I'm offically weirded out

My little sister is being taken advantage of/tormented by some asshole she got into a minor car accident with, so I decided to throw down my black mirror and have a relatively bare bones evocation with Archangel Michael tonight.

I’m calling him forth, and I’m seeing some sparks and clouds in the mirror, but clairvoyance has never been my strong suite, it’s always been clairaudience. Occasionally I’ll hear people that aren’t there calling me while I’m wide awake, but usually my ability translates into spirits speaking via my thoughts, not my physical hearing. But I digress.

So I’m talking to Michael, telling him what I’d like him to do, and I hear this faint male voice to my right. At first I’m annoyed because I thought maybe I had left Teamspeak on and some of my friends I game with were still talking through my headphones. I know it’s a no-no, but I had to get up and check my computer to make sure the program was shut down, and sure enough it was.

So I tell Michael I’m feeling a little freaked out, and I hear the voice again, and a bright flash in the middle of my mirror. I say something, and again a response. Again, the voice is distant and I can’t make out what it’s saying, but it’s clearly male and clearly coming from my right side.

At this point I’ve lost all concentration because I’m a horrible magician and clearly need to work on my meditation and centering skills because I can’t stop wondering if this is really happening or if I’m losing my mind.

I give Michael the license to depart and go back on my computer to be doubly sure there is absolutely no audio playing whatsoever, no Youtube, no Teamspeak, nothing. There isn’t, and I haven’t heard the voice since I gave him leave to go.

I think a lot of older users here know me well enough to know I don’t tell outlandish stories, but frankly I don’t know what to think myself. Maybe it doesn’t even sound that outlandish, but now that it’s actually happened to me personally, and not some author in a book, I’m having a hard time believing it. I wasn’t even in full TGS, it was just a fairly light trance before I started hearing the voice, and nowhere near close enough to sleep for it to be a hypnagogic reaction. I always assumed I’d visibly see the spirit before I heard them, so this was completely unexpected and surreal, especially since the ritual was so, well, not elaborate. And there was no bright blinding light filling my room, no choir of angels, just a distant male voice.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I just wanted to say congrats to you. It’s one thing reading about it and quite something else when it happens to you.

It’s a good thing you recorded it (at least here) because you’re likely to be straining for a return to a sense of “normalcy” now… a lot of people find themselves taking a break (or they run off…) Your mind will do all it can to attain that sense of stability, including absurd rationalizations or throwing it off as “you just imagined it”…and it starts that quite quickly. Just be aware of what it is doing. From what you said I’m fairly sure what you said DID happen (and this is from someone who sees a lot of people he’d tell need to get themselves checked out).

Perhaps write down somewhere “this really DID happen” and keep in mind that your recordings are less likely to be faulty than your memories.

Thank you, that’s what I was feeling and couldn’t put into words…the desperately searching for that “sense of normalcy”. Just recently E.A. put out a video where he was saying he knew someone who finally had an evocation to visible appearance, and the guy was so freaked out, he quit. I didn’t get it, until tonight. I feel like I should be grateful (and I am!), but I also feel like I really want some answers, even if I already know what that answer is, and it doesn’t seem possible.

Getting validation from you certainly helps though, thank you. I can easily believe other people having experiences like that, but when it actually does happen in my life, it just feels unreal. Regardless, I’ll have to pick up my “book of shadows” and start recording again, as per your suggestion :). Maybe it will help me feel a bit more grounded.

What other explanations are you seeking, Man? You evoked the Great Michael, got a positive result and you are wasting time trying to reason what happened?
It would be so good for me to be in your shoes, even for just two hours, just from the moment you did the evocation.
All Magic cannot be raisone, or explained, understood with the rational mind really. It happens out of the realm of the real and physical.
I say evoke again and again. until you can actually understand what he is saying. You had a great result. That is what magic is all about, and that is the kind of results all of us hope for.
It was a success, Watch and see how the situation with your sister turns out. And continue working some more with Michael. You’ll learn a lot from him. And I say you’re a very lucky fellow!

I had that a LOT when I did the demonic Child conception and birth, and even after both, and they were freakin’ weird and both had physically visible phenomena and things I could actually feel happening, a little tiny bit of my mind was saying “Eh, c’mon Eva, that was a dream, maybe you dozed off, it can’t really have happened” - and stuff like that.

The mind and body both LOVE homeostasis, a return to some normal safe baseline, and any attempt to nudge them out of it meets some resistance.

So what’s happening is normal and healthy, and in my opinion you’re definitly not a horrible magician to have got up to rule out that the stuff wasn’t coming from your computer.

It’s like the thing of, if you’re itchy during some work, scratch, because resisting it distracts far more - in this case the idea would have distracted you more and more, and then if you hadn’t checked, by now your mind would have made a good case that there was nothing going on except normal chatter.

JMO but I can so see echoes here of the many times I’ve had to break through something to deal with my dog or whatever, and in the long term it doesn’t make any difference.

We set very high starndards for how “perfect” we have to be, which is good, but in reality this stuff’s powerful enough to not be broken by relatively minor distractions. That’s my opinion anyway, at this point, and I’m a perfectionist so it was very hard for me to let go of feeling like a total failure at the smallest slip from my plan.

Getting validation from you certainly helps though, thank you. I can easily believe other people having experiences like that, but when it actually does happen in my life, it just feels unreal. Regardless, I'll have to pick up my "book of shadows" and start recording again, as per your suggestion :). Maybe it will help me feel a bit more grounded.

When I read through my notes I’m always a bit caught out with images or observations I made at the time that I’ve not exactly forgotten, but kind of filed away seperately from “normal life”… anyway I find taking lots of notes helps, because the more text evidence you have of strange things, the more this becomes your new “normal”! :slight_smile:

Shit happens all of the time to me, dude, I am caught in almost inevitable cyclical episodes where I somehow lose faith in magick, despite all the visible results I’ve gotten. It isn’t that I lose motivation because something didn’t work as it should, it’s just a sudden, unexplained wave of despair that washes over me and makes me go “maybe I am wasting my time?” “Maybe I am just deluding myself and it is mere autosuggestion?”


Because I’ve had experiences that corroborate that there IS another dimension to reality and that I can manipulate it to my own accord. Little experiences, mind you, I don’t claim to be a hot shot here, but good enough experiences for me to realize that WHATEVER I AM SEEING IS AFFECTING THE EXTERNAL, VISIBLE WORLD.

Some examples include like invoking an entity and asking what type of incense should I use for their full evocation, feeling an answer that I write down, and then I check it on some book and it coincides! You know, small things.

But keeps happening. I’ve theorized that it does because I:

  1. Live over a volcanic vein that the locals have repurposed as a makeshift water pipe that fills with sea water a local swimming pool.

  2. Loads murders have happened around the place I live.

  3. I live in a fucking island in the Atlantic, one of the coldest and darkest oceans.

SO, my take on the matter is that I am disturbed by the depressing influence of the dark aspect of the water element (which rules emotions as you well know!), the bothersome presence of interloping spirits of dead people, the echoes of their untimely deaths and also the emision of desperate thoughts that stem from almost everybody on this side of the island (rampant unemployment and drug abuse).

Why am I tireying you with my boo-hoo:

All of this sometimes affects even my Tarot readings, because I do use inverted card meanings. Somehow I never have anything nice to say to my consultants. The outcomes are almost always composed of dire warnings and deprecating interpretations such as “you’re being immature and child-like, if you strived to change your current job then you’d prosper”, etc… I am actually recording the card outcomes.

Also recently, one of my readings went almost completely wrong to the point that the consultant told me it has absolutely nothing to do with her. I realized it was due to the angry presence of a spirit I am working with lately, and he was so pissed at me that he warped the outcome of the cards!
Some friends have told me that when they do their reading in asylums or other places of ill repute, their readings either turn for the darkest aspect or directly misfire.

I would dare say that your sudden emotional outburst didn’t blind your magickal effort, but might have either called the attention of other entities besides Michael, and made your effort go awry. A friend once told me that “Whenever I need to get someone offed I never work affected by emotion. I let it pass, I calm down, and generally set a a day next week where I will start working”.

I know that dark emotions are important when doing baneful magick, but that’s his method. He explains that anxiety gets in the way and that he is very psychosomatic, so he prefers to conduct a solemn act of ritualistic murder rather than transmit the desire into the doll or whatever he uses. My guess is that it is what happened to you.