More successes

So as some of you may recall, most of my successes in magick have been in the realm of accurate premonitions. I have only had marginal success in actually bringing anything about. However, after reading through some of Jason Miller’s books, I have had some notable successes. About a week and a half ago, I did an offering of incense to my local land/air spirits I asked that they bring a girl into my work that I have great chemistry with and a similar worldview. Plus I wanted her to be pretty. And I wanted her to feel the same about me. That day a girl came into work that fit all of those criteria. I gave her my phone number and we have already gone out a couple times. In Jason’s book, though, he says that you don’t have to settle with something the spirits give you if it is not as good as you want. He said to thank them, but then try again. The girl was not as skinny as I want, so this morning I gave another offering to the spirits of the air/land. I asked them to bring me someone that I had equally good chemistry with, but skinnier and prettier. I also asked for them to send me someone that can be a good contact to help me get another job that I would truly enjoy. Today a girl came in and we immediate began to talking about hiking (my passion) and, of all things, the occult. And she was skinny and very pretty! We said that we looked forward to talkin again soon. And then a guy came in that is a Park Ranger (my perfect job). He said that they are hiring and that I should apply. He also gave me tips on how to get my resume selected. This may seem small to some people, but I find this truly remarkable.


im seriously proud of you dude. Given how much you’ve struggled over the years, this is super nice to hear. I’ll be adding this to the success stories thread


Thanks! And these successes will give me even more confidence and successes I think. His books are really helping me.

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I’m sorry, buddy, could you tell me specifically in what book does Jason Miller teach the magical work you did?

All of Jason Miller’s books talk about offerings to local spirits, but I would say it was either “Sorcerer’s Secrets” or “The Elements of Spellcasting.”

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