Seere helped me buy a playstation 2

when i was a teenager i was looking to buy some used playstation 2, so one night i evoked seere to help me buy the playstation 2 for a good price the system i used was the solomonic system during evocation the room that was cold started getting warmer and I could feel a presence in the triangle where the sigil was, I welcomed the spirit and made my request, then I said goodbye to the spirit and finished the ritual and went to sleep, seere pulled me into the astral and we talked he appeared to me in the form of a handsome man and manifested a playstation 2 in the palm of his hand and asked me if this is what i wanted i said yes and woke up after 2 days a friend called me asking if i wanted to buy a used playstation 2 for 200 $ reais, and yes I bought


Nice manifestation


Thank you


congrats :slightly_smiling_face: …though it does make me chuckle a little. To go through all the trouble of a legit solomonic evocation, gets transported to another dimension…all for some dusty ps2 that you still gotta pay outta pocket for xD