What exactly are the risk and dangers of working with demons?

So im very new to this occult stuff. Ive only interacted with a spirit once not too long ago, when I summoned King Paimon and communicated with him using a pendulum, and a couple of days ago I performed a rite of initiation to demon magick. What ive really been worried about though is what are the dangers of working with demons? Ive heard how demons can ruin your life and build it back up and torment you if you disrespect them, but how dangerous is working with demons? Could they possibly cause you to end up homeless, have you put in jail or have your reputation ruined over things you didnt do?
I feel very attracted to the occult, but what exactly am I getting myself into? I need to know before I do something that I will end up regretting.


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This is a good start for reading:


Thank you. This is just what I needed

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There have been magicians on here who claimed this is what the demons they worked with have done to them (as a “harsh lesson”)

If you look on here, you will find many magicians on the LHP or who otherwise work with Demons almost exclusively who have gone through a great deal of suffering due to their practices.

Many claim this has “built character” or taught “valuable lessons” etc. But from my experience, suffering and pain in magick is not at all necessary for the attainment of great wisdom and for attaining goals.

So, the dangers are very real, but they are not to be exaggerated either. You are very unlikely to go homeless, for example, but going through a great deal of pain and suffering is very possible. Many say it is necessary for the LHP.


Much of this can come from unsafe ritual and practices. @Mike_Bee can speak more about this and about how pain may relate to traversing the LHP, and how to practice safely.


So how can I prevent these things from happening? Please also note that my goal is to work with angels as well.

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I do not work with demons in my current practice, but I can answer with my opinion from observations:

Firstly, being respectful is important. Being very disrespectful towards any spirit is likely to bring misfortune.

Then, it’s common to work with them under the supervision or command of spirits above them, such as certain angels or with the Jewish God (this is, after all, how the system of working with the Goetia was very developed and used).

I would advise against arrogantly commanding them, however. That tends to bring very negative experiences. But calling upon a higher spirit to oversee the working can help. A lot of mainstream works on working with the Demons of the Goetia incorporate that.

And as I said, one should also not exaggerate the danger, you will likely not go homeless or become injured. But danger is certainly there, especially with how it may affect your mind. These can be chaotic spirits so working with them can affect your own spirit in such a way that you will become more chaotic in various ways.


Ok I understand your misgivings. I don’t want to call them fears exactly because fear is debilitating and in the LHP strength is required.

The biggest danger is that you, yourself will fail to keep your bargains with them make them feel disrespected or slighted. That’s not gonna work with them.

Yes they are absolutely capable of this and I know people first hand that all of the above and worse has happened to.

Most of this comes down to courtesy and respect my friend.


By not biting off more than you chew my friend. This shit isn’t easy,if it was everyone would be doing it. You’ve gotta take the time and effort to educate yourself and hone your craft.

Here’s some good information to get you started.


To the OP this is known as the Shem angel method. This involves using a superior, frustrating angel to constrain and compel the spirit to serve you.

I do not and have never nor will I ever use this method. First of all it’s not necessary to get satisfying results and some spirits really really don’t like it.


As far as I can tell, after using two systems to work with them one with angelic involvement and the other one without. What I can tell, based solely on my personal experience only, in both cases satisfying results do occur but in the direct methods you need to set up protections perhaps not from the demon itself but from the whole leeches and astral trash out there that you might attract.

Nothing overly dramatic but your toughs patterns might slightly change you may feel a certain influence on them out of nowhere. I haven’t experienced such phenomena where shem angels are involved but needless to say that I still proceeded with respect to them and included an offering for their services that I haven’t failed to provide upon the completion of the task. Now if you want to dive deeper into various faces of LHP perhaps calling upon angels won’t be beneficial in the long run, but if you’re just seeking a mundane kind of relation, to get something in exchange of something without being too personal, then I’d personally work under angel supervision.


This is something i agree completely with.


That is 100 percent true. But will the demons ask for something in return? Are offerings necessary? I was told that when working with demons there has to be an equal transaction.

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No offerings are not necessary. They are gifts to be given out of appreciation, not payments for services rendered. Spirits may request something, but it is always your choice whether you provide it or not.


Been cautious is good, but the first thing is to remove all fears and what people says, those people who had bad experience’s are not as many as loud as their experiences were.

Learn about protection using Magickal Protection and Angelic protection is you’re scared.

I started with Angels, and now I’m working with Goetia Spirits, what I can say is that they’re fast and you’re not obligated to give them offering, it might just be public praise like posting on this forum.


Its pretty much the same as any other spirit or deity. Be overly egotistical and disrespectful and they’re less likley to help you and more likely give you a life lesson lol.

On the other hand the more you put into the relationship with them the more they will help you and help you deal with shit life throws at you.


Did you know that you don’t necessarily have to dive in at the deep end to get results? I read in your introduction that you are currently in a situation where you cannot use some of the items to perform some of the rituals.

Well, many people don’t use any items at all other than following instructions from a book, where everything happens in your thoughts completely privately.

There are a lot of beginner friendly books with rituals available with good information on how to approach things and help you understand “what you are getting into” and how to do it safely.

If you have kindle on your phone or computer, you can read the first few chapters and catch a bit of insight for free from some well respected authors that lots of people on Balg have bought books from and continue to use.

There are lots of discussions on here about books from the Gallery of Magick, who by the way have a series of ritual books (Words of Power) that are aimed at getting results without calling on named spirits.

I’m saying this because you say you are new and you perhaps might not have thought of other options that are generally good for getting into the learning curve and getting results as well.

Of course it’s all about processing available information and feeling your way into what you find comfortable doing.

Since you have some concerns, you might want to look at some easy to use ritual books where the sigils are ready made and can be used within the privacy of the book itself. No one else around you need know what you are doing.

Also perhaps take a look at pathworking books, available for working with angels and demons, books that give you access to enochian energies that create change.

There are plenty of ways to do magick with and without spirits that don’t require you to buy, make or use implements that may get found by other people around you.

I’m not knocking ceremonial magick practices at all but there is a lot you can learn about how to get results without letting others close by know what you do.


Can you tell me the names of the books that you are talking about? I am actually in fact, able to usr candles and sigils. Ive hand drawn several of the goetic demons sigils, so my goal in this path ks to be able to commicate with demons, angels and other types of spirits. I dont just want to work with demons to get results, I want to connect with them on a personal level and grow spiritually, but I just dont want the demons to make me go through harsh times in order to do so, like what other practitioners have been through.

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Ok that’s good clarification. I’m sure others here will be more helpful towards your aims.

Well, the first book that comes to mind that you can use for connecting and conversation with spirits is “The Angels of Omnipotence” by Jareth Tempest.

These angels are Enochian and in the book there are what the author terms as glyphs, visual graphics that you use like you would a sigil and also with these glyphs, there is a pathworking for each of the angels and, if I remember correctly, some members have reported conversations with these angels.

I have used this book although not for conversation, I found it to be a safe and enjoyable experience with no harm.

With what you have said, you might really, really, really like the book “Demons of Magick” by Gordon Winterfield and there are tons of posts you can read just by typing the title of the book into the search function (magnifying glass icon, top right corner of your screen).

“The Magick of Angels and Demons” by Henry Archer is another well regarded book, it’s similar to “DoM” but with a much simpler process than DoM.

The Gallery of Magick have produced many books with beginners in mind but many very experienced people love their content. All sorts of books on Angels, Demons, Protection, Attack etc. and even if you aren’t wanting the usual results I’m sure you can learn plenty within.

“Goetia Pathworking” by Corwin Hargrove is another book, again highly regarded here. Using a series of images to make a connection.

There are lots of lists of books recommended if you look around the forum and of course have a look at what E.A can teach you as well.

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