Hello and help for a believer with no evidence


I have been an avid believer and follower of Magik, the occult , paranormal and various other ‘other worldly’ things since my early teens. Now nearly 30, this is not a phase.

However I am after some help or advice.

Despite my belief in demons, ghosts, witchcraft, magik and the ‘other side’ and practicing in one way or another for some time now…I feel completely disconnected from all of it. I have never had anything occur or manifest in such a way to categorically confirm my beliefs and existence of any of this (ghosts, demons, magik, etc). I have read all the books, watched YouTube videos and still nothing. I am a solitary and secret practitioner and have no visions of giving up. But having reinitialised a deeper interest in all of this again recently I wanted.some thoughts of perhaps a new approach.

Many thanks


Ps happy to expand or elaborate on anything


What rituals have you tried? Do you meditate? What does your daily practice consist of?


Thanks for the reply

I have done many meditations in my time. Rituals can range from the quick, basic and simple to the elaborate and involved to really set a mood and atmosphere.

I try to log my thoughts and practices in a Book of Shadows of sorts and do a considerable amount of daily research and reading on occult subjects and themes.

I have done various rituals from various sources such as the Satanic Bible, Solomon Keys and various Wicca and Crowley sources.

The belief I feel is there but no real results or moments when I have known ‘yes, this is real’. I am starting to feel a bit silly doing these rituals or chanting in the woods!


I see. Have you tried creating and firing off a sigil? IMO this is one of the simplest and most effective forms of magick, and no fancy rituals or chanting required in order to give you substantial evidence that this is real.

  1. Pick something that you’d like to manifest in your life. Nothing impossible or too out there; you’re not gonna have ten supermodels drag you from your car in the middle of rush hour traffic and have their way with you, alas. But at the same time don’t make it too trivial that you couldn’t care less whether it manifests… it needs to be something real that you actually would like to have happen in your life. Go for something that is just outside of the realm of what’s likely to happen, as you need your subconscious to believe that obtaining your desire is within the bounds of possibility.

  2. Write down a statement of your desire. Traditionally this is in the form of “I WILL GET A BETTER PAYING JOB”, but I’ve found a better approach to be in the form of a question, like “HOW DID I GET SUCH A WELL-PAYING JOB?” Putting it in this format carries with it the implicit assumption that what you want has already happened. Shy away from statements with the word NOT in it as your subconscious doesn’t understand negatives very well.

  3. Cross out all repeated letters and vowels. “HOW DID I GET SUCH A WELL-PAYING JOB?” would become “HWDGTSCLPYNJB”.

  4. Create a doodle out of all the remaining letters. There are no hard-and-fast rules to any of this, so play around with it. You can add lines, rearrange things, erase parts, anything to make it look more magical so it just “feels right”. You will know intuitively when your sigil is finished.

  5. Fire the sigil off. There are many ways to do this but the key is to get your mind into an altered state of consciousness that is free from the habitual constant chatter of thoughts, and gaze at the sigil in that moment so it burns itself deep into your subconscious. The moment of orgasm is most effective but you can use anything from adrenaline (look at it while going down a roller coaster) to pain or trancing out.

  6. Forget about your desire. The goal is not to worry about when it will manifest, how it’ll happen, or even look at the sigil again. Some people burn the sigil after firing it off. Others fold it up and keep it somewhere hidden until their desire manifests. No matter what you choose (and go by your intuition), try to avoid consciously thinking about what you’ve done. You’ve done everything to get the ball rolling and now it’s time for your subconscious mind to work its magic behind the scenes. The best attitude is a sort of relaxed, confident non-attachment to the goal.

  7. At the same time, though, make sure that you’re putting in the necessary work on the mundane side of things in order to create an avenue for manifestation. It’s no good creating a sigil for a new job only to sit at home in your locked bedroom for the next month; you’ll need to actually go out there and fill out applications, go to interviews, and ask your friends who’s hiring. Magic won’t bend the laws of physics (most of the time); rather, it makes unlikely outcomes more likely and shifts probability in your favor.

  8. Keep a record of when you created the sigil and how long it took for your desired results to manifest. At first it will seem like it was just a coincidence. That’s how magick works. With enough of these “coincidences” stacking up in your Book of Shadows, you’ll start to realize that you’re actually modifying reality in your favor.

If you want to go beyond this and start communicating with spirits, divining the future, or astral projecting, I’d highly recommend EA’s courses through becomealivinggod.com, and there are also plenty of amazing tutorials to be found here in this forum. I wish you the best of luck in your magickal endeavors! :slightly_smiling_face:


when i was just starting out, what helped me where gathering evidence was concerned, was to go through the success stories of other practitioners and sort of mold their experiences into my experiences too. I have a thread which you may be interested in checking out which ill post below


Have you tried asking an entity directly for a sign? Or ask them for something where there’s no way you could deny what’s happening.

I never did what I consider to be rituals, but I read some books and took some correspondence courses. Right around the time I dropped out of those courses (largely because of money, but also boredom and laziness), I decided enough was enough and I was going to try something freestyle to see if any of this is real. (It’d been years since the mystical experience that got me into all this.)

At the time, I was really unhappy with a certain part of my anatomy, and had been my entire life, so I thought, “What better experiment than to try to change this? If my body starts changing, there’s no way I can deny the reality of this.”

That was the original reason I started talking to Satan. I did it in my head, with no research or preparation, just his bad reputation that I’d grown up with. (I ended up getting spiritually married to him, but that unfolded later.) Anyway, he did give me what I wanted, although it was a process, and at times the physical aspect of it was terrifying. But there wasn’t any going back after that as far as evidence. It was undeniable.

You need to reach out and speak to somebody in the spirit world like they’re a person on the other end of a phone and ask them for something serious that’s impossible for anybody or anything else to cause.


Thanks for the comments so far. Great ideas and insight. Often at times being solitary and having no one present or to discuss these things with can lead to an almost mundane and spiritual blindness.

This is the first ‘community’ I have joined on such things and having a quick and active response is certainly encouraging.

Maybe its all down to mindset and attitude. I am getting re ignited and excited about it all again.


But I also wanted to say, you might need to be persistent. I became obsessed with getting results, so I would spend all day sometimes pestering Satan. I was in the homeless system, unemployed, and felt trapped in my room anyway because I was being terrorized by a neighbor. I didn’t have anything else to do. I don’t know how much of that pestering was actually necessary to get the ball rolling.

I’ve since learned that it’s unhealthy for me to push so hard for anything I want.


I guess if no answer is forthcoming it was never meant to be. For me, it has always been a struggle to get anything, even the championed ‘coincidences’ after workings.

Learn and practice a banishing. Do it like you’re starring in a Hollywood film. Give it everything you have! Banishing alerts spiritual entities that you’re around. These things take time so just keep at it. After banishing you can reverse the procedure and learn evoking. You’ll know when you experience the movement of energy.

Purchase some 100% natural beads (wood and/or stone are favourites). Work out the number sequence of the beads you’ll be chanting with. Seven, nine, eleven and thirteen are favourites. I posted about this somewhere or other. Learn a chant. The names of spiritual entities work, like a calling. Overtime chanting alters the morphic field and entities do come, whether you can sense them is another matter, but they do come.

There you go for starters. Hope this helps.



I feel like this too. 99% of the stuff I’ve done hasn’t worked (or hasn’t appeared to work). There is one entity (Sitri) who I have worked with and about 25% of the time it’s worked - but then the stuff that’s manifested has all been stuff that was easy to otherwise explain/ it easily could have happened anyway. I’ve never had any unequivocal signs. I believe despite all of this, but there are many doubts because of the lack of signs/ lack of results.
I have no advice, but you’re not alone! I wish I knew what to do about it.


I’ve done this so many times. Nothing has ever happened.

I now go for something that might/might not be a sign. The only thing I’ve found that’s worked is that when I’m evoking an entity I ask them to make me yawn if they’re there. That often works. But, I’m evoking at night usually, and in the dark, so again it’s not an unequivocal sign. I might just be tired.

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Hello ARL47. I too am a secret practitioner of sorts. For what its worth to you, i believe that intent is everything. Perhaps your path isn’t clear to you. I mean that maybe you haven’t decided fully which path to walk yet.


In my experience you need intent, patience, and not to expect them to manifest. I’m definitely not the most experienced on this so others may know more about it. I had one physically manifest to me before I got into the occult, scared the shit out of me. Who knows it probably led me on the path that I am on now. And physical manifestations, from what I know, take more energy to do than other forms do.

As for asking for signs of their existence, I’ve done this a few times, and was answered. Be it yelling my name from outside, it getting extremely cold when it’s 80degrees outside, formations of shadows, various noises, etc. Usually when they let their presence known, you will know it. You will know it’s not some random/coincidental occurrence. Also ignoring their manifestations, will make them less likely to do more.


Well said @void. Intent and patience and being open to everything is key. Like @void said dont ignore, even the smallest signs.


Excellent point @S.Boheme-old and I agree. I feel the intent is there but my path certainly is not defined. This is purposefully to an extent. I dont want to be tied down to one discipline or dogma or tradition. Not yet anyway. I want to learn as much as I can. Then I truly believe the right path will be shown to me.


Thanks @void this is a valid point. Ihave never had such an experience as you have described. But only in the few days of being on this forum and some retrospective thinking, some coincidences certainly have occurred before which I perhaps overlooked.


@ARL47 i understand completely what you mean by being tied down. And i agree with you that if a path has not as yet been made clear to you then it will in time. I personally chose folk magic and animism but i believe i was led or rather guided down the path to necromancy. Your path will reveal itself to you. Be patient and persevere.


What I am loving is that everything is getting exciting again and my passions, interests and enthusiasm is returning. There is almost no rush and it’s about enjoying and experiencing the journey. Reading the book and not just skipping to the finale.


Wonderful insight@ARL47 It’s so true your words. Don’t rush. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. Thats what drew me to folk magic and herbalism, it just felt raw and real and dirty lol. As you said earlier its about trying everything and not feeling like you need to choose simply for the sake of choosing. I mix different arts and it works for me. But even then with time i feel its all connected anyway

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