just summarized Buddhism!)

We need to accept our faults and others’ faults. Stop the blame game and accept responsibility for ourselves and our reality. Blaming demons, angels, and whatever for your problems will get you nowhere.

What are you doing to change your life? Are you making an effort? Magick helps, but it will only get you so far. You have to do the rest of the work.

Faith Without Works Is Dead

14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. 18 But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith with my works.

Yes, I quoted the Holy Bible. The principles are still the same. The spirits are not going to do everything for you, but they will help get you where you’re trying to go. You still have to put in the work.

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Well before I began this LHP, I also had pre-judgement of calling on Demon spirits of any sort as I thought it was also evil spirits. But I read everywhere these judgement of evil spirits arnt true but who really knows. After beginning this whole journey, I stop thinking these spirits were evil or tricksters. It was only at the end when I saw everything was happening, I concluded I was being tricked/lied to. YES miracles very odd situation DID happen but ONLY in the unusual BAD ways. It was suppose to be miracles for the result we wanted, not the opposite affect.

King Paimon & Duke Dantalion deals with mind manipulation/persuasion. Well the only mind they manipulated was mine, not the target and they got me doing very odd things that I would never do.

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Yes I will probably leave the LHP as this was my first time doing & I dont think I’ll ever forget how horrible it went. Before going with the goetic demon route, I did try low magic, lighting candles and other things. I just read evoking goetic demon was more powerful which it turn not to be.

But I do thank you for your comment & perhaps I can decide little bit more later if the magick is still an option. Its just hard to think that now…

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Um you do know this forum isn’t some life coaching site right? This is Left Hand Path, working with demon spirits or other spirits, regardless if they are angel’s or demons. My reference was only regarding the The Ars Goetia, 72 demons. Yeah it didn’t work which is why I’m posting this but it wasn’t just that “it didn’t work”, the end result was so bad so I wanted to share my experience since I only read from other people saying “it didn’t work” and that’s it. If I wanted to go the route of buddhism or holy bible, I wouldnt even come to this “becoming a living god forum”…

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That’s not how they work. You won’t get a bag of money outside your door, nor a hot chick in your bed after you do a pathetic evocation / petition and drop some blood on it. You’ve been brainwashed by to many Hollywood movies. They aren’t demons, they are deities, spiritual beings demonized by mainstream abrahamic religions.

Sure, they can open up opportunities for you after your petition, but in the end it is you who are the grandmaster in the flesh, operating in this material world. It is you who must first initiate things, set things in motion and then benefit from the opportunities laid before you by them.

Most of them can see the future or probabilities of the future, so if they see that your request doesn’t benefit you or can actually do you more harm, they will do the exact opposite of your request. If you insist in your request, they will teach you a hard lesson and someday in the future, you will look back and thank them.


See you just proved my point exactly. Your exact quote was “if they see that your request doesn’t benefit you, they will do the exact opposite of your request” If we wanted to better ourselves by going to any spirits/deities that’s the right hand path, obviously evoking the Goetic Demon is not recommended.

It annoys me how members like you continue to make excuse by using the same old tired out phrase “brainwashed by hollywood movies”. I mean I read that same line everywhere, is that the only line you guys use? Apparently you didn’t read when I said I went into this without those hollywood judgement and only decide to judge by my own experience. If it was hollywood brainwashed, then I wouldnt even entertain evoking Goetic Demon spirits.

So please stop using the same old tired line “brainwashed by hollywood movies” as most of the members here who goes to the LHP & working with Goetic Demon already drop the hollywood brainwashed.

that’s the way it works

it is what it is

take it, or leave

simple as that, my man

have a nice day

We make promises to post in public about the success so the Goetic Demon name can be out there for other people to consider. Well I would have done that as well but it shouldn’t be one sided, people should post the negative/bad things as well to give unbias results.


yes so stop using the tired out lame line of “brainwashed hollywood” as I have seen many mod use that lame line. We all already basically drop that brainwash by choosing the LHP.