Please, just tell me and be honest is magick real?

Start with sigil magick and ask for something really simple and finish the magick in the right way and dispose it on a right way and never think of it again and go on on your daily live and believe me… it gonna work… sigil magick is a simple yet very strong magick

I personally have only experience in sigil magick after searching for a year for a house and to be chosen for a house I decided to do in begin of December sigil magick for to have my own house
And today I have my keys :grimacing::grimacing:
And also a while ago it worked for sex and before that it worked also for to have the job I have now so for me it works
I have to say when you ask something you have to do your part also like when you do a sigil magick to find work… don’t sit and wait… take action and help the universe like he will help to give you what you asked for
Sigil is not wishing and sitting back it requires some sort of action on your behalf… be it a action like not te be anxious and impatient or be it a action like to get of your ass and apply to jobs…depends on for which purpose you used magick for

Again I am not a experienced guy with magick but I think it work like what i just wrote here😅

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I recently burned a letter to Lilith with a sigil and blood on it, I asked her to do anything that would make me believe in magic, I haven’t got anything

You want proof just go piss of a spirit I promise you, you’ll get what you want


You wait and are looking for a answer it doesn’t come like you order a pizza dude :joy:

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Teach me how

You may find it useful to read through other peoples success stories


I know, but I asked her for anything, I just want a sign thats all, no money, no women, only a sign

Do you know what lust for results are?

Nope, can you explain?

The basic idea is that your want, or your lust, for the result of your spell to be fulfilled (in this case a sign magick is real), is something that actively works against your spell coming to fruition. In the Chaos Magick paradigm, magick follows the path of least resistance.

From your human perspective you dont know what the path of least resistance is for your magick to manifest. Having want or desire for the spell to resolve, is actually energy that you are giving off. Its energy that works to constrict your magick into following what makes sense to you.

It seems counter intuitive, but when you have no want or expectation for your magick to come true, is exactly when it comes to pass. That is the moment you are no longer trying to force your vision or reality on the rest of the universe.

You might be expecting to hear a voice, or to see something spectacular, but you dont know what sign Lilith wants to give. That expectation is a force against your magick.

This is a quick answer, but I think it covers the basics.

Edit: just remember, fire and forget.


Don’t you think that’s a bit half-hearted? If you’re looking for results like that it would be easier to just provoke a spirit in a haunted location.

Maybe you just need to take things a bit more seriously before you start getting results. Have you ever heard of the saying “you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes?”


I had to cry my heart out, bleed in all so many ways, feel despair like I had never felt, try so many times. More importantly, never stopped believing in it and each time putting more and more of me into it until I believe I had nothing else, I literally poured my soul out.
Hey, it worked!
Didn’t work the way I wanted, didnt see what I expected, it was actually all so wrong, but it worked, it took me years to realise what I had done and what happened and to fix it all, but it kept going, kept going and kept going.
There is a nice saying when it comes to magick
“No rest for the wicked!”


Magick in my opinion is the natural happening in the world, people like to believe magick is flight of fantasy in every case but magick is the most basic things that happen in life too. Not in a sappy way however. Lilith can’t show you what you experience everyday lol.


This book will cover most seeming paradoxes you’ll find regarding what’s “real” and what’s “just in your mind”: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

It’s not long and not complex, and is not a grimoire or spell book either so you don’t need “faith” to read it, it should be useful to you.


I was actually going to mention the Kybalion as well. It is the basic philosophy and principles behind modern ceremonial magic, among others.

Look at the end of the day, nothing can be said here will prove whether or not magic is real. Your experiences are the only thing that will. So, pick up an exercise and practice it with real effort for a considerable amount of time. Record your experiences like a lab book and draw your own conclusions. The idea of magic has been around for milia, far longer than science (not that i am dismissing it, far from it). So, there is something that keeps drawing our species to that idea.

Alchemy at a time was considered to be a form of magic along with a science, and some of the more logical minds in history presuaded that endeavor, Isaac Newton being one of them. As they say, nothing ventured nothing gained. It would be easy to write magic off as being impossible or fantastically, but how many technological breakthroughs were made dealing with ideas that were considered the same at the time?

Even if you end up failing, the experience from that will be more valuable than constantly wondering what if at the end of your days. So, be bold.


Well, what is real to you? Is real something that you can touch? Or is it something that you just need to believe in?

Magick is not objectively real. We have no evidence to prove magick itself is real. It is a belief by definition. However, what you can prove is real is the results. If you use magick to get something, that something is real.

Well, The Big Bang is simply a theory. Even though there’s concrete evidence of the effects, there is no evidence of the cause. Are people who believe in it delusional?


listen mate, im in the same boat and have only been at this a few weeks. I dont honestly have advice since I am also struggling with this. let me give you a bit of perspective. do you trust your senses wholehearted. have they ever let you down, because if you have ever seen an illusion I can assure you they have. your brain interprets stimuli and makes the world you experience. what makes you 100% certain anything around you is real? so perhaps if even a little pretend you don’t trust your senses entirely and that something lies beyond the natural senses. just like the best actors will live their role, you must play pretend and accept this as truth when you do the rituals. then watch. something will happen and you will have your answers.


oh damn, I just responded something similar then went to read other responses. I read yours and went, “shit I repeated what someone else said”


Magic is fake and gay, except for the stat modifications.

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The stat bonuses are too good for me to leave on the table.

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