Success with Bune once again!

I have recently been inactive, as I’ve been very busy.

Recently my partner had a baby, and I was struggling with money.
Basically, in the country I currently reside in, the government will pay the Father 2 weeks of leave (but you must take unpaid leave from work) so that they can have some time off with the baby.

My partner was assured that the second we entered the newborns details onto the government website that the money would come in the next day.
Much to my disgust, my partner called them about this after the baby was born and was informed that she had been given the wrong information, and that it would take anywhere from 30-60 days to process and be paid into the account. My partner pleaded with them telling that we wouldn’t be able to afford to live (comfortably) by missing the two weeks pay, and they informed her that there was absolutely nothing we could do to get it to move faster.

Having bills to pay, this was not going to be okay, I would have been over a month behind on bills by the time the money came in, so I called upon Bune for assistance.

I asked Bune to sort it out and have the money in our accounts within 3 days, closed the ritual and thanked Bune in advance.

To my absolute shock, I received a phone call the next day, informing me that the money will be put into my account the next day. This wasn’t even 5 days after lodging the information required, when we were told that it would be 30-60 days AFTER they had finished processing the claim.

So here it is again, thank you Bune, once again you have aided in making what seemed to be impossible happen almost instantly.


Congrats man! Bless the baby! :smile:

Would you mind telling what ritual you did?


I lit two orange tapered candles and two sticks of incense, drew his sigil, drew a few drops of blood and used that to charge the sigil.

I then focused on Bunes sigil until I felt it was open and a connection had been made.

I placed some tabacco in a jar, and dropped a few drops of blood over the top of it and then covered it in hot wax from the candle as an offering.

I then took all of this into my universal circle, put on my Bune talisman and chanted Bunes enn and then recited what is written in the Ars Goetia, made my request and then allowed Bune to leave.


Hail Bune!

I am very new, can you share/help me with your method of working with bune step by step ?