Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation

wow he really likes you:grin::heartbeat:

hi everyone! i had to take some time for myself, and i could not reply to all the private messages even if i read them.

this is a grouped message regarding your work with Amon.

first of all we live in a multiverse so everything you want already exist and your ex or the person you want to be with is already coming back to you in a parallele universe close to ours. KNOW IT 100%

all the calls made to Amon were heard as they were put out with intention. so he heard, never wonder about if he did, because he does , and like with every demon , the problem is not to be heard, it is the energy that you feed them, how the intention and connection to the demon sticks to you subconscious and if your conscious mind does not block your blessing

for some , there needs to be more energy/intensity/focus put into the request to make the possibility of the ex to come back (to vibrate to a frequency where the person is attracted to you like a magnet
never forget that demon’s look for the path of least resistance)because in their mind they mind not want to be with you anymore for real and energies have to be switch from no-no to no-maybe to maybe- yes and yes-yes

you can give Amon simple offering , 100% trust, food, flower, prayers, public acknowlegment, and of course the most powerful of all : the energy or you orgasm which is pure energy for creation/ transmutation. arouse yourself, think about how you want to make love to the person an as you climax, focus on Amon’s sigil and transfer the energy through your eyes to the sigil or more or less effective transfer you sexual energy through your third eye visualising your target. but feeding Amon is easier :grin:



Thank you.

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Did this, too. But well just after a few messages, we got into a huge argument and now he blocked me.
Did not expect this to come

Go slow… :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Just wanted to say it worked for me! It was my first time evoking a specific demon. It took 8 days.

Background: I ended things with this man who didn’t want a serious relationship with me back in February. We had been together a year, and I was tired of it not going anywhere. So, I was curious to see if it would this would work, and I thought, why not?

I drew the sigil and since I didn’t have a photo (I got rid of everything from our time together so I could move on), I wrote his name and DOB on the back of the sigil. I blew on it, imagined us being intimate together, and told him he would come crawling back to me and begging to get back together. I had Amon’s mediation music playing during.

I charged the sigil in my phone case, and left it a few days. But I felt myself getting desperate. So, I burned the sigil and forced myself to just let go. I needed to let go of the attachment to the results. I made peace with the fact that we’d never be together, and went on with my life. (What a paradox, right?!)

Well, lo and behold, on the 8th night, I get a text from him, begging me to go over to his place. In tears, he says I’m his best friend and he respects me so much and cares for me insanely. He says he’s been a bad friend and wants to start being there for me. Then he says he could see me being his wife and the mother of his children, and even asked me if I wanted to move in with him.

What the fudge!!! Just 2 months ago, he told me he didn’t see a future with me at all and was moving to another city. I was surprised, but smiling inside because I couldn’t believe the spell had worked.

Now, what happened after is a whole other story! I think he’s massively confused about his feelings, and I’m not getting my hopes up. We’re treading carefully around each other. I think we’re both scared tbh.

But, regardless, point is: this worked.

Amon will deliver your ex; but it’s up to you and the other person on what happens next.

My only advice: Let go! Make peace with the fact that it won’t happen. Surrender. Now, that doesn’t mean lose faith! But just, trust in your magick.

I wish I had the same power with my other work lol. I got excited and expected everything else to manifest. Despacito, chiquitita! Baby steps.

Anyway; just wanted to add my two cents.

Thank you, Amon! If only you could fix my stupidity and fear of intimacy lol


Ok it’s been 25days after i talked to Amon but i also reached Sallos, Dantalion and Asmoday, and after 35days of not talking or even texting he finally texted me for saying me Happy Easter (it was the orthodox Easter here in Greece), i then asked him how he is going and he was sweet and nice, I even asked him if he wanted to go out for a coffee this week and he sais sure and even he send me a heart emoji, I couldn’t believe it, but i didn’t push it further to set specific date or something i tried to be as cool as possible. What do you suggest me to do next? And it was Amon work or a team work of the spirits i summoned?


great!!! it worked!
people have to understand that what they ask is for the ex to come back, Amon delivers, and now that the person is back what do you do? it does not mean that the person loves you/hate you, they are JUST back into your life( that’s what you want desperatly) , that’s all! now it’s your turn to work the situation out :slight_smile:


keep it cool now , relax, and only give out positive loving energies.
as you summoned several entities , really… you’ll never know unless it comes and tell you :slight_smile:
reason why you should call one, wait at least 3 months then try another to push a bit further
( so happy for you)


Did you make the offering? Sometimes it can get worse if the offering is not given

:blush::blush: okay I’ll keep it cool and relax because I’m really happy just for the fact that he came back to my life, I’m waiting for the best

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No, not yet. I was testing this ritual out to see if it works better than what i’d do.

I’m giving another week to see if it works out, then i’m going to modify it using what i know and test the difference in results.

I’m not new to magick, nor love magick. I just want to try something new. You never know when someone else’ magick is more effective until you try it out.

Think of this as a split test.


Previously I thanked amon as my ex contacted me after one week plus of silence. Suddenly he stopped talking to me again and it been about a week. What should I do? I’m lost…

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did you have a conversation going on or just talking about simple things? what do you think that he was feeling for you when he came back?

again remember you wanted Amon to make hime come back, not to stay - did you mention that you wanted him to stay bal bla bla

i’d be you i’ll send him a message since you guys are not cold anymore

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We had ongoing conversation but I am not sure what made it happen. He just decided not to text anymore. We are not close when he last talked to me. Is it okay to ask Amon to bring him back again and ask him to stay?

I offered 3 Roses, isn’t that enough?

Whatever you promised to offer is enough. But sometimes people dont make the offerings and things go sour

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A stupid question, but should you make offerings more often or just once? I believe to keep a love, you probably should get in relationship with Amon and make regular offerings. Isn’t that the reason some partners disappear again?

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And yeah, things went really sour

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I have established great relationships with my spirits and I make offerings whenever its convenient and feels right. So I dont have to feel pressured in doing so, but I do it out of love for them. Of course if I do workings I add something they like into the working so it represents my want to work with them on this specific spell.

For example, if I work with Aphrodite I add strawberries, wine, chocolate or pomegranate into it <3 I also recommend to build an altar for your spirit where you can pay your respect to them.