Demons of Magick: Three Practical Rituals for work with The 72 Demons by Gordon Winterfield

Any updates

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Since the first post, I went on to ask Lucifer for assistance in all areas of my life. A few days later, the communication that Agares opened for me with my estranged husband blew up and he blocked me from calling/texting.
I panicked and reached out to Agares and Belial to reestablish communication and they did but someone I know questioned why I did that when it was possible Lucifer cut that communication because it was best for me.
I apologized to Lucifer and asked him to help my husband.
Several days ago, when my husband was on the verge of suicide, he says the most beautiful man he’s ever seen sat next to him and said “it’s not your time” and he was so filled with peace, he went home and rested for a few days before contacting me. He’s open to working with Lucifer to see what he has in store. And I now feel that I don’t have to be my husband’s protector.
Definitely an interesting update.


Do you consider the ritual a success or a failure ?

WOW, that’s great, thanks for sharing! @Verdo, check this out! :smiley:


Absolutely, I will share the results from the first working I did. I did ritual one with a petition to Gremory to help me get a handle on a severe debt problem I was having. I petitioned her in November of 2017 and in January of this year I had a dream with someone showing me a bunch of legal documents. About a week after that dream, I was referred to a debt relief program by a co-worker. It wasn’t until I was signing all the paperwork that I realized Gremory showed me one way she was going to help me in that dream.

That same day, I managed to get my monthly student loan payments reduced which up to that point seemed impossible given my history of deferring and forbearing my loans.

That same WEEK, a relative called me out of the blue and asked how much my daughter day care costs. Long story short, my grandmother wrote a check for 10 months worth of daycare and has been giving me $500 a month since January. I didn’t even ask for that support. All this stuff happened within a span of 72 hours.

In exchange for her support, I purchased a pack of oil and incense specifically for Gremory, I made her a home cooked meal of Chicken Parmesan and a really strong beer.

This was the most dramatic and long lasting result that I produced from working with DoM so far.

Within the next month or so I will have another success story to share but I will wait until the things that are pending come to pass. I can say that the demon I worked with is Berith.


That’s awesome and I am happy for you.
How did you shortlist gremory for your work?
In the book dom,one of the powers of gremory is to receive gifts etc without seeking…is that the basis?
Typically ,gremory is for love,lust ,influence etc as per dom book and as per various posts on this forum…


I was clear that what I wanted was more a straight up bailout. I wanted money to just arrive without having to look or work for it since I work over 60 hours a week plus I have a kid so my free time is extremely limited. In top of that, I have do much debt that asking for more money to deal with the debt I already has was not an option. So I chose Gremory for exactly that and she came through in a huge way. HUGE.

I plan on using DoM to work with Gremory to support me in working with a different grimoire, Magister Officorium.


I i don’t recommend methods from this book because Demons ain’t your servants or dogs. Never use “holy” names of yhwh, angelic emissaries, shem angel … and commands like “I command you to be silent, by the power of…”. Demons are friendly when treated with respect. Disrespectful behaviors should result in an immediate negative consequence. This is an example of possible problems after disrespectful evocation.


I agree on the idea. I wouldn’t want anyone to treat me that way. But how do you explain the fact that this way of doing magick worked and still works to this day? If it’s so scary and dangerous with bad consequences, why magicians keep using it and recommend it? keeping in mind that this the same method mentioned in all books considered classics and all magicians think of them almost as holy books ?

Not saying one way is better, I don’t know myself. Both worked for me. I can understand how anyone wouldn’t recommend this specific technique, just from logical prospective… but in practice, I can’t see how or why it’s not valid.


yeah, if it was so bad, the methods wouldn’t work. Its worked for tons of people on here just over the last few months alone. Also, its important to remember that we are at the top of the hierarchy in every evocation. The rituals in demons of magick do not disrespect or punish the demons in any way. ive read the book cover to cover, and gordon winterfield explicitly states that. Additionally, if all it took was the calling on angels and god names to piss a demon off, no one would be practising the LBRP or any of the golden dawn techniques to this day…but even EA promotes the use of the LBRP in his evocation course, where you are calling upon angels to oversee the evocation


I’m not a demonolater. I don’t share the views you do AND I’m respectful when I work with Demons. I don’t command them and I don’t threaten to curse them for not obeying me. I don’t have to do any of that stuff because I work the DoM ritual by design and act with the requisite authority. I am bountiful in my offerings to them when I do work with them. No part of my way of working with them could be considered disrespectful at all. They respond to the names employed in the DoM ritual because the owners of those names are higher up in the chain of command and have dominion over the demons.


I respect your choice and i wish you good luck in the game. Especially with Belial, Andras, Asmodeus…


Any results using DoM?


If you know what you’re doing the only reason behind a banishing ritual is to drive away the tricksters, imposters, beasties, parasites and so on. Whatever is bellow a Demon. You’d never banish a Demon, because what’s the point to banish the one you called, right?
Some of us do despise this method. The only reason to call a certain “god” to protect you, is to actually believe in him. And to top it all, call the names of entities you don’t consider “higher in rank”.

Works great for Xtian magicians, but not when you have reprogrammed your whole being for decades to reject these…powers…so to say. And its not the “I’m an edgelord and I worship father Satan” theme, no, it’s the “I deeply and truly don’t believe in the existence of Yawheh or his powers”.

I would had better chances calling the names of “the Rock and the Lillies of the Valley” cause I can believe in their powers, I do believe they represent something more pure than a trickster. Or even this one right here would work better The lesser banishing ritual of the Thot.
I absolutely cannot connect with LBRP , I feel like an idiot when I perform it and, honestly, I don’t even see so good results as others stated.


I can understand your perspective. I think we all have different ways of working with spiritual forces base on our beliefs, emotions and experience. I use the methods in the demons of magic book but I added additional forces which are the planetary pentacle of Solomon’s talisman magick First pentacle of the Sun, First pentacle of Saturn and the fifth pentacle of Mars. I believe they add extra power to the magician to aid in ritual evocation.


please how, what means did you recommend to her to successfully summon the goetia demon? i desperately need to summon andras on a witch bordering my life

thanks in advance.

I’m not quite sure why your replying to me using a quote from someone else. :confused:

First let me ask you how familiar are you with opening sigils and basic evocation? And are you planning on summoning him indoors or outside?

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Curious as to why you’d say that? I’m yet to work with Andras yet though Belial is my patron spirit and Asmoday didn’t seem to mind either. Both have shown rapid and amazing results and Belial even provided his own offerings within hours of calling on him like this the first time.

I wouldn’t say the demons of the Goetia and the Shemhamphorash angels are enemies by any means at all. I’ll evoke Belial and ask him but so far the only thing he’s said about how I act is “You’re too damn respectful…” (on a few occasions).

I base everything off mutual respect, though I think he’d like to see me relax and be less formal with spirits. I mix an acknowledgment of dignity with calm authority. On the other hand Sitri and I talk about how great ragefucking girls in the ass is… Then there’s my standby: “Nothing is more important than your dignity” - King Paimon

I don’t know, they haven’t had an issue with it yet though Belial and Asmoday are two of the easiest spirits for me to contact. The next being King Paimon who sits in on jam sessions, and Raziel who’s been giving me advice since I got into this.


sorry about that God of light/dark…i would rather prefer indoors solitarily.