Success with Bune/Abremelin Square

Hey so this is an old success story, but i dont think i ever made a post about it giving these entities their due. So last december, i did some desperate rituals to bune for quick cash. I remember when i did one of the evocations, i felt a sudden cold breeze past by my hand, and in my mind… i came up with the number $4000 as a good amount to get from the working. I also used the Abremelin square for money for an extra kick. Mind you, i had no known means for the money to come, as i didnt have a job at the time.

So 3 weeks passed and i had more or less forgotten about the ritual. I ended up getting into a conversation with a friend who i told about my situation. She decided to go out of her way and just hand me $4000. Whats kinda crazy is that this is a person who i met online and never met in person, even though we’ve been talking for a while. She is also a single mom, so its not like she didnt have a better place to put that cash. She wired it to me via paypal, and that was that :slight_smile:

So big thanks there to bune and the entities within the abremelin square for helping me out.




Pls tell me more about the ritual.

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