A short but meaningful spiritual experience I feel like sharing

So thanks to Jason Miller’s book “The Sorcerer’s Secrets” I just had a small confirmation of my Godhood.

It came from me using a gesture called “The Universal Center”.
Make a fist with your left hand and place it in front of your chest where your heart is.
Take your right hand and squeeze your fist with about 5 pounds of pressure to direct the energy in you to your heart center or chakra.

Take a deep breath and release all tension,and imagine not that you’re somewhere else but that everything around you up unto the very cosmos revolves around your heart.

Jason Miller states that saying a God name like IAO will pack an extra punch.

Now that I’ve told you the method,here’s my experience with it.

He says not to visualize yourself somewhere else but as soon as I exhaled and let myself go I got a visualization in myinds eye of my body in the exact posture it was in shooting out of my back and into latter space revolving around the Earth.
I was tethered to the Earth by something like the silver cord said to be attached to your body and your soul during soul travel.

As the meditation went on I began revolving around the Earth faster and faster until the entire Universe was sucked up into a pile that was tethered to me.
The pile was then flung with great force into nothingness,oblivion.

The visual of myself then went from the meditative posture I was in but into me withy arms out like hung on a cross floating through the void that I had just created.

I then vibrated the Godname IAO,and an ENTIRELY new Universe appeared from northing.Surrounding me and revolving around me.

This left me with an affirmation that I can destroy the world I know live in,and create an entire new one.Better to my liking.

It hit deep because of some things Hecate just said to me yesterday.

“You call upon the spirits and the Gods and you KNOW that they are there with you,but all you do is plead to SEE and HEAR them.Call upon these spirits and take control of your life whether you see or not,just KNOW.Build your life up around you then decide if the sight is what’s important”

I felt encouraged and the words felt true,but I so badly want to see them.I caught a glimpse of Hecate’s beautiful face in my mind’s eye while calling her and so badly wanted to see that image and speak with it because of the pureajick of it.

But I realized just with this small visual action that I’ve been in control the whole time but have been too concerned with seeing phenomena.

Just wanted to share this in hopes it might help those out there spending too much time trying to see instead of do.

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It is interesting to see how some people, myself included, are all to happy to do a ritual for others but when it comes to taking control of their own lives…well they lose confidence.

Good post Musta, good reminder.

And I love that ritual :slight_smile:

This is very true Orismen.
I had my first healing success at work about a week ago.
My friend was feeling sick and was throwing up.
He tried to heal himself using a method I gave him.
An hour later he still felt like shit.
So I was like OK brother I got your back.

I went to the bathroom and sat on the floor and meditated on the same sigil I gave him to use.

I called upon the order of Angels that rule Tiphareth and Raphael himself as an invocation.

As I felt them descend on me I heard my last name being chanted by what sounded like a legion of angels.
I then SAW my last mame floating around my head in a circle.Still trying to figure that one out.

I then felt the presence of power inside me.
I walked back into the kitchen where I work and damn near dragged my friend into the back with me.
I told him to kneel and placed one hand on his head and one on his stomach.

I pushed all the light and power I felt within myself into him.

A couple of coworkers who know me and my friend are occultists watched and looked like WTF?

but 30min later he was jumping around with more energy than he had before.He felt perfectly fine.

It’s funny how I was able to manifest that so quick for someone else but when it comes to me I worry and doubt.

Take the attitude you would have for giving to another and give to yourself.



I forgot to mention another cool thing about the healing.

My friend and his fiance are expecting twins.Two boys.
The doctors found something wrong with the babies so the mom has to have a pretty complex surgery.

When I asked for the healing on my friend I also asked for his family to be healed.

As the chanting of my name started to wane I closed my eyes and from the mothers point of view saw 2 healthy boys being delivered from me.

As my friend entered the picture the vision vanished.

Awesome feeling and I’m super excited for my buddy.


Awesome, Musta! Just… awesome!