Hail Sallos!

Yes, this is another thread about this great Duke. He has done wonders for me in the past 2 or 3 weeks. I had originally asked him to deliver to me a particular person, but he sure worked wonders regardless. I said I would praise his mighty name where any practitioners of the black arts resided, so let this be a grateful hail and praise to Sallos. Combine this with E.A.'s red/black candle spell from BaLG and I’ve had a complete turn around in my life. Praise be!


Wonderful to hear good news of you … should i say dark brother of ours!

Do you want to share more details, just for the fun of it? i love reading success stories here… You could also pm me if you don’t want to share it in public.

Sending you a PM.

Hell, I’ll also put it here as well so anyone can see that this isn’t make believe shit we’re doing but real life occult powers we are drawing on.

About a month or so ago I did an evocation to Sallos as I thought of him to be the right demon for my situation. As I got deeper into a trance-like state I could feel his presence in the room with me, though I could not see or hear him. I stated my request to bring me a particular person for not lust, but love and then respectfully told him to depart and make my will a reality. A couple weeks later I did another working with Sallos and asked him for the same thing. Again, I could not see nor hear him, but he was there. It was shortly after this that I began talking to a girl online who lives about 2 hours from me. She contacted me first by the way. Out of the blue, no warning, nothing. Fast forward 2 weeks now and I’ve seen her two weekends in a row and needless to say, we engaged in the carnal pleasures of the flesh each time. I’m seeing her again this weekend and it will happen again. I was actually thinking just the other day how truly powerful we are and this is proof. The way she talks to me, oh man. Sallos has granted me this gift and I happily accept. In the end, I had originally asked for something different, but what I got was something I truly needed: a liberation! Hail Sallos, mighty Duke!


Like you my friend I take this moment to give praise to the Great Duke Sallos to assure that he helps me in my quest.

Praise Great Duke Sallos. May love come for us all