Goetic heartagram in progress - To recover the love of the woman I love

Hello! I think this thread to follow the ritual of Heartagrama that started yesterday at 3:43 AM. Although I have already noted it in my shadow book, it will be good as an experience for others and I would also like to receive input and ideas from people who are experienced in love spells with success.

As I said in my presentation in the forum, I have already done some evocations with the goetia, nap … etc.
And in regard to destruction and attack, I am more than satisfied, effects that have been seen in a matter of weeks (Working with the goetia and with Glasya-Labolas, Gloria to him by the way!).
It was amazing to see how well-positioned people could not escape from this, and my enemies all fell.

But on the subject of love, for whatever reason, I have not managed to obtain the same success. I do not know, maybe something escapes me and is doing badly. In that case, if someone can contribute something, I will be very grateful.

I have titled it “goetic heartagram” because before executing the steps put by the user who delivered the heartagram in the forum, I added the goatic evocation of 3 demons that should be able to help in this area (same as Glasya-Labolas it was enough to destroy all my enemies).
The 3 demons are: Sitri, Sallos and Dantalion. (Also included Anael’s name)

Also, in the objective photo, I added handwritten stamps of Sitri and Sallos and my name.

The ritual began at 3:43 AM and concluded at 5:00 AM, summarizing the steps were:

01.-Initial relaxation. Using the NAP method
02.-The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
03.-Ritual of the pillar of the medium
04.-Ritual of the defensive armor (NAP)
05.-Goetic Evocation (Reciting 3 times by demon the invocation and the welcome to the spirit before requesting its help in this subject)
06.-Execution of the HeartaGrama Ritual
07.-Farewell to the Goetic demons, reciting 3 times by demon)
08.-The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

At the time of publishing this, the candle still burns on the heartagram.

Well, at the moment that’s it, I’ll go by and comment if there’s more progress or apply something else


22/05/2019 - Well, I’m going to put the first update, 8 days ago from the rital of the heartgram

I have to say that for the moment … It’s being disappointing. Not only has not there been any kind of improvement in the relationship, but every day you notice everything colder.

Of course, a well executed ritual, in which I even involve goetia demons like Sallos, Dantalion and Sitri, in which I also include the angel of love anael … More the Heartgram … etc. And the result is so poor.

In short, I will continue updating later, I will investigate other formulas and if any I observe a remarkable effectiveness, I will put it and inform here.

Also to say that reviewing the forum, the biggest and biggest successes of Sallos, Sitri, Dantalion, Pomba Gira … etc, are of women practitioners, it has been difficult to find a success story of a man. I wonder: Are we more connected to men with the energies of destruction and women more with the energies of love?

Because for issues of destruction, 0 problems, results in a matter of weeks the vast majority of the time. But when it comes to themes of love, it seems as if after an exhausting ritual, you do nothing

Sorry for my horrible English, I’m Spanish xD

Naw, I don’t really buy that. You might want to check through here, under the Love and Lust Magick headline. Most of the success stories there are from men, and they’re pretty damn good. I just think you are being too impatient, and probably mulling over the results way too much


Thanks for the link, I will review it thoroughly these days! And I promise to update with the next thing I’m doing, something with pins is coming xD


Well, total failure at the moment. In addition to the hexagram (which I have not seen positive results in my case) I added a couple of other things, which have not worked either.

Among the things I added, is the jar of honey with goetia stamps and powders “come to me”, that was the 23rd and I did not see any positive results. So, I will continue to wait and review other formulas to see if I connect better with them.

It is clear that to destroy is something that I have no problem and demons of the goetia like Glasya-Labolas or Raum I must “fall well”, because the result is manifested in 2 weeks or less.

But this topic, I have not found an entity / god / demon with which to connect and listen to me.

Seguire reviewing the thread of success but for now, neither sallos, nor sitri, nor dantalion, nor satanachias, nor the jar of honey, nor the heratgrama, seem to be formulas that serve me.

If I find a formula that is truly effective for my case, I will report here.

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Try this method, I won someone many over years ago by contacting their Higher Self, long story:


Cool! I’ll taste it tomorrow night. Today for the moment, I am in full contact, because as a friend I said that I was not interested. I will also review the radionics, the remote influence

Thank you very much and I promise to keep updating;)

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honestly…what this sounds like is a failure on your part in two respects. The first failure may be simply coming from your impatience. Sometimes, these things can take several weeks, or even a few months. Its barely been two weeks and you’re already declaring it a failure? The second issue is that you may be lusting for the result too much, which can cripple the magic from working.


I agree with that, I will be more patient and I will see how everything develops.
It is true that I am perhaps impatient, but in this forum I have read cases of people with an almost immediate manifestation in themes of love (like my case with Glasya-Labolas or Raum).

Then, it would not be so strange that he had already noticed any change. In any case, it is true that it can take up to months. Some case I have seen, a girl came to me (who even blocked me) after 7/8 months, she came saying that she could not stop thinking about me and that she loved me (I also did something with radionics and remote influence + your photo) I left the machine running and I “forgot” until she contacted me.

Only this case as you say, I’m too impatient, anyway, I’ll let the machine work too. Anyway, any news I will inform you here;)


Thank you for giving an update!
Best of luck!

If I can help with my experience, I’m happy :).
Brief update: Everything is horrible X_x

Summing up so far:
-I’ve tried with the heartagram
-I have tried with the jar of honey even with seals of Sitri, Sallos and Dantalion plus everything else that the formula has (I also included powders “come to me”)
-I’ve tried Satanachias and nothing.
-I have tried with the Anael and Pagiel prayer of the New Power of the Avatar and nothing(7 nights)

Surely this is the last update, I have to review what to do but I do not have much encouragement after so many failures X_x

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Sorry to hear that but I think there is still time to manifest.

@Victor86 are you still reaching out to this person? Trying to talk to them?

Well, so you can get an idea, since 2014 or so, we talk every day. Since that man appeared, she reaches the point of ignoring even my messages. when before even when she was on holiday she answered me. I have to look for a quick, devastating and definitive curse for that man. And see what I do wrong so that neither Sallos, nor Sitri, nor Dantalion, show signs of helping me

There is your problem. You are blocking your own magick. If you read my post on using Anael and Jazar I said you must do no contact! She is ignoring you because she has lost interest in you. You can’t rebuild interest if you are talking to her everyday. You need to disappear for a while. When she doesn’t hear from you her mind starts wondering why she isn’t? After a period of time she will start wondering if she may have lost you for good. That’s when she will try to reach out. It’s human nature to want what you can’t have. She knows she can have you at any time she wants. You have to change that. I suggest not throwing anymore magick at the situation. The spirits will do their part but you must do your part.


It’s true, it’s a part that I’m not following and should. I will start today with contact 0.

Destruction spells are easier because it is to make them and forget In fact, I always end up learning in a couple of months by third parties that worked.

I will do that. and also a bottle of vinegar with the photo of the other and her, and also with her friends. which are what caused all this (one was divorced and of course …)

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Hey…we’ve all been guilty of that because it’s a natural response to want to reach out and talk to them. No contact is the hardest part there is in my opinion. Of course that doesn’t mean be a jerk if she does reach out or tries to make small talk to test the waters. Just answer politely and say no more.