NAP-Shemhamforash angels kicking ass

I realize I keep bringing up NAP on this forum and have yet to talk about any of my experiences with it, which is very remiss of me, since they were some of my earliest occult successes.

For those not in the know, NAP stands for New Avatar Power, a grimoire released in 70’s that is often recommended to beginners even today. There’s a plethora of information on it available on the internet so I won’t take up too much space describing it. Just know that it is easily accessible and is known to get fantastic results.

Being a grimoire full of angels, I found it a bit ironic that I got the most out of it when using it for black magick, whether in self defense or just good old fashioned revenge. Keep in mind that I was the injured party in both the experiences I’m about to lay out here, if you’re throwing curses just to be a dick I highly doubt these entities will want to help you out.


I don’t really want to get into specifics of the first time I used a curse from NAP because the circumstances around the situation still leave me feeling a little raw. I will say I was fucked over by a friend that should have known better, so I called on Yechoel and Lehahiah to give me satisfaction. I specifically remember going to EvocationMagick to ask about the ritual because for a week or so, I wasn’t seeing any movement. Then suddenly this guy’s life started falling apart piece by piece, losing his house, his car, and his health.

I finally called them off when I saw him one day, and he was completely fucked up, apparently having gotten jumped a few days before. I actually started to feel bad for him at that point, the angels were really grinding him into the ground. I wanted to strike back, yes, but killing him was not my end game (and yes, there is an attack cancellation ritual provided if you find yourself in a similar situation). I thanked them for their help, and that was the end of that.


In this instance, NAP was used in self-defense. Long story short, I had been working a job to help put myself through school, and there was another girl there that was a straight up bully. I tried to be friendly to her, and things were peaceful for a while, but it didn’t last. Much to her chagrin, a friend of mine who I look up to like an older brother was hired to be our manger (I’ll call him Brad), and she hated the fact I had a pre-existing relationship with him. Keep in mind that outside of being able to pal around with him, I was given no special treatment, but she just couldn’t stand the fact I was tight with our boss.

Anyway, I only worked there part time, the rest of the week I was away at school, and one day I came back to work to find that she had alienated me from a co-worker I previously trusted (I’ll call him John) and they were basically talking shit about me to Brad behind my back. I hate workplace drama, I hate it, jobs can be hard enough without bringing highschool B.S. into it, and usually I would have just let it alone. If John didn’t want to be friends for whatever reason, fine, but trying to destroy another friendship in the process was unacceptable.

I had a special curse in mind to get rid of the bully, but I just wanted John neutralized. I used the General Invocation this time, and called on the three angels listed therein to tell them what was going on. I asked them for what I essentially thought was just a binding, specifically, for them to “bind his tongue and close up his mouth so he may no longer slander me”, something along those lines. I soon found out that just because spirits can use flowery language doesn’t mean you should use it when you ask them for something.

I went to work the next day, and by the end of the night, John was complaining that his throat really hurt. I didn’t think much of it, until I came in to work the next day and Brad told me John had texted him from the ER. He came down with such a bad case of strep he had to go to the hospital and couldn’t make work for the rest of the week. I didn’t quite have something so literal in mind, I was surprised they literally made his voice unusable (boy do I know better now), but it worked. He was much less of an asshole when he came back.

Anyone else have any NAP experience, specifically the self-defense/curse rituals?


I’ve tried, but I could never get NAP to work for me.

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Honestly, it does seem like some of the angels/rituals listed are more effective then others (Nikita seems to be a favorite of many people). Do you remember what rituals you used?

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Yeah, I did the money chant with Nitika, as well as the healing conjuration with Zoroel and Sabriel.

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I Adore NAP too. I once intentionally got in an arguement with some guy so I’d test nap (sick,I know) so I got a modified nap spell involving ALL the entities in the curses (brotherbutterball’s nap extreme curse) .I did the pillar and spheres exercise in jason miller’s the sorcerers secrets the I did the nap relaxation thing then the spell. The next day I heard the guy asking around for meds turns out his WHOLE BODY suddenly overnight developed an itchy rash .the guy was going crazy .so I gave him some hours to enjoy my curse LOL then I freed him. Funny thing is, the next day after I dismissed the angels his rash just disappeared overnight


Wish I could give you some insight into why. Like I said, I’ve had some failed rituals too, and I couldn’t tell you why those fizzled and others were incredibly potent, you perform them all (mostly) the same. I just chalked it up to the angels involved. This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder if planetary hours and moon phases and such really do make a hugely noticeable difference in rituals.

Haha, that’s awesome! You also just completely skewered my “justified vengeance” theory, I guess that just proves those words of power are the real deal.

As an addendum to the OP, I highly suggest anyone interested in using the defensive/curse section of NAP check out this thread over at EvocationMagic. The sigils aren’t in any way necessary, but if you’d like to know a bit more about the Shem angels it works with, you can find it in that thread. Unfortunately information about some of the other angels involved is a bit more sparse.

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i’ve been doing nap for almost a year.this time i was reading the nap ritual and when it came to the last point (calling ARZEL) i felt strong’s the first time i felt something with nap.i banished before the incantation of nitika.damn.i’m pussy…


roll with it, dron. don’t back down before you get what you want. roll with it.


thanks m8.i will.i felt arzel’s presence many times.the first time i banished,now i’m familiar with it and it feels good.

also i found this very interesting…nap curse combo…


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thanks m8.i will.i felt arzel’s presence many times.the first time i banished,now i’m familiar with it and it feels good.

also i found this very interesting…nap curse combo…


Why are you banishing the angel Arzel ?

He is the key to the whole system

His presence means they want to work with you.


yeah i did it once because i had was the first time i felt him and i didn’t expect it.i felt dizzy and the presence was very strong.i told him that i had no other choice and i ask him to leave because i was feeling sick.i don’t do banishments without reason and i was honest with him.then i did the LBRP to close the channel, balance and ground my self.

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you may want to understand that arzl is one of the sixty-four cherubic angels that rule over the elements in the enochian hierarchy. rzla and his companions zlar, larz, and arzl rule over the air of air and represent pure thought and understand the minds of all humans.

if you are willing to swap out the conjuration of arzl for one of the other twelve cherubim who rule over double elements (fire of fire, water of water, and earth of earth), you may be able to change the tone of your nap conjurations entirely. that will give you different feels to your conjurations.

: tdim and companions dimt, imtd, and mtdi rule water of water and are good for changing place (astral projection). conjuring these spirits instead of arzl may be the nap secret of doing the astral projection rites properly.

: ocnc and companions cnco, ncoc, and cocn rule earth of earth and are good for teaching the trades known as artes machanicae (mechanical arts), which are divided by adam smith into land, manufacture, and trade. these are the trades that lead to wealth, so if you want to do the rituals for making money, you may want to call on one of these four spirits, or all four to preside over your rituals instead of arzl.

: ziza and companions izaz, zazi, and aziz rule over fire of fire. i am still trying to figure out what a mixture of natures means so you’ll have to discover that for yourself.

also, the servient angels that rule under the elements are the ones who actually do the work. arzl and the other kerubic angels only speak to the possibility of the work being done. the servients actually do it. so you may want to vibrate the names of the servient angels under each element:

: for air of air, the kerubic angels are again rzla and his companions zlar, larz, and arzl, and their servients are czns, znsc, nscz, and sczn, called in the name of the angel ex; tott, ottt, ttto, and ttot, called in the name of the angel lu; sias, iass, assi, and ssia, called in the name of the angel hi; and fmnd, mndf, ndfm, and dfmn, called in the name of the angel sh.

if you observe the chart given above, you are able to extract the names of the angels of the other four element of elements yourself. you will do so if you are interested in working with them; if you are not you won’t. it’s up to you.


Are you saying that Arzel is one of the Enochian Angels ?

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i’m saying that plain as day. check the very first link i gave you, you’ll see his name there (arzl).

erzla is the kerubic archangel and controls the kerubs controls rzla, zlar, larz, and arzl who are the four kerubs representing the subquadrant of air of air on the enochian elemental tablet. you can see rzla’s name plain as day on the top left corner of the tablet here. arzl is the 4th permutation of rzla’s name. that is arzel.


[quote=“the fool, post:14, topic:3664”]i’m saying that plain as day. check the very first link i gave you, you’ll see his name there (arzl).

erzla is the kerubic archangel and controls the kerubs controls rzla, zlar, larz, and arzl who are the four kerubs representing the subquadrant of air of air on the enochian elemental tablet. you can see rzla’s name plain as day on the top left corner of the tablet here. arzl is the 4th permutation of rzla’s name. that is arzel.[/quote]
How do you know that arzl is the same entity as Arzel?
who is
“one of the four angels of the east who are glorious and benevolent angels,
invoked when the invocant wishes to partake of the secret wisdom of the Creator.
See Clavicula Salomonis”

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This idea of changing the presiding angel of the ritual according to the elements is innovative.
But the fact that it is derived from Dee’s system needs more support IMHO.

if it works, it is probably very powerful.
if it fails, then one has mistakenly invoked Enochian spirits “angels” into one’s affairs.

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not really. lon duquette describes exactly how to work with them in his book enochian angel magick. it’s a great read.

geoff gray-cobb’s new avatar power is a modified and greatly simplified version of the golden dawn system and thelema. geoff changed the name of many spirits in the book. in the new avatar power ritual he changed the enochian elemental angel’s name from arzl to arzel. another example from the book is where he changed the name of haniel (from p41 of the grimoire armadel, among other grimoires) and jazer (jinn from the 6th hour of the day found on p392 of eliphas levi’s transcendental magic) to anael and jazar. you’ll notice all through the new avatar power that he changed many names and cut back many rituals. for another example, his invocation to strengthen the power of your new avatar power on p142 is a VERY disemboweled version of aleister crowley’s liber samekh. gray-cobb took small parts of section a and section g and turned that into his headless invocation, but crowley’s version is much longer and much more in-depth. i’m thinking gray-cobb did all of this to keep certain information private due to magickal oaths and other reasons like that. he never mentioned any of the grimoires he took his angel names from but they are apparent to anyone who is widely read in occult literature. he also spelled out names and words of power rather than giving them plainly, and he didn’t explain where he got them from or how to use them all. finally, every ritual in his book HINTS at other rituals that can be done and i do believe gray-cobb has left it up to the creativity and knowledge of the practitioner to figure out what those are. golden dawn and thelemic types are known not to have much respect for dullards who do things by the book and who don’t have the ability to think for themselves or use their imagination. having said that, gray-cobb did give enough info in the nap to give power to even the most by-the-book rote newbie so they can still get the system working. you just have to read between the lines a little bit to get to the good stuff.

i don’t see how that can be a bad thing. enochian elemental spirits are very effective and can be used to do many things. enochian is probably the strongest system of western angel magick there is, it is every bit as hard as any voodoo you care to look at, even if it comes from apocalyptic christianity.

not really. lon duquette describes.
But if it is not in NAP, it is an innovation.

The book was channeled by a spirit.
The bornless invocation is ancient, not from Crowley.

Regardless, if you are mixing Enochian angels with the system and getting it to work, then that is good.

But there is definitely a risk in mixing Enochian with any other magic or paradigm.

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as for me, let me reprint a copy of the nap and start working with these other elemental spirits and see what happens when i work them instead of arzel. i’ll report the results back later.

Good luck with your experiments.