Would like to thank Gremory for a sugar mumma

As promised I would like to thank Gremory.

I signed up on a sugar dating site and had no luck for months.

I quit.

I done a ritual with Gremory asking for a hot sugar mumma.

I then signed up again. I received a message from a hot 30yo lady who was interested. We moved to text and them met.

We then discussed an arrangement. She will pay me a weekly allowance and take care of all my bills.

Soon after we went back to hers and fucked like crazy. She then gave me my first weeks allowance. More than enough to pay all my bills.

Thank you Gremory.



Congratulations on your success. However since when did 30 qualify as “sugar mama territory” :joy:


This is my first time hearing this :flushed:.
If you wouldn’t mind me asking, what’s your age?

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That’s fucking awesome. Congrats

Nice lol what method did you use ?

Gotta say, you get some interesting threads/posts on this forum.


Here is the thread for more interesting threads!

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I was referring more to the topic/theme of this thread lol. Trust me there’s plenty of good material on here to read lol.

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I try one using berith satan and barbatos i tink yes i meet a few nothing big tho. But i read like hoodo pwticion spells tat u may work soon if u try