Evocation of Methsan (Kingdoms of Flame)

I conducted a ritual on Friday the 13th to kill someone, I did this on someone else’s behalf and thought I’d share.

I had the person bring me personal belongings/concerns of the target they included
Envelope that he had licked/sealed

Before the evocation I crafted a poppet from the materials, I made the body of the doll using he underwear, the sock to make feet and the shirt to make a shirt and used one of the photos for the face of the doll. I then made a packet consisting of the hair, signature, one of the photos and licked envelope along with some dead scorpions and spiders. I stuffed the doll with the packet and set it aside after baptizing the doll in the targets likeness.

I chose Methsan for the evocation as this spirit/egregore works through the blood and lungs to kill its target. The target has a choking problem so I decided to play on the targets existing weakness. I drew out the sigil and opened it/charged of daily for 3 days before the ritual. On the day of the ritual I kept my sleep to a minimum to help induce trance more easily. Once everyone was asleep I went to the basement where I had everything already prepared. The client had included a brand new unused Universal Circle as part of the payment so I decided to use it instead of my home made circle I usually work with. I had my gateway of pacts acting as the triangle of manifestation with a picture of the target placed inside and the sigil on top.

I began the ritual first with the darkness meditation to help me tune in to the work I was about to begin. I then followed this up with an invocation of omnipotence until I felt myself humming with energy. I opened the sigil once again which was difficult due to trying to get comfortable in the Universal Circle. I had to end up placing a chair inside the circle so I could get into a comfortable position to trance out and open the sigil.

Once the sigil was opened I began repeating a mantra of the spirits name as well as Alash’tad tal ashtu mantra to help get the conscious mind out of the way. I repeated the mantras for about 20 minutes, the air in the room began to feel very thick and I had a hard time breathing. At this point I lit the incense which was D.U.M.E. (Death Unto My Enemy) incense and and began gazing into the smoke continuing the mantras. One of the candles I was using around the inside of the circle blew sparks out of it which I found quite weird as I buy my glass candles by the case and have never experienced that with this brand or the others in the batch. This startled the piss out of me and took a few minutes to get back in trance. After a few minutes the room began to feel as if it were moving around me and began to feel as if there was someone else in the room. I welcomed Methsan into the temple and stated my desire and parameters, I then placed the doll onto the censer and allowed of to be smoked in the incense smoke. Once done I gave the license to depart and closed the ritual and banished the area.

The next day my fiancé and kids woke up complaining of having bad dreams and I restful sleep, they were also complaining about the smell of something dead in the house. I asked if they meant the incense and they were quite clear it was not the incense as it smells nothing like a dead animal and were quite adamant it smelled like something was dead and rotting. I thought back to the spirits description which said the spirit manifests as a rotting corpse and the smell of death fills the air. Everyone in the house could smell the dead smell but me which I found odd.

That evening I placed the doll inside a wooden box filled with DUME powder and goofer dust with the spirit sigil dressed in DUME and Destruction oil and buried it,

I received an email from the person whom I performed the ritual for and she indicated she had a dream that she exited her home and saw a hearse waiting in her driveway, she said a dark figure stood beside the hearse and made no motion or sound but only watched. She then woke up from the dream and sent me the message.

I will post results as they manifest themselves.



AWESOME post, thank you for sharing it!!!

Inspiring stuff.


I love these kinds of posts! Thank you for sharing!

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Thats what im talking about when I say methods of evocation. I opened belials sigil last night in preperation for my friends boyfriends court case. I opened the sigil and felt a very evil presence. I saw a scorpion in my mind then i started chanting. I looked up and noticed the room filled sith shadows. And i heard him say i live in the shadows. I had a black candle burning because i was in the dark. It kept flickering. Even though there was no wind in the room. I felt such a dark thick presence it was like pure evil was in the room. I should of been scared. But it felt good. Im a son of Sarabanda I fear no man or enity. It felt fuckin good. But i kept the black candle burning on the sigil with a glass of bourbon as an offering. When i get out of wirk im going to do the evocation outside at 3 am. Ask Belial to help this guys court case. Thanks for the post.

As a small update I had a dream yesterday where I saw a person next to me and so asked who he was. He replied “You already know, you invited me but you don’t know me?” The dream then went to my temple where I saw the person sitting inside the circle with the poppet I had made, they told me “I got the message” and I woke up immediately following. What struck me weird was the person was wearing the suit that I had worn for the evocation, I had to decided to dress as if I was going to a funeral as it kind of felt fitting. The person I did this for reported seeing a person in a dark suit standing next to the hearse so I wonder if they may have saw me as some kind of sign that a I had done the evocation or perhaps they saw the spirit on their behalf. Who knows really, just thought it was worthy of noting as I do take dreams as signs and have dreamt true before.

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