A disturbing occurence that happened during an evocation

Hey everyone,

Had a short but terrifying experience the other night that is still bothering me.
I was continuing my Saturnian working from Saturday this past Tuesday night and was calling on 2 different entities.
I was just giving offerings to one to empower the circle so I could evoke the other as I knew it would be difficult as this entity has no ligit sigil that I know of and he’s considered a “hot spirit”.

I was reciting the incantations along with his Penn doing circumbobulatoins(so?).
The whole nine yards to male sure he’d show up.
Well I started getting visuals asmy senses are starting to increase.
I basically just saw his face flash in the smoke a few times but enough to know he was there.

So I began to communicate.
Now my temple is adjacent to my daughters room and she was sound asleep and had our dog in the room with her and the door shut.

Now…when I started to communicate with the entity I heard my daughters bedroom window open.My dog started barking like fucking crazy and my dog although only 30lbshas a loud ass bark.
I then heard a male voice coming from her rroom and started to hear what sounded like muffled crying from my daughter.
My heart started racing and of course by natural reaction grabbed the 2 closest weapons near me (luckily I have alot of swords and knives) and ran to my daughters room where the dog was still barking

I opened the door and my daughter was sound asleep still with the dog literally jumping on the bed barking in her face.(the way the dog was jumping was almost human like)But my daughter rained asleep.
The dog noticed me and stopped barking and started wagging her tail like nothing happened.

I stood and stared for a moment in relief that everything seemed fine.As I went to leave the room without moving a muscle my daughter just said “Daddy” I looked at her and asked what but she remained asleep without moving at all.

I went back into my room and gathered myself and finished the ritual.

Needless to say I’m still pretty spooked about this.
I don’t know what the fuck happened as my daughter usually wakes up and yells at the dog for making the slightest noise and tells it to go back to bed.
And the movements of the dog were flat out freaky not to mention the other auditory phenomenon.

Has anyone experienced shit like this before?
I’ve had some phenomena sure but what freaked me out is that this time it was focused on my daughter.

Any advice would be great.The thing is is that my work with this entity is just beginning and I’m wondering if this was a test of my ability to control these types of situations as a mage should but I can’t have something using my daughter as an example.




Does her room have any protection round it?

I might be wrong but I figure kids and animals are soft targets, so when I shut my dog in the back of the flat to do some work, I place thoughtforms to protect him: maybe you could look into getting some permanent stuff placed on the four corners of her room, and also each side of the windows and door.

I don’t know what it meant but that’s my gut reaction, just on the “better safe than sorry” theme, then you can figure it out further along with the spirit, and maybe do a reading on what the spirit’s intent was.

The only time I heard of anything like it was a lady I knew who used to do healing, and one time she was working, remotely, on a client one evening, and her son woke up with a nightmare related to the trauma of the person she was sending the healing to, and she got a lot more serious about placing protection round his room after that. I think she used BindRunes in pencil on the wallpaper, I don’t remember any other details but it didn’t happen again.

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Dude, that’s some intense shit. While you should never leave the circle without first banishing and closing out a ritual I too would have risked all hell in order to save any of my children (note that for future reference for when I have children, lol). I can’t say if it was a test or whether it was the spirit’s way of letting you know it was there, but I would definitely question it if you ever get around to evoking it.

I agree with Lady Eva, put up wards around her room and those of any other children you may have. If you have a significant other in the home (whether or not she/he knows about your occult practices) put wards up in the rooms they are in when working these sorts of magic. Family should never be put at risk. Take measures to not only ensure your success and safety, but their safety as well.

Thanks guys.I’ll defimently look into placing some bind runes in my daughters room.
And yeah there was that split second of “wtf do I do?” But I honestly thought another human was in the house.When I saw there wasn’t it freaked me out even more.

I’m going to have to look into some strong protection because the only info I have on this spirit is from the old grimoires.

Could be he showed up with a friend that was in your daughter’s room. I had some issues with a couple showing themselves in the upstairs of my house. My son started telling my wife he thought someone was standing in his door way and I would see shadow figures running around. My temple is in my garage. So, I have cleansed the inside of the house and when I work with spirits in my temple I tell them that they are welcome here but nowhere else in the house. So far it has worked.
I summoned Marbas a while back and he showed up with a side kick. That’s why I wonder if you brought in two of them.
The first one I ever “saw” was Astaroth. He appeared as a shadowy figure in my temple area (at the time, my home office). I felt him physically slap me.
I took it as a sign as I may not be ready for this. That was a few years ago.
Are you working with Astaroth?

I’m not working with Astaroth.
I hesitated to mention the spirits name but it was Lucifuge Rofacole.
He rules Satariel the dark aspect of Saturn so he could have possibly show up with an army for all I know.

There’s not a whole lot of info on him but a felt a calling or some type of connection with him when working with Saturn and just jumped in.
I called on the archangel Samael to help me empower the circle and used the seal of the sorcerer to empower myself.

If I hadn’t had done those things who knows what would have happened.
But I refuse to let this stop me.I feel a drawing towards Lucifuge and I’m going for it.

I don’t think it gave a rats ass about your daughter in the least, and it was you that sent it her way.

Let me explain. My golden rule is that everything requires your attention to exist. You were bringing whatever into being as your attention gradually increased on the focal points of your ritual.

Where things went wrong is that you’re a parent. As a parent, you change, and your children become your dominant focal point. It’s a powerful pull, the sweetest crack in the world. Your attention is naturally drawn to your children.

What I think happened is that instead of it choosing to go after your daughter, the natural tendency of your attention to go towards your daughter just kind of carried along that which you were bringing into existence with it. Especially with the potential threat of a demon in the house, it would be hard not to be a little concerned.

Thanks cusp.You really gave me something to ponder.
I have been concerned about my daughter lately because she’s been sick on top of her asthma,and I had performed the ritual shortly after I put her to bed.
My emotions probably played in and the spirit may have been playing off a fear of mine.

Looks like I need to work on being more focused on the ritual on a more sub-concious level.

As much as I was supposed to keep silent, I have been shown that my last meeting with Musta through PM was no accident, and that this was not only directed to him because, “Azazel told me to”. But Azazel directed him to me. And as trippy as that is to you, it’s something he told me also.

That is part of the reason I’m going to speak out, because soon I will be silent.

But, I am going to continue to make posts that are relevant as long as I’m here, and this Saturn working has huge relevance to a lot of you, and what you are all doing, so it is perhaps a mirror for your own journey in some way strange way that is becoming incredibly obvious about prophesied events.

This is to grace this thread, and it’s from a discussion we had in regards to the Saturn working.

This also servse as a warning to some extent.

I felt like this working revealed evermore to me that this sphere has some very very deep mysteries that as my ancestors say “without the help of the dead you can get extremely ungrounded in” I only give this out, as warning because my ritual tonight perhaps showed me that working with these forces can easily do this even if you don’t start with that intention.

These rituals can make you incredibly comfortable with dark things especially if you employ them for your benefit and ASK!!! When I called Azazel’s aid in giving blood for this rite, I asked for a painless way of doing this. He said I would have a near painful experience, but I would get a taste of something I’ve been questing for from another entity I’m probably going to start working again very shortly. The pain was necessary, it was supposedly part of the process according to him.

Let’s just say this is part of a secretive tradition but, this entity bites the skin, and it has a little bit of pain, but an orgasmic level of pleasure is delivered. let’s just say, I felt him come in through the ancestor gate into my body, and as soon as the blade broke through all the layers of skin…I was shuddering in a dark orgasmic ecstasy, that literally made me step back and calm down for a moment it’s easy to get lost in the pleasure of this, instantly thought of memories of a girl I had a very intense but brief stint knowing. One night, we were doing drugs in a public place together, snorting a good deal of Ketamine, and she was making out with me quite a bit. As I got frisky with her and we started doing more drugs together, this girl was talking incessantly about how she’d cut to get this exact kind of orgasmic sexual feeling, and it just turned her on to such an extent, she could not stop telling me how she cut herself all the fucking time. How sometimes, she did it, just to get off…I’ve never heard a cutter talk about cutting like this, and it was one of the few times I’ve ever heard about cutting talked about in an erotic and fulfilling way. She said this, as I got really sexual with her in what I did. I’m going to be careful about saying any more about this experience, except that I did used to live my life in a very different manner than I do now. However, I feel like, that same sensation she described that night, was something I have intimate knowledge of through gnosis.

Once you get this going, I have found, it can get wayyyyyyy more intense if you only let it. This is a huge deal for so many reasons. I asked Azazel to “make me comfortable” with this, and I’m a person who’s normally very very uncomfortable about bloodletting, because I was in a situation where I was loosing blood and literally died for two minutes and this was witnessed by many people, I’ve had a very uncomfortable experience doing that for any reason…Until tonight. I can’t stop thinking about that girl, and wondering if she’s just remembering that she touched this magick in the past and isn’t even aware of it. Most cutters are sad or mentally strained people…Even people who cut for blood in ritual are usually those who are serious, often have no problem because of the raw power it can easily lend to the ritual (it can). This person doing it literally turned me on, and even with my fetishes, I consider her love for blood pretty extreme how she obsessed about it. I’m not normally into that, but the way she described it was so dark and hypnotic and orgasmic, and it’s exactly what I touched though Azazel and the forces of Saturn.

This is one thing where I thought, it would be a great idea to harness this kind of power, but I feel like a snake shedding his skin. My assumptions of what this ritual was going to be like, were clearly smashed, and I feel like this has set in motion a chain of events for transformation within my own life. I’ve given blood and sealed it with finger prints on the sigil. I’ve used it for other things. I’m not afraid to say I cut myself multiple times for that ritual, and that’s something I never would have expected to do.

I was reluctant to even take my blood once, but I was told this would be necessary to the ritual, and when I expressed that I had fear about this situation, Saturn responded with “that ends here tonight”.

I find that to be a small statement compared to what happened in a way that I found, mysterious, seductive, dangerous, and incredibly dark, powerful, and creepy in a way that all of it happens in a way that is totally unnatural, and that feels absolutely okay and that everything is as it should be. It is the perverse miracle, the one where darkness and forbidden things happen not only counter to the contrary, in a way that is totally normal and detached from any real consequence.

There is an unholy trinity, through which much can be revealed about Saturn.

Through death and the forbidden, the keys the the mysteries are revealed.

Things will be destroyed and transformed, first within, and then without.

That was the message I received from my ritual, after analyzing my mistakes and what happened in result. I hope Azazel’s teachings and the advice of the dead help you in traversing this sphere.

You are already god,
-Frater Apotheosis

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Saturnian Spirits shows your weaknesses and how to repair them. Lucifuge is an entity that loves to show how weak and impotent you are, he swallows every single shitty plan you can come up with untill you realize your weaknesses. Only do that he teaches you how to repair them.
In your case, he showed you how impotent you are when it comes to protect your daughter, maybe all of your loved ones.

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Diazin would you mind sharing how you’ve worked with Lucifuge?
I’ve done a few readings on this situation and it seems if I go at this right Lucifuge would be a massive benefit to my entire life mundane and spiritual.

PM me if you would like to talk about this in private if at all.

Everything I come in contact with give me impressions about its nature. Also, Im a saturnian guy basically.
My work with any spirit is basically call the its essence in my mind and receive its impressions. Evocation is only when really necessary.

I noticed this the other night when meditating on Lucifuge’s enn.
I quickly got an aggressive response of “I already gave you directions.I am not here for pleasentrys.”.
I was trying to establish more of a relationship but apparently it’s been established enough lol.

Want to see Lucifuge face to face? Go after the parts of you that are blind, unconsciouss, unaware and call him.

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