Got a court case? Better call Belial!

I have not been on the forum for some time. I got into this seriously 18 months ago with in the first 6 months with the help of EA’s wears and the members of this forum my ascent was catapulted sometimes at a rate that my psyche couldn’t bear and I had to break back for a bit. The evocations and sigil magic I performed were mostly for financial or relationship means and due to these things has kept me so busy in a good way I havnt logged in here for almost 5 months.

One of the most important workings I had to perform was not for me but my best friend, he got busted for over 100 cannabis plants, a bullshit manufacturing heroin charge, 1 kilo of testosterone and several other charges. I researched on here what demon to use and Belial was the go to guy.

Within one week of the evocation a case came up in that county where the drugs in the case had been tampered with and from there a snowball affect took over not only was it my friends case that got dropped but hundreds of others some were very bad people and that was not my intention so be specific with how you want your task completed on top of it the da lost paper work several times came down with an illness and the prosecutors were switched several times the delays were constant. problems struck them at every turn.

There is a speedy trial law in this state and federally they were way past it and he could of got off completely but he doesn’t do this stuff and he was unsure, they offered him a year of probation for posessions 50 felonys dropped money back from his attorney and no fines lol wish I knew this when I was riding the pine!

I wasn’t instructed by Belial to keep this quiet and I hear a lot of people asking about court cases on here and had to make a thread and share his ferocity with u members. Have confidence in this beast and he will pull through on top of it he was reassuring me in dreams through out the 6 month period when the case was active counsicelly I had no doubt but maybe my subconscious did and he was aware of that. Out of all the daemons he was the one I feared the most before evocation, surprisingly once the ritual started that fear melted away, he had a very heavy dark damp earthy presence at his arrival I could barley see the candle light almost had a smokey wet earth smell really powerful evocation. Well sorry for rambling but If you find your self in a similar situation call him up you won’t be disappointed but be specific in how you want the task carried out!


Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Belial is a badass at legal matters. I’m doing a devotion with him right now and heavy is exactly how I’d describe his presence, it’s the heaviest out of all except one spirit I’ve worked with.

I’m still looking for ways to push this devotion though as legal matters are very rare. I’ve been leaning towards personal improvement like pushing my limits as far as I can go, leaving comfort zones and such. He’s been gentle so far which is appreciated but I think I want to pick up the pace so any suggestions on how I can apply him and his familiars would be great. My understanding is that he has dominion over emotions of others, like how Paimon controls thoughts. Is there anything else?

Thanks everyone


I was thinking a combo of him and Paimon for court would be superb. However I only used Belial. I think if the evocation was a success then that’s it, detachment is the most difficult part especially if its u loosing your freedom this was for a friend but I was still stressed at thinking he could be doing a 10 to 20. If you question yourself or more importantly the demon it’s not going to end well. I just let him do his thing and as months went by and news was rolling in I knew he was on it and didn’t doubt him once. Also gave an offering of my friends blood.


Can you please send me your email I have a question please

That title makes me think of the law firm commercials or intro to Matlock or Perry Mason.

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From your experience does Belial bring justice when succeding at legal matters or just the success regardless of circunstances?

Tell him to turn the situation into your favour.


Personally he’s helped me even though I was in the wrong. I almost got in a lot of trouble for trying to scam my debit card, I asked him to help me and he did(even though I was in the wrong).

And I asked him and King Paimon to keep me out of trouble in school and that was the only year of school in my life I didn’t even get a phone call home. Even though there were many many times where I should have.


He just did, I focus as much as I could invoking him specially in the hours of the Sun It was a surgery the insurance company was denying it pretty unfairly therefore I asked for justice. All due justice is a concept of my believe system, he did turn around the situation and had it approved

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That’s a cool post thanks for sharing that. When belial’s name is mentioned I too get a slight shiver of fear from his dark majesty.
If I ever have a legal problem it’ll be like better call saul.

Congratulations and thanks dude for sharing.

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