Is Really "Nothing is Impossible"?

Is It Really???
What’s the Limit of Magick
I mean let a person L is ready to pay any price and by anything i mean anything in return if that specific spirit make his/her Dream come true…
Could Demons do anything :smiling_imp:

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Nothing is impossible within the available possibilities, even the ones that seems impossible, those are the ones we work with in magick. But if you depend on a spirit to do what you want, then you need to know if the powers of that spirit are not limited, or at least it’s possible for that spirit to do what you’re asking for.

For example, I had a crush on a sexy model and actress. It was impossible to have a relationship with her. For one, way out of my sphere of availability, if that makes sense. But most important because she was dead.

I decided to challenge that and I performed a ritual anyway. You’ll find it in the satanic bible if you’re interested.

Few weeks later, I met a girl that looked exactly - an exact copy/twin - of that model “by coincidence” online. I couldn’t believe my own eyes until we had live chat, I thought she used a fake profile picture or something but it wasn’t, and she lived on the opposite side of the planet, I traveled to her and we had wonderful relationship for a year.

Energy takes the path of least resistance, and always find a way. Keep an open mind :slight_smile:


Overall if I ask the Demon for a task that is Possible but out of my reach due to some factors…
And i’m ready to do anything for the Demon in Return
Will it come True???

Yes it may come true. What you give in return is not what determines the success. That’s an optional gift, not a payment for service. Many magicians work with demons without offerings at all and get what they want.

Do Hollywood or Rich People had any connection with all that???

Not necessarily. Maybe few practice magick and witchcraft. But it’s not the reason why they’re all rich or celebrity. Those ideas are from Christians - and similar religious extremists - who promote success and wealth as “Evil” or from the devil.

You don’t have to “sell your soul to Satan” or work with Demons to become wealthy or successful or a celebrity in life.


Brother I would like to share this So…An Entity is tellin me that it could make me Rich
Should I trust ???

If an entity is telling you that, then listen but don’t trust just because it says so. It could be a trickster spirit or some other kind playing around. If you know that entity from previous work then I believe you can trust it. Otherwise, listen to it and take it one step at a time.

The entity says it could make you rich. So far so good. What does it want in return? Does it accept that you’ll give that offering after it delivers or it wants all in advance ? Think of it the same way you would do with a stranger human offering to do something for you.

No need to assume its lying but you shouldn’t blindly trust it. Hope it’s truthful and will help you become rich. Spirits can do that, not a problem for them it all.


The reason why I trust that Entity is that the way It taught me the way to become Rich is Completely Geniune
And In Return It asked me to Just worship It for My Whole Life…

And We both know the Plan and this isn’t the Case that the Entity is not tellin me the Plan to be executed to become Rich and just fantasizing the Money Thoughts in My Mind and sayin me “Hey,Worship Me for whole of your Life and Billion Dollars will be in Your Wardrobe Next Morning”
Our Case is like that I want to Bash one of the Bully in my School and I could Bash that Kid but I don’t have that much Power or Energy that Entity possess and That Entity is lot more stronger and would help me like a Big Brother to Beat That Bully…

Sounds good enough. Personally I have no problem worshiping for something that deserves that kind of commitment. It’s just another way of giving thanks and honoring the spirit.

If I were you I would be ok with it but only after getting rich. I’m not going to worship all my life for a plan. When I’m “there” I would give back.

Unless your deal with the entity was to bring you the plan or the idea of how you could do it, and you would take care of the rest.

But I’m little bit uneasy about that…???


It’s totally up to you, take your time to think about it from all angles until you decide. If you still not comfortable with it, then don’t take that deal. You’ll get a lot more chances and much better opportunities.

Whenever someone talks about the limitations of Magick, I always harken back to the final chapter in EAs evocation course where he talks about the devils stone technique, where his old Master (raj) was able to materialize fresh fruit in the sand out of nowhere. It is essentially the final skill one can master under evocation. If what EA said about this is true (and for the moment, I have no reason to doubt him) it begs the question: if it is possible, with enough skill and practice, to materialize an object in front of you into existence, is there anything that Magick cannot do? This is why it kinda kills me inside when I see guys refuse to even cast Magick on a girl that is “out of their league” out of fear of failure. Uhmm…pretty sure if Magick is capable of materializing objects out of nowhere, it should have no trouble arranging your measly fling


Yes, this is very much possible. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. Was much younger back then. Didn’t question the person on what or how.


What you’ve seen Brother

One example: EA’s newsletter article about the 4 demonic gatekeepers. I get that it is about a serious work, a change of life, but still it mentions getting a lot of power. Now, maybe sci-fi things would not be possible, but world’s limitations shouldn’t be so stiff either :slight_smile:

I’m not askin for an out of world favor just which has been already made possible in this world

Can I pm you about this?

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