Please share your experience

I was looking for such a thread but I did not find it. Please tell me if you managed to make a specific person love you and be with you. What magic etc. did you use? How did the target then behave and are you still together? What’s your story?

There is a master thread i created where you can find all of the best success stories involving love magick, among many others.

now if i remember correctly, you had an issue involving someone, and i gave you this link 2 weeks ago. It sounds like you haven’t had results yet and you’re getting impatient. If i am correct, then you should know that your inability to let go may be getting in the way of your result. This is a phenomenon called lusting for results, and its real. If i were you, id take a read of this


I I am just curious how others have succeeded and try to take my time while waiting. Each of us has an interesting story :slightly_smiling_face:

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