Baby steps & progress!

Ive been working on meditation, and evoking spirits. Mostly King Paimon for various reasons… last night he actually spoke, of course being new it suprised me out of the meditative state. But by gosh, it was so distinct… ill never forget that!
Literally without warning an deep male voìce with an arabic accent spoke right unto my ear - not in my mind- i felt “breath” as he spoke and the voice was slightly “buzzy” i guess due to the nature of the speaker!
So glad i found this community & E A Koetting’s literature, its all definately tipped the balance! I’ve looked on other sites for left hand groups, and they mostly just seem to be replacing the christian god with “father satan” and just continue their lifes with out progressing any further!


That’s awesome, how long have you been practicing in this path?

Im a lapsed practitioner returning… so tho i have only started actively again a few weeks, the spirits i made a pact with 25 years ago have stayed with me shaping my life for me. I set my tools down in my late teens, and they remained all this time packed away, recently my mother died and the tools were moved & it “disturbed” them… so i guess i have a bit of a head start over a complete beginner, but i consider myself a beginner !


That’s awesome well your quick progress back in! All the best

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great work. what meditation did you use if you dont mind me asking?

thats amazing!

I used the candle ‘blue ray’ one E A Koetting describes, then the King Paimon Enn on you tube… Meditation really does help, the mind needs to be trained! Once i heard his voice, of course it “woke” me out of the meditation and I could not reconnect, I think my mind is not trained enough, but he said he wants to talk to me, so I know if I just keep it up I will get to hear what he wants to say!

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