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Has anyone had success with either Fotamecus involving the past or with Forcalor resulting in a death

I once evoked Forcalor and it was a nice experience.

However it was not the best for killing purposes. Gordon Winterfield in his book “Demons Of Magick” recommends him indeed but according to VK Jehannum, per his words :

(Rufus) Opus warns that it is a bad idea to enlist Focalor to kill people, alleging that affairs never go as planned/expected. If this is true, it is likely that Focalor often uses assassination requests as an opportunity to teach the summoner a lesson.

However having said that, as far as I know things may truly depend on your UPG, and your connection to that Daemon and sure there are other things to consider as always ( ie your reasons hence your will, his-her protections and its destiny based value- some people are destined to affect to many lives, like politicans and hence they can be real hard targets)

Anyway you may try Nergal, Dra’talon from KoF or Glasya Labolas for assasination attempts, they’re all very powerful. Type their names, you’ll find many topics within forum that provides valuable infos.


Appreciate the suggestions. As an aside, have you heard of Damien Mulkrin and his “spell” - Evil, Live, Live, Evil?

Check this thread out. If you go under the heading “baneful Magick” there are success stories there that people have had involving death which may interest you

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Apologies for late reply, but thank you Verdo