Words of Praise for Bune and Paimon

I was on a job hunt since last 7 months. I was terminated from my previous job and it was an ordeal to find a new one as no one wanted to hire a terminated employee.

For few weeks I’d been doing an evocation for Bune and Paimon to ask help for a job. Today I got a call from an employer who a month ago had rejected me. They offered a second shot for the interview. Upon reaching there, their HR head was super excited to see me. He asked me not to show the termination and more so he dusted that topic completely. This is where it got interesting; Chris the guy who rejected me last time was super friendly with me today and after a casual off the topic 5 minutes conversation said “He really wants me on board ASAP”. This company has offered me double the salary I had from my previous employer (which is in line with my money rituals I did evoking Bune).

Even though I’m a novice and can’t hear or see the spirits evoked; Magic is all around me. This small event makes me a stubborn believer that this stuff DOES WORK.


Hail Great King Paimon! He’s the best for these type of issues.


Wise words - this doesn’t need to be about the impressive displays, it’s about RESULTS!

Nice work mate, and I wish you every success with this!


Very well done, and good choices. Paimon is a joy to work with if you know how to talk to him.

He is known to be ace, ace of kings. But how would you talk to him, and how would you not to talk him ?

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He is known to be ace, ace of kings. But how would you talk to him, and how would you not to talk him ?[/quote]

In the same way Angela Merkel talks to Obama. Being aware of her own power but knowing that she’s talking to a very much bigger power.

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He is known to be ace, ace of kings. But how would you talk to him, and how would you not to talk him ?[/quote]

In the same way Angela Merkel talks to Obama. Being aware of her own power but knowing that she’s talking to a very much bigger power.[/quote]

Exactly. Any time you work with one of the nine (ten in some beliefs) demonic kings it is important to be respectful. At the same time, you cannot be subservient. Look toward talking to Paimon as the leader of a major nation talks to another leader of a major nation (respectfully, without demanding, but without submitting). Also, don’t expect him to answer all of your questions unless you are willing to answer questions he has for you - often quite probing and on subjects you may not normally discuss openly. Approach the conversation with an open mind and you’ll do well.



It’s been a while I haven’t connected with you all and the forum. How’s it going?

I write this as follow up of my amazing journey of ascent.

Let me begin by thanking Eric, Lady Eva, The Fool, Anima Noira and Amicus Christs. They all held me tight and encouraged me to be a confident magician. Even though on my path of ascent I might not be as strong as anyone or as high as these people but metaphorically speaking in the last 7 months I’ve risen from the ground now.

To this, I tell you my humbling and amazing experience of working with Bune. As you can see in the thread below how Bune and Paimon got me into a job. At the that time I was shredded down to threads. Was in a debt if over $25,000 and no source of income.

It’s been magical! Bune who got me in this job never left me. I have been working for a little over 12 years now but never had a better working experience. It’s a sales job where I have to sell civil engineering software. Since the beginning it was just overwhelming waves of surpriss for me. My boss loves me. My colleagues look up to me and I am now doing very well in the mundane aspects of life and family responsibilities.

Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t getting any over the top superstar treatment. There is no red carpet for me at home or people in line to get my autograph at office. But Bune has made sure I get everything I had asked for. I have never missed a target in these 7 months. Since my first month I started making sales which had never happened in the history of this company. Yes I have to work hard for it. I do put my all into it but everytime I do anything Bune sees me through the end of it till my success.

7 months in this and I know now that magic as a word is both underestimated and over calculated. Magic is real and that’s the bottom line where we occultists begin our journey. But it ain’t something which make you another high tea story of rags to riches. It will take the 3 most important things from you : Dedication, Perseverance and Patience.

I see so many live examples of Bune and spritis helping me in my day to day life. But I have not reached the level of awakening where I can see these spirits myself. Now I can communicate much eloquently than I had ever did. Financially I’ve never been better and daily magic practices like meditation has got a new level of calmness.

I thank Bune and the powers of magic for my elevated self.



That’s SO awesome, I was wondering how things were going for you - thanks for the update, and may all your works flourish! :slight_smile:

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YES! That’s the right attitude, both of these things are required: Magick and the Spirits are potent to aid you, AND you have to Work for it!

Awesome to hear, keep it up.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

Also, do you remember you’d once spoken about owning a property for magicians to collect at least once an year? I’d loved it then and l am still keeping the concept very much in my wish list.

Hope one day we can work closely to have it finalised.

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Hey I read this whole thread. … And it feels good when I see my Indian brothers having success! Yes… Lady Eva is one of the most helpful persons i have ever came across…btw I think we are from same state lol :stuck_out_tongue: I have seen you , I think

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Hail Bune!

Congratulations! I also adore Bune. I regularly offer him honey and Rum. He has never failed me and I am modest in my requests to him.I sometimes just enjoy his energy and pleasing him with offerings and time.

He helped me find my new house and told me the description of it. He offered me advice about people I was unsure of and of course he was right. I have enjoyed a raise in income and even finding money and increases in sales.


Congratulations, I hope the job is going well! While I haven’t attempted any work with King Paimon, I did, evidently, successfully make contact with Duke Bune back in July. I say “evidently” because although I have never heard nor seen a presence, the evidence is in the outcomes. I was a financial mess by July, and here I am 8 months later in a completely different career field with all of my needs met. And you know, the rewards go beyond money. There’s a whole other sense of security that comes with it, just knowing that there is a way to reach out into the unknown and find help there. It improves every aspect of life!
Best Wishes,


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