How Sargatanas made women be obsessed with me

For the past couple of months I have been observing the Love, Sex Magick & Relationships category and wondered why so many people complicate themselves with complex spells and different combinations of demons when all you have to really do is be able to control your own mind and put out real intent into the universe.

I have tried almost every single spell in this category and I must say that I was not impressed by the results more than I was by just working with Sargatanas. While I was doing my friend a favor by talking with Satanachia for him, I saw 2 other spirits standing near him.

One of them really drew my attention and that one was Sargatanas, after I finished that session I immediately started looking on the internet for information about him but couldn’t find any. That night while doing my meditating session I called upon him, I didn’t have any enns, I just called him by saying his name. I immediately sensed an immense change in the atmosphere the first time I said his name out loud, so I started asking questions.

I am not going to explain the 2 weeks that I needed to gather all the information about him in detail, if anyone is interested I may do another post about it or comment it here.

He told me that whenever I want to call him I must say this sentence out loud:

Invoco res extensa Sargatanas

Now this doesn’t really make sense to me but I think it is Latin, I never studied Latin and I really couldn’t have had any idea on how to think of them, so this is what I used since then to call him.

Now I could invoke/evoke/summon him. So I asked him what it is he likes to do, he answered very proudly that he can manipulate women into seeing me extremely attractive, even making them be obsessed with me. So I was a little bit suspicious about that since every “obsession spell” I have tried didn’t bring interesting results and told him to prove it to me.

So after that everything was a disaster, every day I would wake up to tons of messages from girls wanting to meet with me, sending me nudes, calling me and whatnot. One of the girls even started saying she would kill herself if I didn’t answer. I ended up saying yes to a girl that followed and stalked me using my Snapchat’s location and agreed to hang out with her while I was out in the city, the girl then wanted to go back to my place and “have some fun”, but I rejected her and blocked her everywhere the next day since she was not my type and was annoying me a lot to meet with her again. One 29 year old woman even said that she would marry me after seeing my dick which is just crazy. I used to get messages from people I didn’t even know that asked me out after talking with them for a while and I even got catcalled on the street by some Japanese tourist girls.

He also enjoyed motivating me to get more fit, since I started working with him I have lost a lot of weight as well. Every passion I’ve had became stronger, making me want to do things like practicing piano even though I haven’t touched it in months. By working with him on my spiritual growth I came to the conclusion that he is a very good, if not the best demon for:

  • Manipulation and Mind Control
  • Love/Sex/Lust/Relationships
  • Opening your Powers and Senses
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Astral Projecting

I haven’t found his sigil yet, I will update as soon as I find the one he confirms that belongs to him. The joy and excitement that I had by working with him was by far the best experience I have ever had in my journey.


How can I summon him

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Will he work for women?


Super interested to hear more.


I bet you could just use the enn provided in the post.’ Invoco res extensa Sargatanas
Let’s wait and see if he will find his sigil

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That’s quite an astounding result you got.Honestly I’ve not read anyone on here who’s had as much success with a lust/love demon. I’ll probably make a point of contacting Sargatanas soon and from your experience it seems he works quite fast.


Interesting and all but if his job is make women chase men that sure doesn’t help a woman like me lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Axacore this is awsome! I am happy for you man. :grin:


You can summon him and ask him, but I am sure he does.


He probably prefers men but you can try out and see if he is willing to help you out.


He works really fast and that’s why I decided to post about it here, I wanted all the people to know how great he is, but so unknown.



Supposedly, this should be his sigil, according to Le veritable dragon rouge from 1822. You can try to use this.


Oh, I have never heard of him. Should give him a call then!:wave:

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I also decided to do a little research on him and happened to come across that specific sigil. I’m gonna use it t try evoking him

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I’m glad, let me know how it went :grinning:

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Do you want to hear more about the sex side or about the other things? I’m happy to tell more of it.

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One thing I discovered is that his enn

works almost exactly like this incantation/spell

for example when thinking of an outcome with a specific person.

I was just relaxing at home when I got a message from an old friend of mine that I found attractive a long time ago, she wanted to go out with me for an hour to vent some things to me. As I was preparing myself I started chanting his enn while thinking of fucking that girl right? As soon as I showed up to her door she invited me in for a drink and got very horny, started touching my thighs and then we had sex.


This a statement to call him forth: translated

I invoke extensive Sargatanas

If you called him without any sigil it will mean that you have a connection with him through intense desires or you are just more powerful than you think you are!


Thanks a lot for your kind words, I can contact any spirit without using its sigil. :smile:

Thanks for the translation! But I’m still curious what the meaning behind the word “extensive” is. Maybe I will come back with some answers from him :smiley:

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Your kind is few

I await your answers