So I want to know more about the older members here

To the older members here please share any noteworthy magical experience you have had this will help me get to know you

Many of mine are listed right in my profile. :smiley:


Pretty interesting stuff you’ve done

How do you define ‘older’ ? :slightly_smiling_face:


you can find a lot of old users experiences here


If you’ve been here longer than me.

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Well, a summary of my experiences are in my profile.

Most of my experiences are communing with demons. Communing with “parasites” too. All sorts of dark, primal, sinister beings. Traveling to their worlds, and learning different sorts of demonic magick/energy and embracing it deeper.

As for strictly magickal, ritual, or energy work: I’ve had great success with baneful works that I haven’t posted as of yet. I’ve done a lot of energy work, both internal and external. I’m always learning more.

I don’t mesh well with nature spirits and faeries. I had a couple of pagan friends(no longer really friends as we are quite estranged). They were the nature and animals kind of pagans. When I would visit them, I could sense the sprites. All sorts of nature spirits and faeries around their house. I also noticed they would leave offerings for them outside.

Well inevitably, the faeries around my friends got a bit too curious. A few got too close to me and it was as if I decayed them. They withered and “cooked”, they flew off screaming in pain. Even my pagan friends heard the wails of agony.

Needless to say, when I visit, they flee… Something about me just harms them, and it started to affect my friends as well. Perhaps they are saturated in that faerie energy, which would explain why it has affected them as well. This has strained my relationship with my friends and I have little contact with them anymore.

I’ve even had faeries try to knock a tree on my house. I could sense them all around this tree before and after it happened. This tree was no joke, the branches arched over my entire house. It’s not an oak, but it is similar in size and stature. However, I had reinforced the metal on my roof and supporting walls. So, the tree just wound up leaning on the house. I quickly had the tree removed with a good ol’ chainsaw and a winch(“wench” being me :P). Hardly any damage, just a gutter. Interesting experience though!


That’s pretty cool!

Makes me wonder if you would have the same effect when dealing with the dark fae? Many are known to be cruel, cold, and sadistic. Enjoying many of the same things that unknown demons do.

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Maybe one day…

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you can learn from the young to just as the old I believe

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Yes. But I would like to get to know the older members a little bit better



For what, particular, reasons?

Read and write. Speak and listen. Agree and disagree. That’s how we get know one another. Not by throwing a big blanket on the floor, asking others to drop the bucket of pig blood. Ask “Carrie” what happened when someone did that to her. :scream:


Cause there’s one for new members so I figured why not also this is kinda how i work

Is there a way for you to put up a protective ward around you to minimise “malevolent” damaged to them?

Why do some girls prefer a sugar daddy…? :wink:

Anyways. Learning from the experienced members is always a good thing, but you should also have a look at some of the less experienced. They can hold great knowledge as well.


I have physically seen faeries. True story


Work? :thinking:

What work requires knowledge of people on here beyond what we have already shared? :smiley:


I thought it was because the older ones were a step nearer a generous bequest, and a step further from being able to reliably get it up! :rofl:


Ok I dont know who “Carrie” is and also I think differently than others so yeah…