Thanking Baal and Bune

I would like to thank Baal and Bune for helping me with money. Three days ago I summoned Baal and Bune to assist me in making $230. Today I logged into my bank account and right there is $240. No idea where the money came from as it mysteriously just appeared there. Bless the gods!


Hail Baal Hail Bune :metal::grin::point_up_2:


Bune has provided me with great financial opportunities Hail Bune Great Duchess


Bael , I am not correcting your grammar, but is that who you mean, the spirit of invisibility? Why that spirit for money, just asking because I like looking at new perspectives and spirits.

A very similar thing happened to me working with Bune

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I would need help on this my bank account is getting ruined by laon getting increase interest and I get no job right now, could anybody help?

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Ask Duchess Bune for help.

Why Baal for money?

Bael is another name for Baal, or another spelling. Anyway I also wonder why him for money?

Baal was a god of prosperity and fertility before he was demonised. So money is part of his office.


Correct, thank you, did not make that connection, apparently also he has the most power in October. Time for some prosperity rituals! :slight_smile: