Evocation of Suhgurim & Zahgurim

The 21st and 23rd Names of Marduk from the Simon Necronomicon.

Before I did either evocation I had a pretty bad opinion of the book, as some well known Magicians I know ridiculed it. That said, the results I got from working with those 2 entities were quite “out there”.

Let’s start with Zahgurim:

He is said to “slay slowly” after a most unnatural fashion.
The week after my evocation my target witnessed 3 deadly accidents. 2 from their car and one from a plane as they were landing. A day after the evocation I was at a graveyard and almost fell over into a grave as I turned around from a grave I’d been picking dirt from. When I got up half of my foot was stood on a fresh grave with the name of my target on it (except the person whose grave it was had just died at age 80 something)

I decided to leave it at that and made an offering to Zahgurim thanking him for this little demonstration.

Evocation of Suhgurim:

I evoked this entity to discover secret enemies of mine, no matter where they are.
The next day I check the news as every day, but I go to the online outlet of the magazine. I click on a video that discusses a metal festval that was taking place at that time. I watch the video, and suddenly a familiar face appears. It was an old co-worker who had totally changed her profession from sales to physiotherapy and was now working at the festival in another country. She was the most annoying co-worker I ever had years before that.

What is the chance, of finding that video with an old “enemy” in it, a day after doing the Suhgurim evocation to discover my enemies, and it being “coincidence”? Very clear signal from the spirit.

So later that day I watched an appearance of Clive Barker on a Talkshow as I’m very interested in horror author’s way of working. As the show begins, one of the audience members holds a severed head that looks precisely (and I got several opinions on this) as another seriously annoying brat who happened to be a member of an occult organization when I first met him.

Again, Suhgurim is said to “discover the enemies of the Priest with ease”.
Could it be that He pointed out these were two of my enemies? Most definitely, no doubt.

What is the chance, of seeing my enemies’ severed head, or a replica thereof, the day after my Suhgurim evocation?

I decided to give an offering to the spirit and leave it at that.

So: WTF, these entities to deliver some pretty exact and scary results, yet are ridiculed by most Magicians I personally know, including successful ones. I realize that EA seems to take them more seriously as he shares a sigil or two from the Simon Necronomicon in his books.

These things are definitely not only real, but quite powerfully charged. They seem to have an affinity for 80’s things, as the talkshow was filmed late 80’s I believe, and also the Metal festival video had an old Metallica song playing in the background.

What are your experiences?


Actually, The Spirits of Simon Necronomicon is very potent and effective. Years ago, i was a regular visitor of the Blog Page of the Order of Necronomicon and also studied postings by mentors of that tradition. My mentor was “warlockasylum”, he was student of “Edunpanna”, and “Edunpanna” was student of The Legendary “IAM” of Necronomicon Tradition. Interesting thing is that, it is during my working with Simon Nec, i had first came to know about E.A. Koetting. In that time Koetting was just thinking about BALG it was still in his mind, not in reality, E.A. Koetting mentioned his thought about starting BALG in the blog of Order of Necronomicon; in an interview of Koetting, hosted by the owner of that blog. And that’s how i had first came to know about Koetting. Later when this BALG blog and forum was first started, i was also invited to join in the BALG forum. All i can say is that all those ridicule and scariness about Simon Nec is just to kick away the unworthy one from it, you can say it is kind of a testing. In the Necronomicon Tradition it is said that, what in Free Mason Tradition one can expect to gain in 25 to 75 years; in Necronomicon System one gains almost more than that in one year ! Indeed it is pretty powerful system, and often time was forbidden in the Order to reveal the mysteries to complete beginners. Because, for working straight with this system for fluffy-bunny, eclectic type Magician; is like running a booster rocket engine in a bicycle. i think you got the idea, i think, that’s why all these props was placed there as a safety gourds.


how did you evoke the rim bros?

For the very effective evocations mentioned above I used a sleight of mind technique from Peter Carroll’s book Liber Kaos (page 92). This charged while in a very angry state for around 30 minutes.

Always works.

That said, you can also use what EA calls Theta/Gamma Sync relaxed meditation, though I prefer to use that for divination as stillness appears to attract, while action appears to repel.

The ultra deep theta/Gamma thing is also very useful for long term “binding” of reality. I use it for Saturnian work to bind the future according to how I want it.

Also used T/G during a Belial evocation in the past that produced quite huge results that were nothing short of catastrophic for those He targeted.

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so you:
: create a sigil of the entity and a sigil/mantra of your command to it;
: recite or visualize an extended modalization of the entity following command;
: gaze the sigil while in deep trance to charge it;
: impose your sigil/mantra upon the entity, and
: release it.


[quote=“the magician, post:5, topic:6832”]so you:
: create a sigil of the entity and a sigil/mantra of your command to it;
: recite or visualize an extended modalization of the entity following command;
: gaze the sigil while in deep trance to charge it;
: impose your sigil/mantra upon the entity, and
: release it.


As I said I recommend Liber Kaos if you want to look into sleight of mind in evocation. It is a mere 1 1/2 pages . The book totals 218 pages and is a must have for anybody serious.

For instance, I would implant the entity in my subconscious for some time before doing the actual evocation. It is what EA refers to as “subjective immersion” in his evocation course. For this I usually take at least a week.

Generally speaking you would probably get results with your sigil magic method. Though to enhance your ritual I recommend not just gazing at the sigil while in deep trance, but visualizing it without any physical aid.

Basically the difference in your way of doing it and the sleight of mind evocation described in Liber Kaos is that you are charging the entity while passing by it on the astral plane. Whereas with subjective immersion it is more like you have an actual prolongued “sit down” with the entity until you’re attuned. It’s the difference of going to have sex with a hooker for 30 minutes to an hour, or having a romance that lasts for, say a month. The results of the Romance are typically better, except that the hooker wont bother you anymore, whereas the romance might if they miss you. So expect certain entities (usually the vampiric or less powerful ones) to return if you spent a long time with them, because they enjoy your energy. That is thankfully not something I noticed with Suhgurim & Zahgurim, but some report that even the Simon Necronomicon entities do stick around to drain energy, especially if one keeps their sigil around.

The more you put in the more you get out

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@ascendeddescender hey i was wondering…did Zahgurim come through for you against this particular target? if so, how long did it take him. Im curious because im thinking of using him myself but i dont know much about the entity

Hi Jyoti,

You are right when teaching one to juggle its best not to start them out with chainsaws. It just ends up being really disappointing. After all if they fail have you not also failed with them? Now if we pour our power into things that fail does the power return to us or do we just lose it? Perhaps it is better to plant seeds in fertile ground or minds if you will. Knowledge is best given out a teaspoon at a time. It is easy to drown a bonsai tree. If properly cared for it can live much longer than most humans however. Ordinarily I would not comment but it seems you evoked me. So apparently I am supposed to then aren’t I? If Warlockasylum took you under his wing you must be that fertile ground in which a magus looks to plant seed. Certainly warlock knew this before he ever met you. Funny I was just thinking I should catch up on his music yesterday and I stumbled upon your post today. Well I guess it’s still yesterday for me since I have not slept in close to 24 hours. They say do not judge a book by its cover. I beg to differ. Now Simon a fellow who Warlock and I know the real name of but perhaps its better left unsaid as he enjoys his privacy and does not want to take the serious minded away from his other masterpieces of occult work. Anyways Simon was a member of the OTO. Lets look at the cover. The five pointed star is just the symbol of man. Of course we should note it is pointed upwards such as a living man. if it were upside down it would be the hanged man. Or a man on the left hand path. I suppose some would beg to differ since the symbol has been used so much in various places. We should note that it is definitive that in the Necronomicon the Agga or five pointed star is meant to symbolize man or mankind. Woman and ladykind as well or the human race or whatever is what I mean. Now what is the Agga. One day when researching the sigils used to call the Archangel Michael I almost fell out of my chair when I realized one such symbol was exactly the Agga upside down. I got rather tweaked out and started heavily researching the symbol of the Bandar. I was not hugely surprised when i found out the symbol is actually used to summon a type of fiery angel used to guard hell. At this point I had already had some phantasmal experiences with the bandar. I began to dissect the Necronomicon as if it were the Book of Abramelin The Mage. Now if it was written to honor Aleister Crowley then certainly it was not written in a straightforward manner. Let’s stop to count all of the OTO authors who speak in a straightforward manner and shroud nothing in mystery. I’m stuck on zero help me out if you know one. Of course the forward says the book never would have come into existence without the help of the OTO. Hmmmmm. I could write you a book about just how shrouded the Necronomicon is. It is just one tool in the arsenal of the Ceremonial Magician however it is completely laughable how many SERIOUS ceremonial magicians dismiss it as a work of fiction. You know since the damned thing was actually written by serious ceremonial magicians and whatnot. So I go ha ha ha that Serious ceremonial magician is not well read. How does one become a serious occultist and not be well read I wonder? Does that not defeat the whole damned purpose of the magus to begin with. Now its true Jyoti that walking the gates will shatter you into a zillion pieces and reform you into something that will look like you but not really be you. I hope it is something that is better. I hope it is something that helps the world and makes it better. Is not the book written on the pretense of saving this planet to begin with? More often than not the book tends to attract so called dark souls on that trendy goth left hand path of non-conformity or something. If you have used the book for some time and people are dropping dead like flies around you then you are doing it wrong. First off people tend to just dive into it flip around and say I think I will try this or that. It is rare that someone actually reads the damned instructions and treats it as a system of magick. Now I do not have anything against Chaos magicians and certainly I might have used such techniques for the sake of not getting bored myself. Try to remember though that if it was written by ceremonial magicians and it has a ton of instructions then maybe those instructions are important if you really wanna unlock your potential and not just destroy the world around you. It is true that so many people have had such great results with the book that a matrix of power has built up around the ritual because of the intense faith and belief of those who have previously performed the ritual. This means that the biggest noob can grab the best weapon on the battlefield and lord only knows what will happen. That is certainly every gamers worst nightmare. So we end up in a situation where the script kiddies have tried lots of other stuff and it did not work. Then they get the Necronomicon and it goes off like a loaded gun. They get excited and start shooting it around just to see what they can do with it. In the process they add to that cloud of matrix power called faith that makes it possible for the next script kiddie to do the same. What are we accomplishing really though? Is the book not very specific about exactly what it is supposed to be used for? Does a SERIOUS ceremonial magician pick up the Goetia and say you know what I think I will just ad lib this, to hell with all those pesky symbols to control the demons and whatnot. If so please arrange for me to watch and I wanna make a few flavors of popcorn first. It is exciting to get results and understandable to want more. I seriously encourage everyone to treat each manuscript as a solo system of magick. Now if you honestly know each form backwards and forwards right-side left and inside out, then sure go ahead and experiment and see what happens. I actually had some incredible experiences fiddling around with the Necronomicon once I had a vast understanding of it. Unfortunately not before I had shot my toe off and said who-ah maybe I should try the instructions though. The real danger is thinking that you know everything. A closed mind is clinically dead. Once the mind decides something is true anything to the contrary is automatically rejected, even the actual truth itself unfortunately. What we are really trying to accomplish is altering our minds to a state in which we may control reality around us. As the Necronomicon says Magick is in remembrance. Often the 50 names are viewed as demons. That’s great if it keeps the pansy’s away. Actually they are way more dangerous than demons. In that they are actually angels wearing the masks of demons. Its actually just as dangerous as Enochian Magick. Even the Golden Dawn thought Enochian Magick was so dangerous that they pretended not to practice it to discourage others from doing so. In that tradition I may have pretended to not practice it myself. Occasionally someone might laugh at me and say they knew damned well I was lying. Its funny people hear the word angel and they say oh shit maybe that’s dangerous and run. Yet they dive right into the Necronomicon and it does not have half the restraints or protections that ceremonial systems have. With the Necronomicon for protection you need a big set of balls. Or ovaries whatever the case may be. Keep in mind that the instructions say a period of purification is necessary. So if you just dive in with greasy hair and a dark heart what do you expect will happen? Take all works of magick seriously and you will transform into a more powerful and enlightened being. I suggest an open mind and a pure heart. Even so things are going to happen that will be beyond your control. You have to be prepared to say OMFG did I do that? Just because you blow the lab up once or twice does not mean you should stop fiddling with chemistry though. Treat each ritual as an experiment. What did you do? What happened? What can be refined to get the result you want next time? I suggest music to help unlock the mind. Especially when you sleep. Go here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHBpP_jnLSF74h9pReSjvj0Qg59eBkVg6 hit the shuffle play button. Then hit the loop music button. Now sleep. The more you unlock your mind the easier magick will become. Whoever you are in the world let it not be who you are when you practice magick. When the identity you built to do magick erases the person you were before you started. When you have to invent a persona for your daily interactions you will be well on your way. Every cell in your body must be destroyed and replaced until whatever you are just looks sorta like who you were before. Now rinse and repeat that process 1000 times. Its like forging a sword.


Yes, I avoided becoming a Mason myself not because I thought they withhold something ( :slight_smile: although at the time I thought they had some spiritual secrets :slight_smile: ) but because I felt it a bit old-fashioned and traditional. I myself worked through rituals on my own and got the hang of it pretty quick: 3-4 years and it might have been sooner if not for my anger at the time. Much to be said for self work–I did a lot of Necronomicon work–and also the “open” sources of information like the New Age Thought movement, the Secret and Neville Goddard et al. All these guys really help nail the essential idea quickly although I still think you need to be able to accept it: some perspectives cannot at times.

Wow that book is fucking amazing i heard great stories!