A supportive post for skeptics

Dear friends, I wish to retell my evocation/invocation experienes as of these last weeks so whenever you start losing hope and think evocation does not work, or that it is all just a very advanced form of self-delusion to somehow boost your morale:

What happened recently? I roughed up the wrong person. A wannabe gangster threatened a family member and I lost my patience. Please mind that I am a big guy with temper issues, and that I recently discovered I can bend machine parts with my hands.

Well, I was afraid that this guy would not wake up. It is not uncommon for some people to form a blood clot in their brains after a severe traumatism. The last thing that I wanted was to end in prison and leave my family exposed to retaliation from his friends.

So I summoned Marbas and Valefor, spirits who came to me as of recent (along with others) JUST when I had complained that most of my summonings would turn hostile. Marbas to heal this man, Valefor to turn his mind the other way around (considering that Duke Valefor garners the friendship of rogue and criminal types).

Two days after I gave this guy a beating, I see him walking down the street, unbruised, and in a visibly good condition. He saw me along with some of his friends, greeted me like nothing ever happened, and went on his way.

Maybe I have not insisted enough on describing the damage I did, but take note that my fists swelled up, hurt, twitched, and then went into “grasping” convulsions the rest of the night. My hands would simply open and close by themselves during the night! The other thing I want you to consider is that I came up to this person and began hitting him with such “intensity” that his friends did not dare intervene despite their advantage. They simply froze in place, and let me do.

… and there he is, 2 days later, jumping, hooting and being an ass just as if he never got brutalized in the first place. As far as I know he has no twin brothers, before you ask :slight_smile:

Now, some additional and random situations that show you evocation/invocation works:

  1. When I was to offer Marbas incense I realized there was nowhere I could find, in time, the appropriate one. I asked if anything else would do and I mentioned Lavender incense. Happens that Lavender is appropriate for his mercurial nature too, but what was more shocking, was that I actually had a packet of it in a bundle I got in a shop, but I was convinced otherwise.

Simply put, Marbas knew what incense I had at hand without me knowing.

  1. On the process of having his and other spirits’ seals engraved I run into a place that engraves smallish medallions by laser. I thought it would be appropriate even if I was not keen on the sizes offered, out of a sense for discretion.

Well, once I returned to pick them up, the spirits said that the owner actually has bigger sizes than the ones found in his stock. I asked the man, he denied this and reaffirmed himself on doing only medallions the size of a dog tag.

As I was leaving I felt a pressure build on my chest that seemed to increase the more I moved in a determined direction. I found palm-sized metallic disks hidden behind a display. I asked the store owner about them, he confessed he had actually forgotten completely about the disks, and agreed to have them engraved for me in the future.

All in all we could say it was a mere coincidence. What makes me refuse that is the fact that there were exactly 5 disks, which are just the number I had in mind for future uses.

  1. During an operation to influence a person whose house is visible from my balcony, I realized that the smoke of the incense was consistently moving against wind direction. I could see the direction by the bending branches in a nearby park, and the incense began trailing into the house of this person across said park.

For a moment I thought I was seeing things out of being tired, but just as then, I saw this person leave his home and walk down the street. Just then the incense smoke began jutting upwards as regularly.

That is all friends! I hope this helps you recover your determination for success!


Thanks, great inspiration. We need more testimonials like this.

You are welcome. I had entered the phase where one begins doubting his own sanity, but the results are veritable. But I left the most important part out:

While I was at work, family members reported that they felt observed after I had been doing the workings (and I had not given any hints of it, I keep it a secret. Besides that feeling, one member said that felt a solid presence in the room, and when she turned around, saw a vague shadow of silvery color.

She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, but the more she kept looking at it, the more solid it became to the point that it began hiding behind a column, and peeking out every once in a while.

If third parties can report visuals when they are not overly involved in the occult, or involved at all, well, something must be out there, right? :slight_smile:

Well, I never have seen anything :frowning:
However, I felt Haniel when evoked long time ago (so lovely, peaceful, calming energy…), Lucifer - for me he was pleasant. Few times I got effects (from none to quite good, not always finished). However, never got any visual occurences. The strongest energy I had was with Lucifer, during the 9-day ritual working.

But feeling the energy and paranormal activity, it’s good sign, as wee see :slight_smile:

Some people have asked me privately what I do to achieve contact so I am going to write it here for them. It is quite basic, and it is the kind of usual method you would find in any book (and borrows strongly from E.A. Koetting’s methods).

Before I do that I must warn you that I had a lot of previous failures and the unusual occurrence that whatever I summoned/invoked was invariably hostile against me (with very few exceptions). And that after complaining on this forum and receiving wonderful support from you guys, up to 7 or 8 Goetic spirits appeared in dreams stating their wish to work with me, so these are the ones I am currently in good terms and are able to work efficiently with.

As for my method: It is mostly invocation because full blown evocation is not currently possible (little space, risk of “leaks”, risk of being surrounded by idiots, etc…).

WARNING: As for now I have not have visual manifestation for myself or during the ritual. They have become visible to others by flashing momentarily into the “real” world but not in such shapes that anyone could point them out and go “oh yeah, that’s (name), I can totally see it”. Just vague forms, and sometimes, scary apparitions.

The visual aspect of the manifestation sometimes occurs internally, as if “someone” forced you to imagine things. You will understand what I mean the more you practice. For me it happens as if in that precise moment I have chosen I have nothing else better to focus on, and begin daydreaming with intensity.

This is the step-by-step method I use. It takes its time.

  1. Choose an entity of your liking and study it. Find as many reports and instructions regarding them and permeate yourself into the “lore” about them. Why? Because nurturing a degree of obsession for the spirit will garner their attention thanks to the constant emission of thoughts (and energy!) directed towards them.

Take your time and don’t rush things like I used to do.

  1. Acquire seal of that spirit. A simple printed version will do, nothing too fancy here, but some practitioners prefer to draw it by hand to feel connected. I don’t because my drawing skills are kinda awful but I recognize the effectiveness of the method.

  2. Find yourself a moment where you can be alone and at peace, and with the seal in hands, gaze at it relaxedly. Breathe in and out slowly while stalling your thoughts.

Just gaze and breathe until you feel you are in a sort of trance (theta-gamma synch). Don’t rush, you will know when you’re there, and will probably notice that the seal is changing before your eyes. Koetting calls this “opening the seal”.

  1. Once you are seeing this happening you should be able to word out what you want that spirit to accomplish. It is thoroughly suggested that prior to this point you write down in simple words (but precise) what would you like to happen, because you might be too lost in the trance to remember.

  2. Offer to repay that spirit with candles, prayer, incense and/or praise of his name (engraving it on something or talking good in their name).

  3. Thank them for their attention and wear with you the sigil (if possible). You might feel their presence about you and feel bothered (I know I did), but worry not, they are trying to help. But if this becomes bothersome to you, you should be able to do a banishing and proclaim out loud that you want them to still work for you but not that close.

Now, on a few notes you might find helpful:

  • At least with Goetic spirits, I find it quite helpful to adress them by their title at first until I have established a relation. You know, calling them Duke Valefor, or President Marbas can tip the scales in your favor.

  • Though this ritual seems one-sided and without actual summoning, it has worked for me well, and should work for you too. I am by no means “special”, the power to do this pertains to anything with a mind and a will strong enough to do it. And most important: it is a skill, one that you learn, experiment with and master eventually.

  • Do not feel bad if something doesn’t work out the first time. Some spirits really don’t like people even when they offer some obvious benefits.

Would you help someone who offers you a case full of money if they were rude or just plain disgusting? Unexplained bouts of antipathy are a natural thing even among our species. How many times you have simply wanted to punch someone in their stupid face because, in some way you cannot word out, they rub you the wrong way? I guess it happens the same to spirits.

Also, please take note, some spirits have a quite understandable high opinion of themselves and cannot be arsed with anything. Imagine that some kid was able to yank you out of your bedroom at any moment, any time, and demand you help him with his macaroni picture just because you are a grown up. Yeah, I’d drown that kid in the tub myself!

  • If a spirit refuses to work with you or does not appear, do not fret or think less of yourself. Maybe they are busy with something, maybe they are being mean on purpose. Just banish thoroughly and find another spirit or another mean of influencing reality.

I say this because it can lead to obsession, and the more you think about a spirit, the more you strengthen it.

  • Learn to distance yourself even with the spirits you find pleasant or helpful. I say so because you WILL find their presence as something great, like being in the vicinity of a friend or a lover. They sometimes feed off you, or influence you in their own way for any reason, and this will hamper your daily life.

Banish, bid them to retreat and do their work, promise that you will keep in contact but they need to leave you alone, etc…

  • Some people have asked me how did I manage to summon (actually invoke) Marbas because he is a dangerous spirit. Well, I don’t know, but he came to me first during a dream.

That is why I suggest you find a spirit which is keen to work with you. I will describe how and what I did prior to the contact:

I was really angry and desperate seeing my little success in evocation, and found a website about Goetic spirits and the like. I read, out of boredom, a list of them and clicked on whichever names I found interesting. I did this for some hours of spare time, then indulged in some other activity (watched a movie), went to sleep.

Well, moments prior to sleep I had the names of some spirits “caught in my throat”. I had the sudden, severe necessity of saying them out loud or at least repeat them in my head. I did not do that though out of caution. Instead I wrote them down and slept. A dream followed up where they made themselves present.

The dream though was interactive. I was not a mere spectator and I could launch questions back and forth as they spoke. Some of them kept either behind me, to my sides, or always out of full sight.

After waking up I thought that it might have been simple obsession manifesting through my dreams, but then, in the following nights, I had more dreams in the same general theme. Heck, on one I dreamt I was walking around camping grounds, and I was happy because (in the dream of course!) E.A. Koetting was selling smallish pewter statuettes of demons and spirits. In the dream I had four, the exact number AT THEN of the spirits interested in contacting me.

The rest though, is story.


Nice to read 333, but what you call “invocation” is nothing more than EA describes as sigil magic. If it works for you, fine, but maybe you should go for the full blown evocation method with mirror / incense / triangle etc.

Did you tried this?

your simple method is really just a hypnotic trance using a symbol to focus on.

if you breathe evenly while you gaze the sigil, and keep your hands and eyes still, you get theta/gamma sync faster.

for your deepener, you can use direct commands telling yourself that you see the spirit in front of you and you can keep alternating those with 'come until your mind starts to blank out or you slur your words. at that point you are in the rapture. deep and hyper trance give you auditory and visual hallucinations in hypnotism so it is very possible for you to see a spirit with no smoke at all. also, you begin to nod off to short daydreams when you are in deep trances and it is very possible to see or conjure them from there even without resin smoke.

the key is to understand how to deepen your trance enough to get impressions.

Well of course is it simple sigil magick and hypnosis thrown together! I never claimed it was an evocation! And yes, I have practiced evocation all together, and yielded very poor results in terms of goals, but not in terms of presence and/or apparitions.

What is important is that it yielded results, but these happened between entities who had visit me prior to any working, but that doesn’t just cancel the chance to do it with any spirit, right?

The reason I call it invocation is because I mantain conversation with such entities to the point they either tell me then, or later in dreams, if a person has evoked hem or not. Gremory appeared to me in dreams asking about a friend who might need her help. She was interested in helping, but my friend never got to do it.
She replied by appearing and showing herself with black eyes, and lecturing me with no words about how I was wasting her time.

But even with this simple method I managed to see the following independent manifestations:

  1. Some time ago someone tried to break into my house. I was awakened not by the noise coming from the balcony (as the thieves were creeping, not trying to open the door or anything), but by a rapid knocking on my wardrobe and the sudden, very solid feeling that there is someone else with mein the room.

I turned around angry because spirits tend to bother me a lot on a daily basis, and I saw a midget-like figure with a very big head. Imagine a fast-forward video played at top speed. In such manner the figure began to twitch, cavort and point at the balcony laughing.

I was very angry at first and thought of retaliatng with banishing and else, but just then I felt a stream of thoughts being pumped into my mind. And when I turned around, I saw the silhouettes of the two thieves.

All ende well, no point in going over that, but that all happened after I had used that same method I described earlier, but with no sigil in mind. I just wished and begged for a friendly spirit.

  1. After making offerings and meditating into the seal of some spirits it seems I had left one out. I was sitting on my bed, busy with my laptop, when I thought I caught a glimpse of a figure passing by the door of my balcony.

After having a break in, you can understand I was startled and went to get my gun. Then realized it was just my reflection. But then, the same thing kept happening over and over.

In the end I judged that must be my tired eyes playing tricks on me, and that surely it is my reflection (caught on a glass door we have there). But then…

When I decided to call it a night, I stand up, and realize that from my position, I cast no reflection at all because I am NOT in front of the balcony glass door.

Then as I look up I see the face of Gammori staring back at me, with black eyes, and passing quickly just like one watches passing traffic. I hope it was Gammori though.

I don’t know how you do it that you have so big spiritual activity at your house, and you see it. I never god things like that.

The activity might stem (passively) from underground water. It runs into the sea and was once a volcanic vein. Also the presence of death due to violence.

Actively though? No idea. Might be from my extensive hexing work that I cause a negative energy build up that attracts spirits.