Marbas is cool and you should know it

Greetings people! So what happened: Family member had a little accident. Doing some housework, a heavy object fell of a shelf and hit this person on the knee (which is operated from a fucked up ligament).

It caused swelling, it caused (as reported by this person) a change in the way of moving. I invoked Marbas’ help.

Today this person got off a chair, slipped but managed to get a grip somewhere and avoid a fall, and the knee made a terribly loud noise. Her state is as she had never had this accident. Something got back into place somehow.

Now mind you, Marbas is a mercurial spirit, and his abilities beyond healing (and causing disease) also involve inspiring artisans and mechanics. He simply has power of the mechanic logic of any at, especially healing.

Geddit? He pushed this membe’s knee right where it should.

Ain’t this awesome? :smiley: Fuck yeah it is!

Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas

Praised be his name!