Occult and mainstream science

Yeah it almost took me 2 years just to feel the ‘vibrations’ people talk about from astral projections lol. Soon after I realized how real it was

Yeah lol I am a newb and can barely do much else besides lucid dreaming. Almost got astral a couple of times but couldn’t make it out of my body ;-;

guys i know you guys are hard working passionate disciplined skilled in meditation courageous confident and honest…what matters to me is the occult helping you at all?whatever you claim as far as i know is impossible in biology and literally though it is one of my favourite subjects…so i support you guys…but theres hardly any evidence of what you claim as the nature of reality…like astral planes astral projection soul astral entities spells etc and guess what i have experimented them with my dear occultist friend who is an evolutionary expert and an emergency medicine doctor…and guess what we do come from fucked up troubled families…and we want revenge wisdom power knowledge everything…but both of us are disappointed at the results of the occult practices…for us it was zero…


It was intense. As soon as I first felt those vibrations I got so happy I ended up losing it. This happened a few times, and then I would get scared I was about to die, and then eventually I just said fuck it… Then it happened. It’s cool. I’m doing this Soul travel course now, so hopefully I can start moving around more

You can try to contact Timothy. I know he has worked with Robert Bruce who has extensive knowledge of the astral planes.

Look into TMInstitute for maybe some scientifical data, but I don’t know how far they go (not sure if this is allowed to post)

Yup, very much so. I, and most others here are not really the type to waste time on lovey dovey whimsical gibberish and nonsense that doesnt provide tangible results


Thedarkpilgrim: Internally you can pretty much do wild things with dream states and hallucinations not going to talk about external spells but with astral projection, it is apparently a more vivid and stable lucid dream for the most part scientifically speaking. If you want to be purely scientific think of magic as ancient psychology which is a fairly normal perspective in the occult community.

Spook: Happens in my lucid dreams too XD never get a happy ending always wake up because I excited.

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Also how much did you practice, Revenge knowledge wisdom power those things could take decades?

great you can do astral projection…why dont u try to verify it that its real and not hallucination…and it should be consistent…like you could place an card facing away from you with unknown writing on it and astral project and try to read it…get back to your body and record your observations

buddy i can astral project too but i have never ever found it to be more than hallucination

if you can prove its real…it would be a monumental discovery…you could earn great money also you could be researcher…just submit your findings…and make sure you are consistent about your results…so u know that its just not a coincidence

i would love to hear from you…and i wish all success to you

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i am trained in meditation obe vedas yoga tantra since a child as i come from a hindu tantric priest family… but never got any results… but i still try on…

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and it was my inspiration to be a neurologist to search for the soul

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had a whole thing typed up, decided to delete it. Anyhow, why does it need to be real for you? is evoking imaginary friends and wondering off to dreamland cool enough even though it is not really for you.

I understand what you’re saying. You make a good point. Why can’t masters of soul travel scientifically prove magick? Strange to me that if soul travel is a very real thing that myself and others have done… Why hasn’t it been proven yet?

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recreational purposes are cool…what i am looking for is utility and technology to make our lives better

Lol, I have never made such claims.

You are looking at this like it is as simple as running a piece of equipment. You ever hear a magician say it doesn’t work like that"? That is a half truth. The other half is that most of us do not know 100% why any of it works. If it was that refined of a process we would be looked at as gods, because it would be as simple as flipping a switch.

That is a great question and the best answer I can give you is individual values. Why do non magicians suffer out of poverty? You have to realize that most people are poor because they want to be, whether they recognize that fact or not.

They do. If you think magick is limited to supernatural phenomena then I do not think you are understanding magick. Taking a dump is a magickal act, and so is ruling a country under your own will. Some of the world’s most powerful magicians do not even realize they are doing magick.

Stronger magick. See above.

I’m sure many are. I can only claim a small handful of experiences where I was like “holy shit!?!?!?” over two decades of intentionally doing this. As for it being a coincidence, it is. All magick is a coincidence when it manifests. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but when scientific method is applied you start to see patterns and congruent coincidences. With repetition, observation and experimentation comes the theory. Look more into the concept of synchronicity.

Also consider a few things. First, that we do not YET have means to quantify what we do through use of existing equipment. Secondly, that some magicians are full of shit and make grandiose claims. Thirdly, that you getting a higher understanding of what is going on around you is no guarantee you willmake effective use of it. Some magicians are doing quite well, but they understand principles of magick and choose not to tell everyone. Individual results may vary, you know?


I mean there is some pretty awesome stuff out there like this guy Prahlad Jani - Wikipedia doesn’t need to eat or drink water for at least a month while being studied. Might be a fraud but a cool story none the less.

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The link i provided has hundreds of examples from users over the years using magick for practical purposes to make their lives better

it should be the easiest way to explore reality and gain information…why the fuck keep it secret…its a nobel prize winning concept

all i see is travel to masters and gain spiritual knowledge and more spells and rituals…damn prove you are real…give us a piece of advanced tehnology an equation that would startle mainstream science like srinivasa ramanujan gave his mathematical theorem which he believed was given to him by the village deity and he is famous worldwide as one of the most important mathematicians of the century

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Or some of the work done by Deepak Chopra, which is quantifiable, well documented, and contains portions of the foundations of many occult philosophy. There is some very good material out there.

Have you considered that maybe these masters might not want to have magic known by all? Perhaps it’s in their best interest to keep most people in the dark?

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