The Nastiest curse you've done

I hated someone so much, raw hate, I willed him death… So he died time after


He was abroad, I only got news by a 3rd party he died, but don’t know what was the way (spirits work their wonders the way they consider best, I dont care if this was due to sickness, a car crash or suicide, the thing is that he’s not on this earth anymore and I am)

I always get news by 3rd parties when things related to rituals I perform. Spirits communicate with me that way.

Do you think it’s to take off you any pressure to seek out results, monitor the work, etc? If you know you’re going to hear about it, it means you’re not attached to the working, so I can see how that could be effective.

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Its only I find we (spirits and me) have a unidirectional communication, like sending mails each other. I ask for something as clear as I can (visualizations, etc.) sometime pass and then something happens, it may be some person tells me a sentence full of meaning related to what I’m doing magickally

Something like when we use divination symbols or in stychomancy, yet instead of being displayed some image or directed to some sentence, someone randomly gives me news (be it my friend, my enemy, my lover, my family, anyone)

This took sense to me after reading The Faery Way in wich Hugh Mynne talks about Fairie Lovers manifesting through your actual couple, its a kind of posesion, like mediumship

Im willing to get to the point where Ill be able to “hear” spirits, yet I’m very happy at the moment with our unidirectional way of communication

What its true, is I’ve also developed a kind of “faith” so, as you say, I tend not to worry about when results will happen, I just know they will manifest

Worst curse…
“God bless them to realize the entirety of their actions”

My brother did a weird thing a few times (kind of wish I could)
It happened once with a small 2 person airplane (we grew up close to a small airfield that did privet flying lessons) and twice with helicopters…
They were flying while storm clouds were moving in and he jokingly made a gun shape with his hand and ‘shot’ it… They were hit by lightning at the exact same time.

I don’t really curse a lot but… (I mean I swear like a drunken sailor, but I don’t generally attack others with magic)

A friend needed some help with a court case issue and part of his problem was that the girl who was taking him to court was outright lying about him. She had some friends who promised her that they would take the stand and back up her lies.

So part of the working I did included a bind rune to ensure her down fall. One by one her friends left town, my friend’s lawyer poked holes in her story, and when the judge let my friend off she apparently screamed on her way out of the court room.

My friend has let me know that she has gone a bit batty, I guess she took the loss in the courtroom pretty hard. I quickly undid the bind rune and let her deal with her life, but apparently she lost a modeling job opportunity when pictures of her smoking something other than tobacco surfaced on her Facebook wall when a friend carelessly tagged her in a photo.

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I didn’t perform it myself, and I dont think I ever will, but the most disgusting curse I have ever seen was a girl who felt intense headaches, only to find out days later her head was infested by maggots…there’s a facebook post that tje victim herself describes the whole thing,with pics and all… although it’s in my native Portuguese I can share it with you if you want. I believe its some sort of macumba, most magic here in Brazil comes from that background I believe.

This is getting good

I dont have too much experience with this but baneful magick is a Sport I really love , I opened the sigil of Pazuzu over this one chick’s name (one of my ex’s friends who was talking shit) and last I heard she became a tweaker, went homeless and was sucking dick for places to stay :slight_smile: have a good life cheysia. I have also been blessed to meet some who are pretty talented with baneful magick so I know I have a fountain of knowledge Im able to tap into if necessary.

too realize their ignorance…

manifestation yet unknown, severed lives

 Nastiest curse....hmmm....well I don't know if this ranks up there with the nastiest curse but one of my latest curse that I did back in Feb. of 2015, I cursed a woman who was an employee working for my spouse.  This woman pretty much up and quit her job out of the blue and left my spouse high-n-dry in the business that she was operating.  This woman was one of her better, if not best employee and she pretty much came up to my spouse and decided to leave a very well paid job (for the area we live in).  My spouse struggled for several weeks (and still struggles to this day) to find someone who is just as good as this woman to fill her position.  
 Anyways, it caused alot of stress at my spouse's place of employment and so I just put a general curse on this woman.  I constructed a ritual, pulled out my implements, laid out a general curse for things to go horribly wrong in her life and PRESTO!!!  
 So after I cursed this woman, she had to find 2 other jobs to take the place of the one job she quit from.  Some of the effects that I've seen since the curse are as follows:

 1.)  She now works as a barista at a coffee shop making minimum wage and as a grocery bagger also making minimum wage.  Not only does she work twice as many hours during the week but is making less money

  2.) She also had to get another roommate to live in her house cause she can't afford to make enough money for rent and so her living space has been somewhat minimized.  

 3.)  One of her roommates that she was initially friends with, she is now dating and most of her friends hate her boyfriend (which each their own) but to add insult to injury, she had a 'moment of weakness' and cheated on her boyfriend with the boyfriends best friend who also lives in the same house!!!  Talk about drama and turmoil!!! 

As of recently, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and see what happens to her and her boyfriend but to a certain degree, it kind of warms my heart to see the effects of the ritual taking a hold on her life soley for the reason that when you cause pain to my loved one, my spouse, and make her life more difficult that it needs to be…oh man…WATCH OUT!!

Edit: 08/03/2015: The target of my workings has now approximately 30 days to leave her residence and find a new place because her current residence has plumbing issue (and by issues I mean whenever she flushes the toilet, her front yard fills up with raw sewage!!!) I’m just thrilled how this curse work is moving right along!!! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Edit Update: 08/14/2015: I just receive news last night that my target’s mother has fallen back into alcoholism after several years of being sober, along with the target getting extremely intoxicated herself a few nights again and cause bodily harm to herself (falling down in a hallway and suffering a black eye along with several contusions (bruising) and scratches as well!). And she will also be ending her relationship with her boyfriend by the end of this month when she moves out of her current residence.

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i’ve done this myself, to several people.
bombard them with my anger and “negativity”. their lives would get pretty bad.
i would do this until i thought they had enough or i was satisfied, then i would “release” them and their lives would turn around.

there was once, years ago back in high school, that i was so angry, I performed a death curse on someone. it was very improvised and small. at the time, i thought that i didn’t go through with it because there was a final step that i didn’t follow through with but when i think about it, it was already a done deal.
i don’t know if it worked or not because the person outright disappeared.
the bad part is that now i can’t even remember their name.

there was another time that i constantly imagined slamming a person’s head into a car door.
some time later, i learned that they fell out of a moving van and cracked their head on the side walk giving them serious brain damage. they could still function but they weren’t at all the same person.
now, i don’t know if what i put out had anything to do with it because there were other factors involved but the nature of the incident makes me think that it’s a possibility.

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